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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Favre (less) In NNY Now

This year brought a retirement or two, to different careers.

Brett Favre's illustrious career as an NFL quarterback officially ended with a March 4th announcement. The league's only three-time MVP retired after 17 years of chewing up defenses with his razor sharp passing skills. A tenacious competitor, Favre worked out tirelessly both on and off season in order to stay in shape. The man had a great love for his team, fans and the game and he served loyally for all 17 years.

Closer to home, the North Country saw the career of a good faithful public servant, Senator James W. Wright, end when he retired with little fanfare in January.

Anyone who observes politics saw a Senator who had the skills and style similar to that of a quarterback in football. Similar to a quarterback hitting a receiver down field, he saw problems or an organization in distress and with laser concentration, like a passer, he methodically worked through the issues for resolutions.

Like a good quarterback, scrambling to get a play off, he worked his way through the morass of legislation and politics in Albany to sponsor legislation that would benefit the residents of the North Country.

If you were his opponent, he was cordial, respectful, his opponents respected a tenacious competitor, and like Thomas P "Tip" O’Neill, he believes everyone is a friend, after 6:00 pm. However, if you ventured a cheap shot at the people he served, he would humble you like a team down 40 to 0 at the 2-minute warning. Just ask Senator Parker.

Senator Wright worked hard while the legislature was in session and he was just as diligent when he was back home in the district. Whether you are on the right and loathe the spending in Albany or on the left and think government needs to play Robin Hood more, the Senator always made sure the North Country received their fair share and without the appearance of being gluttonous. If you were a constituent group and excluded from the budget, he took as much time with you as a organization included in the budget, there was no pretense for serving.

If Darrel Aubertine is re-elected to the Senate and remains in the minority, representation of the North Country will be Favre less than it was; if he wins this next election and the Democrats happen to be in the majority, he has big cleats to fill.

Jim Wright, whether or not you liked his style, he was direct, decisive, and he delivered. People who worked with him say that you were a part of the solution or move out of the way. His favorite saying was reported as, “all politics is local”, and he truly admired the people he served.

Much like the season ticket holders in Green Bay, when they pay for their tickets this year many will want Brett Favre back in the line up and as many pay their season ticket to the state on April 15th many will want their quarterback of the North Country to return.

Just ask JCC President McCoy who looked like a receiver without a quarterback after the state passed the budget this week, she knows what it is like to have Favre less in Northern New York now.


Anonymous said...

"President Carole A. McCoy said the college's $49 million construction plan, which the state would pay half of, was rejected because the college had yet to finalize its facilities master plan and get approval from the Board of Trustees and the county legislature."

Vice chairperson Jody LaLone stated: "our plan wasn't on the governor's desk or not approved by the county before the budget."

So a Master Plan that is admittedly not completed, not approved, and not co-sponsored, was supposed to be magically funded in the State Budget?

What friggin' planet are you on?
Darrel is suppposed to do WHAT with this???

Another keyboard-in-mouth moment.

Anonymous said...

The Senator would have been dealing with JCC, prior to the state budget, not after the fact.

Anonymous said...

Duh! Seems to me one might want to ask the folks at SUNY Canton where they got $61 million, SUNY Potsdam where they got $69 million and SUNY Oswego where they got $200 million how ineffective they see Senator Aubertine. All three of those colleges boast growing enrollments while JCC has declined due to Fort Drum deployments and President McCoy didnt get her homework done and then is outraged.

I say two thumbs up to Senator Aubertine! Jim Who??????

Anonymous said...

Hey there whiz kid #3 if you read an earlier post this person put up you would know these other SUNY capital projects were included last year but declined by Spitzer. Superman Aubertine did not get them included this year.

Anonymous said...

People who fawn over Jim Wright's "public service" clearly never knew the man, his poor record on energy and telecommunication issues n behalf of his constituents, nor cared that he didn't even bother to actually live in or send his kids to schools in the district he represented.

Before singing the praised of politicians on either side of the aisle, it would be nice if people became informed.

Anonymous said...

Before we make Wright a "saint", can anyone explaine why he quit his elected post before it was full term? His quiting so early makes me think there is a very devious reason. If his is sick or can't cope with the pressure, then come clean and say so. I fear there is a far more unethical reason.

Anonymous said...

Hey Number Four.....maybe you should be President of Potsdam State since you obviously know more than him...

"“We are exceedingly grateful to all those who helped to make this a reality. Senator Joe Griffo, Senator Darrel Aubertine and Assemblywoman Dedee Scozzafava have been instrumental in advocating for this project and have worked diligently to see it through. We thank them profoundly for their efforts on our behalf,” said Dr. Schwaller.

Anonymous said...

typical remarks from the Planter's aisle. You jokers ought to get the facts before posting. Oh wait,....that might spoil the argument.
Tony out.

Anonymous said...

Hey #6 - So he could make big money as a lobbyist. The party be damned. Wish we could have a full shot of that picture. I'm sure Scott's holding his coat for him just out of the camera shot.

Anonymous said...

The fundamentals are pretty clear. Senator Wright bailed out of his elected office before the term was up hence breaking a promise to the people who elected him. He left office to take a job with a lobbying firm. Basically the money meant more to him than the people he took an oathe to represent.

Brett Farve on the contrary left a lot of money on the table because he wasn't sure his effort could sustain those he played for any longer. Farve was more concerned with the good of the people (fans, teamates) over financial gain.

Bad comparison.

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