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Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Can anyone hear the sound of a toilet flushing?

So many principled thoughts and so little time to implement them!

All of this political rhetoric has been flushed down the toilet in just under 4 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I here the flush.

Anonymous said...

That toilet flush, is the sound of the republican party.

hermit thrush said...

i think iv raises a completely fair point. obama is to be lauded for the pledges to openness he made during the campaign -- but only so far as those pledges actually translate into policy. and so far, i think he's been quite disappointing on that count. i suppose there's a case to be made for waiving the 5-day wait period on the stimulus legislation (though that's not to say i agree with it!), but i don't think there's any excuse for having waived the wait period for the other bills he's signed. things like the lilly ledbetter act and schip are good policy, but they're obviously not emergencies.

Anonymous said...

The toilet isn't flushing because the giant turd called the Republican Party has it plugged.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, your wrong Avian Hermit.

A total of 17 days, count them, since I commented to 'piv's' blog post and asked if anyone actually read the bill (HR-1). So 'PIV' is right we didn't get the 5 days, that President Obama promised every American, we got 15 days instead.

Thanks POTUS for the extra time, there were a lot of pages to read and Republicans needed the extra time. You know, Home schooling and all.

Anonymous said...

Hermit is right. Glad to hear the balance in his post. It's hard to argue with his, and PIV's logic on this topic. So much for Obama's campaign promises.

12:01 You gotta mix a little fact into your pablum. Unless you're beyond thinking.

This stimulus won't do a thing. It is a very sad day. Now I guess the fun will be to slowly read what is actually in the bill. But there will be no recovery from it. Done deal for Nancy.

Anonymous said...

President Obama is signing the bill on Tuesday. The final bill was passed on Friday.

Democratic math counts five days.

Christian math counts as follows. Jesus died on a Friday and rose from the grave early Sunday morning. Three days.

I'm sorry I don't see how the President has broken any promises.

I guess hate make some people blind.

Anonymous said...

The bill was being written as final debate was taking place. Changes were taking place throughout the weekend. (Please don't lie, 12:22/12:47.) That isn't possible in an honest situation, as was promised by Obama.

Very good 12:47. I'm glad to have you compare "Democratic" math and Christian math. I never would have thought there would have been a difference. The elephants invite you to continue making a fool of yourself. The donkeys wish you would shut the hell up. Do what feels right, my little idiot.

My guess is it is only a small part of the Democratic party that thinks Christians are fools. But if you think otherwise, by all means, keep on talking. You sound like a really smart guy, and we'd all like to take advantage of your intellectual superiority.

Dan Francis said...

Flush - sure.... bussssssh gone, busssssssh gone, bussssssh gone.

There: satisfied? If not try this on for size:

Do you know history repeats itself? Not sure, can you hum a few bars?

Oh, yeah, I get it now:

* Warren G. Harding (R) – surrounded by cronies and crooks and scandal on top of scandal (i.e., Teapot Dome oil scandal) – followed by:

* “Silent Cal”vin Coolidge (R) – “Government that governs least governs best,” and was pal of Wall Street investors and hawked the stock market; followed by:

* Hurbert Heever (R), the White House was his first and last elected office, his motto was, “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.” Seven months in office and CRASH, October 1929 – Wall Street crumbles, and the Great Depression begins. Apparently, “The chickens had flown the coop, and the cars were up on cinder blocks in the front yard.” The fast forward to:

* Ronald Raygun (R) “Spent like there was no tomorrow,” pushed massive cut tax like there was no tomorrow, and then came along:

* George W. Bush (R) “...more massive cut taxes while we were engaged in two wars,” ran up record debt and massive uncontrollable deficits, surrounded himself with loyal cronies who had scandal on top of scandal, and we had the largest abuse of power since Harding.

Yet, they are all “good” Republicans. Trouble is they recycle the GOP mandate when up the creek: blame the DEMS for our shortfalls, and never admit to a mistake – just pour on the pressure to the DEMS.

Then the DEMS (usually) come into power and clean up after the GOP – and yet little ever changes.

The GOP has mastered those tactics – and the DEMS have lost their compass.

What a deal...

hermit thrush said...

anon 12:22:
while it's true that early versions of the stimulus bill have been available online for quite some time now, i believe the final version of the bill was only worked out thursday night, and then passed by both houses of congress friday. i have to confess that i don't know how much the bill changed over the 17 days you cited. my sense is that a lot of it remained the same, but there were obviously a number of changes too, some of them surely quite important! i suppose, on the other hand, one could make the argument that nothing so significant was changed that it makes a great deal of difference relative to the scope of the bill, but i've nowhere near the knowledge or expertise to have an opinion on that. i believe anon 7:51 is wrong to suggest that changes were made to the bill over the weekend -- once both houses passed it on friday, that was that.

i think it's wrong to fault obama for the short turnaround time from the end of conference negotiations to the final votes in the house and senate. though i agree what happened violates the spirit of openness obama articulated in his campaign, it's ultimately congress's prerogative, not his.

anon 12:47:
thanks for pointing out that obama will wait till tuesday to sign the bill -- i had thought he'd sign it on monday, but i'm obviously behind on the news. maybe i'm just splitting hairs, but by my count, that's a four-day wait: the bill was passed late friday night, so if he'd signed it on saturday, that would have been 1 day, and so on. and the fact remains that obama did not honor his wait-period pledge when it came to the lilly ledbetter act and (i believe also) schip. perhaps that's not so unreasonable, given that those were essentially leftover bills from the previous congress, and it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but i still think he should have waited.

finally, i also feel that there's no need to bring religion into a nonreligious matter like this. in my opinion (for whatever that's worth!), you made a strong point that easily stands on its own. no need to offer up such a ready distraction away from it.

anon 12:30:
i fundamentally disagree that the stimulus won't do a thing. although there's been debate amongst politicians about whether we should have a stimulus, economists have been almost unanimous in calling for one. if anything, i think there's more risk that it's too small, and too much focused on tax cuts, than too big.

Anonymous said...

Promises made during the campaigns don't count. We never held politcians to their promises. If we did, none would be in office more than one term.

This is a catastophe. It is the worst economy since the Great Depression. We have to move swiftly on passage of this recovery bill.

You don't feel you got your five days, too bad! Obama and the Dems won. Let's move forward.

Obama will lead us out of the desert and into the promised land. He is our savior. He is our messiah. Why can't you see that?

Anonymous said...

Thank you 12:43, Catharus guttatus, for the vindication.

One last thing in defense of President Obama. The Lilly Ledbetter Act was passed in the Senate on 1/22/09, the house rubber stamped it without changes, on 1/27/09, and the President signed it on 1/29/09. That would be 8 days for an approved final bill. Technically he could have waited 5 days after the House of Reps, but the final bill was out there already.

Maybe between you and I and others, we can get this otherwise wonderful and industrious north country blog, to stop the polarization bull shit postings, and begin a voice of conservative honesty and integrity that people can believe in.

Anonymous said...

Anon. This blog has nothing to do with honest conservatism. It is all about bitterness and losing an election. Help us here PIV and stop embarrassing us.

Anonymous said...

Changes were made to the bill HOURS before the final vote. To claim otherwise shows the kind of dishonest debate that has become acceptable in the country.

Some people just can't bring themselves to admit reality. Not when it shows Obama and Pelosi for who they really are. The details of the bill will come out over the next few months, as media will not dig into it for fear of damaging their chosen party.

On the good side, this will bail us out here in NY. NO cuts have been made, despite the wimpering of old, kept media such as the Watertown Times. Now we can continue, business as usual, keeping the special interests happy for another year while pretending the money is coming from somewhere else. It is, a federal loan this time. Next year we can start again with the debate about the next for budget reform. We won't mean it then either.

Anonymous said...

barrie just forgot maybe you should send him the video.

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