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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dinner Is Served

Here is your main meal for today, all 1,434 pages of your pork dinner to swallow. Please do not take too much time to read it, because Chuck Schumer says you don't care about it and BO claims there has been too much debate (3 1/2 weeks) on spending $1 trillion dollars of taxpayer money.

And Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her fact sheet issued yesterday said this, "There are no earmarks or pet projects."

Are you kidding us, is Pelosi, Schumer, et. al. seriously that out of touch with the public? 


Anonymous said...

Sophomoric joke, take a copy of the bill, mark it up and add things to try and make a statement.

Anyone interested enough to read the real bill can find it here

Here is a graph of American job losses over the last 13 months I looked up, after listening to Hannity tell his radio audience that the economy is getting better and that the Liberals are covering it up.

I am beginning to believe that Rush is filling a candy bowl at the radio station with his Lorcet, Norco and hydrocodone drugs and now everyone on AM HATE radio are eating them.

Dan Francis said...

Speaking of dinner, pork (chops or roasts or just tidbits that Schumer described), let's invite a few old friends, shall we?

Like Jim Walsh -- Syracuse's former congressman turned DC lobbyist

I love this shit, don't you? So, I wonder what John McHugh has lined up when he "retires?" - former Rep. (before McHugh) Dave Martin got that nice brew gig? And, maybe, Jim Wright to head up DANC?

What a deal...

Anonymous said...

By the way here is that American job loss, graph that did not print on my first comment. Very, very scary.

Dan Francis said...

House passes the compromise version of the stimulus bill McHugh Says No [again]

I believe with all my strength and soul that Mr. McHugh is on the WRONG side of history on this one with those two "Nay" votes.

Either the DEM plan will work and the GOP will fizzle in the abyss of history, or the DEM plan will fail and the GOP will sail back into center stage.

It cannot be both ways.

When it was Country First: John Michael McHugh just said NO!!!

Anonymous said...

8:33 Not many people dispute our loss of jobs. The problem is how to explain where borrowing and spending is going to help those people get back to work. You've memorized a lot of crap but you avoid the real issue. Borrowing and spending mixed with pork doesn't equal jobs.

Dan Francis said...

Where were all you bleeding heart "conservatives" as Bush-Cheney, et al were spending and spending and digging and digging us deeper and deeper into this hole we're now in?

All the while they held the purse strings and BTW: seldom reached out to the DEMS (1995-2006 under the GOP)and (2001-2009) under GOP Bush...

It's nasty, ugly, rabid partisan politics as usual and we love - look at our track record of keeping "our guys and gals" in office to sustain this shit?

In a word: They in office and us for keeping them there are pathetic little insects for doing it and allowing it, or should I say tolerating it?

Best example: McHugh limp statement today about why he let the country down, again... sad, very, very sad.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Dan, you know I respect you. But I disagree completely on your view of McHugh's reaction to the massive pork bill. He clearly describes how the spending will be ineffective, and how the additional borrowing will hurt the economy for years to come. Perhaps his most important point centers on Obama's commitment towards transparancy. This bill was rammed through without anyone being able to read it. I know you don't support that kind of dishonesty. In the next few weeks we will really start hearing about the specifics about what Nancy Pelosi has done. Unfortunately for the country, she has proven herself to be the partisan she is. Her people come before the good of the country, as she had the votes. And in Obama's case, he lied when he spoke of an open process. This isn't good for any of us.

I'm not sure how you can criticize McHugh for what he has said. I only wish more politicians could think as clearly as he did on this issue.

Dan Francis said...

Anon: 11:51: While I appreciate your view and respect for my view, I urgently ask all GOPers to review history...

Do you know history repeats itself?

Not sure, can you hum a few bars? Oh, yeah, I got it now:

* Warren G. Harding (R) – surrounded by cronies and crooks and scandal on top of scandal (i.e., Teapot Dome oil scandal);

* Followed by "Silent Cal"vin Coolidge (R)) – "... government that governs least governs best," was pal of Wall Street investors and hawked the stock market;

* Followed by Hurbert Heever (R), his first and last elected office was as president of the United States, his motto: "A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage."

Seven months in office and CRASH, October 1929 – Wall Street crumbles, and the Great Depression begins:

Morale of this story: "The chickens flew the coop, and the cars are up on cinder blocks in the front yard."

Fast forward to Raygun (R) "Spend like there’s no tomorrow" and cut tax like there’s no tomorrow,

Then today recently: Geo. W. Bush (R) "...cut taxes twice with two major wars in progress,” runs up debt and deficit to the Moon and back, and surrounds himself with cronies who had scandal on top of scandal (like Harding), and they abused their power of office ...

Bottom Line: They were all “good” Republicans, right and only had one shortfall: they also all blamed DEMS for their own shortfalls ...

In each case it took a DEM to come in and clean up after them – little has changed since ...

Hang on tight; it’s gonna get rougher and rougher.

Dan Francis said...

F/U to Anon: 11:51 and anyone else: I don't dislike John McHugh - I respect his views and actions and votes, etc... and will support him when called for and criticize him when necessary just like I do for some DEMS...

He is dead wrong on is vote... his reasons are his and his alone... but to cave to sustained GOP mismanagement and "tax cuts" only mentality is totally wrong, too.

We shall see ... but a word of caution and know this:

If John McHugh comes home all huffy and puffy about "what he did and why he did what he did or didn't for the district, state and nation" and starts to take credit for change that will come, then I will not allow that to stand unchallenged.

The GOP is wrong on this issue... they have let the country down and now we'll see who is "right" or "left" out on this crisis -- won't we?

It ain't gonna be pretty. Not at all.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I don't agree at all. The problem never was tax cuts, no matter how far back you want to go. The problem is spending, and it's you guys (dems) can hold their own on spending. And here we go again, Dan. Borrowing and spending to limits we have never seen before. All in the name of job creation which we both know has a limited record of effectiveness. And the transparency issue, promised us by the great one, has been a complete joke. The details of the bill have been kept a secret till the very end and the vote was party line.

I just don't see you criticism of the elephants, McHugh in particular. And little sayings, going back to Hoover's time, don't do anything to clear up matters.

We can't spend any more. Simple. And if we do, we have to be open and honest about it. We failed on both counts. McHugh is right on.

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