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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Murphy's Law

As Jefferson Democrat said - He's there guy in the 20th Congressional race, and they should be proud. He is just like every other Democrat in Washington these days.

The following was received via email from the, 
National Republican Congressional Committee

While Scott Murphy was meeting with Nancy Pelosi yesterday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had this to say about the withdrawal of cabinet nominees Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer following revelations of tax evasion:

“I think they both recognized that you can't set an example of responsibility but accept a different standard in who serves. They both decided and recognized that their nominations would distract from the important goals and the critical agenda that the president put forward.” (Transcript, 02/03/09)

Scott Murphy clearly did not receive that message.  Instead, he chose to add to the growing list of explanations why his company, Small World Software, failed to pay its business taxes.

To review YESTERDAY, Murphy outlined the following explanations:

1)      First he “had no idea” what it was about. (“GOP takes aim at Murphy,” Post Star, 02/03/09)

2)      Murphy attempted to say that Small World Software “was under new management” at the time. (“GOP takes aim at Murphy,” Post Star, 02/03/09)

3)      Finally – Murphy had no “responsibility for things like taxes.” (“GOP takes aim at Murphy,” Post Star, 02/03/09)

TODAY, Murphy has a new evasion:

"I think it's totally unrelated. I sold this business and the people that bought it from me failed to pay the taxes. It's just that simple.” (“Murphy Answers Tax Issue,” Post Star, 02/04/09)

However, when Small World Software was merged (not SOLD) with IXL, Inc. in 1998, Murphy signed the merger documents as “Secretary” of Small World Software.  The detailed timeline below begs more questions for Murphy in the days to come, most notably – if Tom Daschle, Tim Geithner, and Nancy Killefer are accountable for their tax troubles, why isn’t Scott Murphy?


·         5/10/94 – Small World Software founded by Scott Murphy and Mark Jacobstein.[1]
·         12/31/97 – Tax period ends in which Small World Software later receives warrants in the amount of $298.50 and $446.85 (WARRANT ID: E-012468258-W003-3 and WARRANT ID: E-012468258-W002-8, NY TAX COMPLIANCE DIVISION).[2]
·         01/23/98 – Small World Software merges with IXL, Inc.  Scott Murphy signs merger documents as “Secretary” of Small World Software.[3]
·         02/28/98 – Tax period ends (FY March 1, 1997 thru February 28, 1998) in which Small World Software later receives warrant for $20,808.25 (WARRANT ID: E-012468258-W001-4, NY TAX COMPLIANCE DIVISION)[1]

·         07/22/99 – NY Department of Taxation & Finance issues three warrants for unpaid taxes, interest and penalty.[5]
·         12/29/99 – Tax warrant for period ending 2/28/98 for $20,805.25 is satisfied (WARRANT ID: E-012468258-W001-4, NY TAX COMPLIANCE DIVISION)[6]
c. 2000
·         Scott Murphy leaves position at IXL, Inc.[7]

[1] Certificate of Incorporation of Small World Software, Inc., New York Department of State, May 10, 1994
[2] “Tax Compliance Division Warrant: Commissioner of Tax and Finance against Small World Software, Inc.,” New York Department of Taxation and Finance, July 14, 1999
[3] Certificate of Merger of Small World Software, Inc. into iXL-New York, Inc., New York Department of State, Jan. 23, 1998
[4] “Tax Compliance Division Warrant: Commissioner of Tax and Finance against Small World Software, Inc.,” New York Department of Taxation and Finance, July 22, 1999
[5] “Tax Compliance Division Warrant: Commissioner of Tax and Finance against Small World Software, Inc.,” New York Department of Taxation and Finance, July 22, 1999
[6]“ Judgment Docket Update: Small World Software,” New York Department of State, Dec. 29, 1999
[7] New York Times, March 12, 2000


Dan Francis said...

Great run down on Murphy (and now, Murphy's law continues) with this from yesterday, kinda ties in.

* Sen. Gillibrand has seen the light or felt the heat? To wit:

WASHINGTON — Sen. Kirsten E. Gillibrand (D-NY) took all of a week to do an about-face on immigration issues for her new big-city constituents, proclaiming Monday that she is
[now] against deporting undocumented immigrants and is
[now] open to letting them become U.S. citizens.

* My Input: She is worried about the NYC vote. So, it's okay to screw the rest of NYS and the country regarding illegals, then?

* Wait until “this policy option gets out ...” it will open up the flood gates wider than they are now.

Francis Memo to Gillibrand: People are welcome and can come here, BUT NOT illegally. If they do sneak in, I guess they can seek your help to become a U.S. citizen way ahead of schedule, then? And, really cheap ... just for their vote later on? I see, I see.

* In all honesty, I say this in no uncertain terms:

* There is but one way to come to America and become an American (other than for protection, of course): through the front door with permission and legally.

Mrs. Gillibrand flips and flops and will try to ride that train through 2010.

Gun issue is next: Schumer already hinted at that last week when he said: "She would come around to our thinking."

Pretty sad, really.

Anonymous said...

Unlike Dsschle and Geithner, Scott Murphy is an unrepentant tax cheat.

This guy continues to lie about his taxes and he expects voters to hire him?

He might fit in well with the tax cheating DC crowd.

Dan Francis said...

Speaking of the truth, excuses and such other nonsense re: the stimulus, bailout or recovery bill (or whatever you want to call it), Mr. McHugh is not immune from his own little games, either.

To wit: My new blog designed to track the 23rd CD and other national and regional stories of political interest is up and running at [click here]Political Rapids and Current Events

Your input is solicited and will be welcomed.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Hiccups, guys. Just hiccups. We have got to get beyond this and see the quality leadership that these people bring to the table.

As for KG, I thought most of you were excited that she would resprensent the "north country". Didn't you expect her to pander to the libs in the City.

If it wasn't for NYC, you folks might as well be in the Appalachians.

jd said...

well good then at least we had time to feel her out.If she caves on the gun issue she will be history.Her own family won't vote for her if they truly are hunters.
Now how do we get rid of shumer?

Anonymous said...

To 12:36 i beleve that there are two m's in shummer.

Anonymous said...

No, there's one m in Schumer.

Perhaps you have it confused with gummer, or Gomer?

You can't get rid of Schumer. Too many NYC voters mindlessly supporting him.

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