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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, February 2, 2009

Get Your Biased News And More

If you don't think the old media is in the tank for Obama, then go to CNN and buy an Obama headline T shirt that they are hawking.

CNN and others like CBS claimed to be objective, but it is hard for them to prove it.

Here are more titles you can get on the shirts.

This is America happening

Obama’s era of change arrives

Obama fever goes global as hope rises

44th president is a 1st for the nation

Obama’s moment arrives

1st couple boogies; 2nd couple sways

Obama: It’s time to remake America

Change comes to Washington

Obama: ‘We have chosen hope’

Obamas juggle inaugural balls

‘This is my moment too,’ witness says

Obama fever spreads around the world


Anonymous said...

Post is more than a little misleading. You can get any CNN headline on a t-shirt, thats right any headline.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I don't see no bias. Looks perfectly ok to me. I like it. Looks like just plain jernalizam to me.

Just ask the Frog.

RWiley said...

"Just ask the Frog."

Again anon. attacks the person. In this case a sincere person who always politely presents a reasonable and documented opposing view along with the courage of posting a consistent name.

PIV scolds me for "innuendo". Do you think he will risk the same with his only supporter?

Tune in later for another episode of...... "As the Wackos Squirm".

Oh, by the way PIV, you are not reporting the full story on this one.

Jefferson's Leaning Left

Anonymous said...

8:43 Is either misleading or lying. You CAN get custom shirts that say almost anything, but CNN itself is selling the "great one" shirts noted in this post. That's the ones they are advertising.

Why does the truth bother people so much?

Anonymous said...

Thats all you got, JefCo. board blog? Is a shirt. No ideas, no sloutions?

Anonymous said...

Thats all you got, JefCo. board blog? Is a shirt. No ideas, no sloutions?

Political IV said...


The only reason I "scolded" you, as you say, is that you are accusing me of something I did not have any part of.

Again, there are a lot of side bar conversations, which is fine and I let continue, but I do not take part in. So, go at each other as freely as you want, do not bring me into it, I just post my topics.

John Quincy said...

The point of this comment is a very important one that the media is anegaged in an orgy of support and look the other way journalism of the Obama administration. The have given Tom Daschle and our new Treasury secretary the powder for not paying their taxes. They continue to pump Obama up as the best thing since sliced bread and that he is going to be the savior of the nation in these troubling times. It's unfortunate that the media was ready to leap at any kind of scandal, mis-step, or grammatical error that President Bush made, but they are not so quick to criticize or toss Mr. Obama any hardball questions. When I was in college we used to debate whether the media was biased one way or another. At the time I thought most media agencies reported the news rather fairly and accurately, except concerning our progress in Iraq. However, after the past year's election my opinion has changed and it has become quite obvious how biased the mainstream media truly is.

Dan Francis said...

Of course, to be "fair and balanced," go to Fixed News and get an opposite view - the "right view, right? We Attack, You Duck!!!

Anonymous said...

Wiley, there is nothing "documented" about the falsehood posted by 8:43. Just because you want to believe what he says does not make it the truth.

This isn't NBC or CNN or MSNBC or the NY Times or AP or.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, THE MEDIA: owned by uber liberal CORPORATIONS Viacom, General Electric and Disney (among others) is out to get YOU!

The Bush Doctrine* lives on . . .

*(There is a boogey man behind every tree.)

All weekend, all I have heard, on every national newscast, is about Daschle. Last week, it was all Geithner. How in the world does ANYONE interpret this as a PASS by the MSM??????? You expect some reporter to do a take-down on the guy?

They present the news,; it's up to others to ACT upon the news. What have YOU done about it, other than brow-beat the good readers of this Blog? Have you contacted any of your Federal Representatives? Doubtful. You are a hero on your little keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Bias, is a term used to describe a tendency or preference towards a particular perspective, ideology or result, especially when the tendency interferes with the ability to be impartial, unprejudiced, or objective.

"I hope Obama fails"
Rush "Rock" Hudson Limbaugh III (pka)Jeff Christie

Anonymous said...

Dan, even if what you and the donkey continuously claim is true, that FOX tilts right, is that a defense for what we are seeing? The vast majority of media is in the pocket of the left. Fewer and fewer people are denying it. This is not a good situation for our country. Balance is key and we do not have it.

Anonymous said...

The JefCo board blog guy got caught trolling his own blog again then he lies about it.

Blog Policeman said...

The jeff co blog guy Blake Crotchbraum and his mods got caught sockpupeting their own blog. They have been doing it for quite a while.
Nice blog idiots!

JS said...

I want a shirt that reads "BO IS A ILLEGAL ALIEN" because he is

Anonymous said...

I don't know what these last posts mean. I guess that means I'm getting old. It all sounds very cool but I don't understand it.

Anonymous said...

Why does the truth bother people so much?

Because the are Republicans.

Anonymous said...

You missed one, PIV

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to spend more money on education.

A mind is a terrible thing.
At least those two were.

JS said...

oops sorry, I meant I want a cnn custom shirt that says barak obama is an illegal alien because he still has not produced a valid birth certificate. So that tells me he really is not a US citizen.And is not my and a growing # of others pres

Anonymous said...

That illegal alien story was an interesting aside. It sure was put to rest in a hurry. I'll bet we hear about that issue again. But I'll bet nobody would care.

The Great One is kind of a multi-national hero anyway. He's kind of like President of the World.

Wonderful, wonderful man.

I absolutely HATED that last guy.

JS said...

You bet you will hear of it again.There is currently twelve lawsuits pending review.No court including the supreme want to see it because they are afraid of what they may find.But a growing number of people are insisting and demanding the truth.It can't be hushed forever.If he is not legal he should be gone!

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