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Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, April 10, 2008

School Aid Figures

The School Aid figures were released today. The numbers listed are for Aid excluding Building and Building Reorganization and EXCEL. The figures are the increases in dollars over the previous year and percentage of that increase.

South Jefferson Increase $2,029, 969 a 12.07% increase
Alexandria $522,458, 14.14%
Indian River $2,487,473, 7.15%
General Brown $1,033,656, 9.6%
Thousand Islands $603,400, 8.59%
Belleville-Henderson $140,582, 4%
Sackets Harbor $194,566, 6.34%
Lyme $406,888, 16.02%
LaFargeville $529,535, 11.55%
Watertown $4,047,090, 12.61%
Carthage $2,433,520, 8.91%

County Total Increase $14,429,137

Copenhagen $645,020 11.36%
Harrisville $607,728 14.53%
Lowville $1,621,226 13.6%
South Lewis $1,027,655 8.79%
Beaver River $857,353 10.99%

County Total Increase $4,758,982

Ogdensburg $562,599 2.8%
Heuvelton $253,227 3.68%
Potsdam $1,014,094 8.81%
Massena $2,552,881 12.90%
Canton $551,024 4.07%
Gouverneur $1,837,355 9.07%
(not all St. Lawrence County Schools Listed)

County Total Increase $12,908,607

This budget was a boon for education, with an historic $1.75 billion increase in aid which, advocates claim will help more students perform better in the neediest schools.

Money always seems to save the day, so don't look for school tax levies to decrease either. Take Carthage for an example, a 9.9% tax levy increase and a 20% drop out rate, the formula is working well.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that Darrel took the opportunity to brag up the new moneys for Oswego and Canton while failing to mention the community colleges being denied funding.

He is a joke. So much for the one of us BS. A local community college, and he can't even deliver.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson CC got stomped in the new budget, but Darrel's press sheet says he "worked tirelessly" on the budget.

I can't find any record of Darrel standing up and saying anything as the budget was negotiated and passed. Did he do all his tireless work behind closed doors?

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