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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Culture of Corruption Turns Democrat

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Dan Francis said...

IV: Good rundown in that AP story about the DEMS.

Let’s face it, each side is guilty of scandal after scandal and corruption piled on corruption as the other side.

I think we can all agree if we’re honest with ourselves and that’s what I always try to be: honest about the facts and set aside partisanship in these cases. Once we move past the point of the voters saying, “Hey, I like so and so (no matter how involved they are in scandal or corruption), and I support him or her.” That incumbent will remain in office usually as long as they choose, not how long the voters want them, and right now, we have a ton of them still in office that fit that mold: insiders with big money and lifetime tenure.

I have always advocated to have campaing money in congressional races restricted to the district or state, period.

I’m not for term limits, but I am changing my mind on that issue, if the voters so choose. I say put it on the ballot and let the people say yes or no (to 2 terms for U.S. Senators: 12 years, and 6 terms for House members: 12 years). Then we’ll see.

Or we need to develop a system to rid the scandal ridden ones out of office by the people – in other words: let the voters kick them out, not a bunch of “insider rules" that keepp them in.

There is enough scandal and corruption to go around on BOTH sides to last us forever... and the more we continue to highlight our “good side” and the “other bad side” in plain sight of both sides being corrupt and scandal ridden, then nothing will change only our anger as we set idly by hoping “they” will change rather than “us” taking control – the way it should be.

I’m done now.

Anonymous said...

DF makes sense. Thanks Daniel.

I never used to agree with you much. I'm not sure who changed, you or me.

I think it was you, because I've been right since the beginning.

Dan Francis said...

Anon: 6:10... not sure myself...

But as I get older and hopefully wiser based on many, many years of experience and roads traveled and wounds endured, I tend to lean more "right" than people give me credit for ... LOL.

Gillibrand is a classic example of what I mean.

When she made her acceptance press splash with Al D'Amato and Chuckie Schumer and the Gov standing nearby, Schumer said in his remarks about her positons: "She will come around to our way of thinking."

At that moment, I knew the die had been cast ... and she's flipped and flopped ever since.

And then add in Schumer's asinine remarks that "the public doesn't care about the stimulus porky things," underscores that he is totally out of touch and pathetically arrogant.

Both of them need to be replaced next year that's for sure.

I wish I had the means to oppose them in a primary. We need fresh minds in office... they need to go home and spend more time with their families... in my view.

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