"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here Is The Problem

If you want to know what is to blame for the housing crisis, watch this video.

A school bus driver buys an $800,000 home and now they cannot afford it, but they want Obama to halt foreclosures and responsible people like you and I who buy a house we can afford to bail them out.

Here is the harsh reality - your $800,000 house it is not my problem, I do not want to pay for stupidity. If the loss of investment in the market is a personal issue, than so is the loss of investment in a house.  


Anonymous said...

Its the mortgage dealer who's the criminal, not the mortgage junkie.
Remember that.

Anonymous said...

This is typical of what I have come to expect from this blog. You jump to blame the poor innocent guy who's just trying to achieve the American Dream and own his home.

Where is our compassion for these poor people. OK, they spent a little beyond their means, but everyone does that. Despite what this person's annual income was, I am confident that he entered into the agreement in good faith and intended to make his mortgage payments. People like you get all hung up on personal responsibility. What will come next, some vitriol on the evils of ridding yourself of credit card for pennies on the dollar?

It is the banks that are the evil wrong-doer in this little story. The banks and the Repubs for pushing them to lower their lending standards. The Dems are here for us, baby. Cradle to grave.

I thank God every day for Obama as he will find a way to help these folks stay in the homes that for which they have worked so hard to buy.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE. Help me out here, Wiley. Don't let them drag these poor sould through the muck.

Anonymous said...

9:28 an if you can buy an $800,000 home you are not poor and you should be able to read. It is no one's fault but the buyer. You are out of your mind.

Oh and Barney Frank and Smuckey Schumer are responsible for anyone lowering the standards.

hermit thrush said...

um, i think 9:28 was being sarcastic....

Anonymous said...

9:55 Your a high and mighty idiot. Ever been to college. Do you even have a GED. I didn't think so.

Your comments tell everyone that your a bitter heartless redneck clinging to your gun and your bible, endowed with computer access. Who only wishes their neighbor to fail. If your a real American then America's already done for.

hermit thrush said...

wow, is 10:21 for real? or just trying the make the left/liberal/democrat/whatever-you-will "side" look bad? at any rate, what a load of disgusting rubbish.

Anonymous said...

It's true america is done for!We have reached the point where the taxpayer can't or won't carry the carcass of the deadbeats no more.If these guys are being sarcastic or not does'nt matter because a good portion of the blue states feel this way. Calif. will be first to fall then NY.This socialist crap the so called pres is pushing will not work here.The country is about to push back because many have had enough.When that time comes I will cling my gun and bible.You can stand in the soup line! It's your choice

TourPro said...

I suppose it would be too much for me to ask for a vehicle upgrade. Had my eye on this sporty little car, but it was just a bit out of my price range.

My American Dream simply won't be complete without it. Please help me Obama.

Anonymous said...

Frogman, you had it right the first time. 10:21 is a haha, he's just a wee bit inconsistant, which makes his sarcasm difficult to read. Me, I've been consistant since the beginning of time.

Does the warmer weather mean I have a better chance for cardinal?

Anonymous said...

An 800,000 mortgage with nothing down and a mere 1% interest has a payment of $2573 per month. This does not include taxes or insurance. If a school bus driver can afford that it explains why our school taxes are out of sight.

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