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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, February 23, 2009

What Is He Thinking

Governor David Paterson is in a tailspin that does not seem to stop and much of his problems are his own doing. He seems to step in one pile of dung right after another, which is probably why he wanted his former Chief of Staff Charles O'Byrne to come back. But, he put it out there publicly apparently before he had a commitment from O'Byrne.

O'Byrne was one of the first in the recent lineage of Democrats to have tax problems. This issue was the reason for his resignation from Paterson's team to begin with and if it was wrong and reason enough to resign; then why would the Governor even think it is OK to bring him back now?

Why did Paterson float the idea of bringing him back publicly? It is acknowledgment of how bad things are going for Paterson. The Governor's public popularity is falling like water over a dam and he has many challenges ahead of him such as a budget crisis that he has trumped up to colossal proportions and where his budget proposal did not match his rhetoric. So, he has much work to do to reshape his image as the straight talking Governor who is here to end the "culture of overspending" or accept his label as "accidental" Governor for the partial term he will serve until Cuomo sweeps him in a primary.


Dan Francis said...

I don't know, maybe this fits here to help wipe the egg off his face... what you think?

Stimulus Money by Congressional District

Ours, like most others is projected to have 7,500 new jobs... but where?


Anonymous said...

These "issues" with taxes have been overdone. Let's move forward. When you consider the quality of the people involved, a little extra effort in these matters is nothing.

Hiccups, guys. Just hiccups. We have to get past this.

Anonymous said...


Oops, there goes another $300k in back taxes.

Never mind, we just need to move forward!


Anonymous said...

HAHA Seems the dems are having a hard time filling positions.Hard to find one who's not a crook.And they talk about the repugs.Hillarious!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Danny, that number, the 7,500 jobs number, came from none other than the Great One and his administration. How dare you question something that was told to us by the Great One.

Remember how much we hated that last guy? What was his name, BUSH? Remember, the lying war criminal, according to the Frog? Just be happy we have the Great One. We can now believe anything that comes out of the leader of "change we can believe in". I, for one, believe that the trillion dollars in new borrowing and spending will work. I, for one, believe in the 7500 new jobs in our district. Why? Bamaman told me! And I saw it on network television.

One can also cite the continued vote of confidence expressed by the stock market. Obama's plan will work. Happy Days.

Remember, the important thing is to continue to hate Bush.

As Diaper Man says,

Anonymous said...


Darn, there goes another hundred thousand!

It's OK, though, we'll just hit up the "rich" to make up the difference and do nothing to change our spending and spending ways.

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