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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Democrats want to howl about the frivolous spending by New York State Senate Republicans such as a TV studio.

Well here is a picture of the GOP TV studio.

Now watch this elaborate production by the Senate Democrats, bypassing for the moment the rhetoric for content, just focus on the production quality and someone please come forward and say this is done for free!
This piece was not produced on an austerity budget. 


Anonymous said...

You know its bad when the Watertown Daily Tabloid, the republican propaganda machine of the North Country piles on the former senate majority. I guess it shows though how blind IV is when he cant admit their wrong doings.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is this. If that spokesperson/lady/talkin' babe is a state employee, she deserves a raise, no matter what her salary level is.

Hey, "the children" always get what they want. Why shouldn't an old man like me?

Anonymous said...

WDT, a republican rag?
The WDT stands for go along to get along. In other words, it stands for nothing.
I WISH you were right, 6:50.

Political IV said...

All I'm saying is that this crap happens on both sides of the aisle!

The Democrats should not point fingers one week and then produce an elaborate "look what we are doing TV production" the next week.

Anonymous said...

IV, you rant on Aubertine for going to china and blame him for costing taxpayers money with frivolous trips. How come you report nothing about millionaire Will Barclay needing a state provided vehicle? Aubertine who has no where near the personal wealth of Barclay and has a district 3 times the geographical size of Barclay uses his own car to travel the district. I guess it is just another example of your blind partisanship.

LiberalLaugh said...

"How come you report nothing about millionaire Will Barclay needing a state provided vehicle?"

Because PIV is not one of us?


Anonymous said...

Where are the Republicans in this video? Or the balanced reporting.

This "newscast" makes even the WDT look like an objective "newspaper."

Anonymous said...

Hypocritical McHugh said no to HR-1. To not be a hypocrite he should say no thanks, just like Palin did on the bridge to nowhere. And not to any stimulus money in his district. He voted NO, so we don't want that money and even if we needed it, we shouldn't take it. McHugh's vote says we don't need it here, spend it somewhere else. Thank you, End of story.

Anonymous said...

It was determined that Sarah Palin now has to pay back taxes after claiming that the food she ate, the bed she slept in at home while acting as Gov. were deductible. Now that she has been proven to be a cheat, she has agreed to pay it all back.

Palin to pay tax on past per diem

Palin, another one of PIV's astute political picks.

Anonymous said...

Does it surprise you that Palin's a tax cheat?

The Repubs thought they had something by nominating her as the VP pick. But, they were pandering to the wrong group of voters. Dems had it right by playing on the black guilt that exists, that we are taught that whites should have.

God has blessed us with the annointed one, the messiah, Barack Obama. He will right this country and allow us to regain our stance in the world as a benevolent leader.

The only disappointment that I have with him to this point is that he hasn't pulled the troops out of Iraq yet. He should target to get that done before the 4th of July.

RWiley said...

"Hypocritical McHugh said no to HR-1."

This is a copy of the reply I got from John McHugh after I sent him one asking him to vote no on the Bush_Paulson bailout because of my concerns for lack of oversight, misplacement of funds and government interference with banking free trade:

Dear Mr. Wiley:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding Congress' efforts to stabilize our nation's economy. I appreciate your reaching out to me on this critically important matter.

As every New Yorker knows, our nation is facing unprecedented challenges which pose a clear threat to the financial health of every family. I have heard from many constituents, like yourself, who are deeply concerned about the future of our economy and the actions which Congress has taken to address this matter. I share your concerns as well as your frustrations over the apparent lack of accountability on Wall Street and Capitol Hill. I recognize as well that a vast majority of Americans, particularly in Central and Northern New York, work hard to earn a living. They spend well within their means, make sacrifices for their families and communities, and live responsible lives. Indeed, it is unfair that the actions of a few can so significantly impact the lives of so many.

As you may be aware, we currently face a combination of problems stemming from the fall in nationwide housing prices, greed on Wall Street, lax regulation by Federal regulators, and failures of oversight on Capitol Hill. Simply put, financial institutions made irresponsible loans to people who often were misled into thinking they could borrow money and pay an amount far beyond their means. When these loans bottomed out, the credit markets began to shrink. Although, thankfully, the subprime mortgage crisis has not resulted in extremely high rates of foreclosure in Central and Northern New York, it does have a significant negative effect on our overall economy. Accordingly, I believe Congressional action is both greatly warranted and necessary.

We all must recognize that it is in every American's interest not to let our economy fall into what many experts fear could be a depression-like era. That period in our history was a catastrophic time when few escaped significant harm. Accordingly, I believe we must take those actions necessary to prevent a similar crisis. In recent months, for example, small businesses and farmers have lost access to required credit to successfully function. If unaddressed, this situation will likely lead to further job losses and greatly increased fiscal difficulties.

As a result of these factors, on October 3, 2008, I voted in favor of H.R. 1424, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (EESA), which granted the Secretary of the Treasury broad authorities to stabilize the economy. This measure also provided considerable checks to help ensure taxpayer dollars are used in the most effective way possible.

Of additional interest to the residents of states--like New York--with high property taxes, H.R. 1424 created a new standard deduction allowing all nonitemizing taxpayers to claim $500 for individuals ($1000 for couples who file jointly) for state and local property taxes through 2009. As you may be aware, New York State has lost more jobs and revenues as a direct result of this crisis than any other government entity, as roughly twenty percent of New York State's revenues come from Wall Street based activities alone. Inaction by Congress and continuing economic distress would likely lead to further decreases in essential government services. This is not an outcome I am anxious to accept for my constituents, and I will continue to fight to avoid the results of inaction.

You can also be assured that I am outraged by the irresponsible, and potentially criminal, actions of many in the financial industry who bear much of the blame for our nation's current problems. American taxpayers deserve to know that a thorough review and investigation will be conducted and those who violated the law held accountable.

To that end, I have sponsored legislation and written letters to the appropriate government officials calling for accountability for corporate executives and I will continue to aggressively press for increasing scrutiny and investigations into any and all related criminal behavior. For example, on October 27, 2008, I signed a bipartisan letter with thirty other Members of Congress calling for the U.S. Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, to conduct a criminal investigation of any financial institution, corporation, or individual that is suspected of criminal action relating to this circumstance.

In addition, I have sponsored legislation to prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars for executive compensation or so called "golden parachutes" for any company receiving federal assistance. I have also sponsored a bipartisan House Resolution that would establish the Select Committee on Financial Bailouts. If approved, this body would be charged with the task of investigating the Federal government’s actions, make recommendations to prevent future bailouts, and examine the role of possible political activities and influence in exacerbating the current market situation.

I firmly believe the best way to prevent repeating past mistakes is to fully understand the conditions that led to the current situation. As such, an examination of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's role in the current downturn is essential. For example, it has been widely reported that efforts to reform these two agencies were repeatedly thwarted by high priced lobbying campaigns. Years of mismanagement by top executives and possible accounting irregularities raise many other questions as to these two agencies' actions and demand investigation. As such, I have called for Fannie and Freddie to open their books to better increase their financing transparency and to clarify the decision making process employed leading up to their collapse into conservatorship.

Lastly, it is absolutely critical that the Federal government act now to apply newer, more flexible tools that will effectively update our nation's regulatory system. I was pleased to learn that the House Financial Services Committee is considering plans to establish a Select Committee to review and rewrite the regulatory structure currently governing the financial industry. I applaud these efforts to apply smarter modern regulations to improve our nation's regulatory system and will work for their implementation.

As the 111th Congress begins, please be assured that I will carry on fighting for accountability and will continue to call for oversight hearings in the relevant committees in Congress. Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me on this critically important matter. I hope the above helps to clarify my position in this vital matter. I appreciate having the benefit of your views and trust you will not hesitate to contact me in the future with any matter of interest to you before the Federal government.

With best wishes, I am
John McHugh

Added note by me. Of course you are John, but which one?

Anonymous said...

first off, that's not the studio in LI, we've seen media pics of it already and what's been produced there.

Second, using what the state already owns, i.e. the set that was used for the Dems faux and kinda ridiculous newscast is different than buying the set in the first place.

It's not hypocritical. It's there. Might as well use it.

hermit thrush said...

wow, iv's first mention of the senate gop's unconscionable waste and excess in its $100 million budget, and it's only to call the dems hypocrites for putting out their own cheesily produced video! and, at least as noted by anon 3:01, iv doesn't even get the photo to the former gop-only tv studio right! (as is so often the case, iv doesn't give any kind of link or attribution, so it's rather difficult for someone to verify things on their own.) i think it's shameful that the dems completely shut out the republicans from the video, and i seriously hope this is a mistake that is not repeated. but honestly, how can anyone compare that with the former majority running a gop-only propaganda tv studio for years? how can anyone compare that with bruno's $50,000, specially-outfitted van? how can anyone compare that with the senate's $3.3 million-per-year printing plant, where republican newsletters get multiple colors and dem newsletters get only one? goodness, the gop even took about an 800-30 advantage in albany parking spots.

iv has been making an awful lot of noise about wasteful spending lately. to broach the topic of the senate gop's abuses, without sending a single word of condemnation their way, is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

And back and forth we go. Yeh, but you got more parking spaces, yeh, but you were on TV more, yeh, but you had more whores on the payroll than we did, yeh, but but but bs to all of you.

Is it, will it, can it be ever possible for any of you to put good of all before good of party?
We have to step back and demand of our leaders to quit this childish yeh but crap and make some decent decisions.

Anonymous said...

Ya know Wiley, if Mr McHugh would have known the real Wiley, and how closed your mind really is, I doubt he would have wasted so much time with his thoughtful response. Thanks for sharing it with us.

People are laughing at you,
not him. And I thought you were a "change" kind of guy.

Dan Francis said...

Oh, come on folks ... let's be "... fair and balanced" as Faux Gnus says, or it is ... unfair and unbalanced? sometimes I confuse the two ... anyway.

The GOP can afford to have less expensive or glitzy studios for broadcasting vis-a-vis the rich, fancy, glitzy DEMS.

Why? Because they hve the likes of Flush Limpdick; Shawn Hannitynitwit; Bull O'Lielly;
Adam, I mean, Ann Coulter; the Savvage who attacks the nation; Glenn Gutless Beck; and God only knows how many other rightwingnut radio stations around the country that hawk their trash 24/7, 3 hours a day is all they ask propaganda in the name of 'setting the record straight' and serving mankind one American listener at a time.

Um ... I wonder though: What record, and whose ratings and whose millions are provided to fund the Limbaugh's of the world?

What a gig - the best in town.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, but Danny, my bud Danny. You can do your talk radio dance. But us conservatives have to listen to ABC/CBS/NNC/MSNBC/PBS/every damn newspaper and wireservice there is, every damn entertainment/movie/music,,,I mean Daniel. Get off the talk radio thing. You and Frog. You won't be happy until there is NO other side of the story.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 3:15. The different between you and I suspect many others who get their marching orders from point papes and talking points is that you ONLY listen to or watch Fox News types and that includes, yes, rightwingnut Talk Radio... I listen/watch them all and decide for myself... but, sadly, Fox and those like them DO NOT choices per se -- they offer lock-step, mandated, follow us or else, and strict GOP-Rightwing orthodoxy:
You're with us or you're against the country.

And, that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Dan, you say FOX and "others like them". WHAT "others like them"? There are no others like them. And that is this point. They are the only independent source around. Yet you and yours have a fit just because they offer something a bit different than NBC, or netsworks that feels "tingles down their leg" when the Great One talks. You and your ilk have control of a vast majority of media, yet you cry about FOX. This Obama character was a contrived candidate who received huge advantages by major media. Guys like you and the Frog I have a hard time understanding. On this issue at least.

hermit thrush said...

hint: if you want people to play nice with you, calling them "frog" might not be the best way to go about it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't really want to play nice with you. On the other hand, I didn't really see anything wrong with it. I figured it as kind of a neutral deal.

I like frogs.

Anonymous said...

You guys keep bashing fox for what? There is a reason why they have more viewers than cnn,abc,msnbc,cbs and nbc combined. America is sick of being fed bullshit 24/7 from the hacks.They themselves gave Bo the keys.Now some truth is slipping out and they are all going to look like the fools they are.The problem is he may destroy this country in the process.

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