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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Watch Is On - Pet Pork Projects

Do you want to know where your money potentially might be spent in this new juice up the economy money bill?

Here is the new web site, Stimulus Watch. There is a listing of projects by state, here is the link for New York, not a single project for Northern New York. Where is our piece of this pork laden bill, where are the Mayors or State elected officials and their wish list? We might as well get our grubby paws on some of this dough.

Take notice of some of the projects like the dog parks or doorbells that are in for requested funding. 


Anonymous said...


StimulusWatch.org was built to to help the new administration keep its pledge to invest stimulus money smartly, and to hold public officials to account for the taxpayer money they spend. We do this by allowing you, citizens around the country with local knowledge about the proposed "shovel-ready" projects in your city, to find, discuss and rate those projects. These projects are not part of the stimulus bill. They are candidates for funding by federal grant programs once the bill passes. Learn more by reading the FAQs.

Did you see that line? These projects are not part of the stimulus bill. They are candidates for funding by federal grant programs once the bill passes.

Dan Francis said...

I don't know by your posting intro whether you are pissed off, angry, upset, disappointed, or just plain happy with the result?

The input at this post should be fun to watch...

"Hey, where's mine? Ours?"

Can't ask McHugh, either -- he already voted no.


Anonymous said...

Thank McHugh for getting nutt'in for Northern NY.
He could have been the only Republican to work with the Congress and get his district the financial help it needs.
I bet the Dems would have showered his district with millions of job creating help and infrastructure projects, but he played the fiddle with his fellow Repubs while the US economy really starts to burn to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Clinton County's development gurus have indicated 7 Shovel-ready projects:

1. Plattsburgh Airport Expansion
2. Plattsburgh Aeronautical Institute
3. Rouses Point Train Station
4. CBN Connect - Broadband Network
5. Adirondack Railroad
6. Lake Placid Conference Center
7. Strand Performing Arts Center - Plattsburgh.

Anonymous said...

I agree with that other guy, 4:33. The measure of an effective politician is how much he get for US.

It's not a question of whether or not the money should be spent, or whether in this case the stimulus program will work, it is a question of getting as much as possible for yours truly.

Sad way of thinking. Add a touch of partisan politics and you have an even more disappointing thought process.

Political IV said...

Anon #1, "These projects are not part of the stimulus bill. They are candidates for funding by federal grant programs once the bill passes."

Ok, exactly what I was pointing out, so what is your point?

Dan, first of all I do not agree with the pet projects portion of the bill, if it is invested in infrastructure as a way to employ people as originally conceived then I might accept it, but it is out of control as this point.

Anon #2

Thank McHugh all you want, it is up to local folks, Mayors, State Senators, Assembly and Governor to get the projects in front to be funded by this bill.

Dan Francis said...

Where was all the bitching and moaning when Jim Wright or Bob Nortz (rest his soul) got funding for ball fields, fish tanks or more water level studies, studies to see why cows give milk or why fish reproduce in water (I just threw those in for fun)?

Pork is good when it comes home and is in the eyes of the beholder - we all know that.

So, either suck it up now or stop it when it comes from party's side.

Anonymous said...

talking about projects don't miss RWileys post and pics of the Wolfe Isle wind farm. don't miss the links to the pirate on Wolfe who tells what it has been like.


Anonymous said...

Dan, it's a given that government has operated this way for a long time. Gettin' stuff has been the measure of greatness. Our schools to this day buy stuff based on the fact that "the state" pays for it. But Dan, don't you think it's time we did things a little differently? This is a different time. At least we need to look at it that way. Time for things to change. Wasn't that what the Great One told us?

Dan Francis said...

Anon 8:15: "Change" like "pork" is in the eye of the beholder...

Change can go either way and one man's pork is another man's bacon...

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