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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, December 8, 2008

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers

McCain got their attention and won that segment of the electorate this year. Zogby is reporting McCain won over Wal-Mart shoppers by a margin of 17 points. McCain might have won the hearts of Wal-Mart but Obama polled better with other retail shoppers.

McCain won:

Obama won:
JC Penney
Nieman Marcus

Perhaps Republican's should fine tune their message to match the shopper's profile.

Read the report here


hermit thrush said...

i'd be interested to know how the geographic distribution of the various stores plays into all this. for one thing, there tend to be far fewer of the big box stores in big cities, and big cities tend to vote democratic. for another thing, i believe wal-mart has its strongest presence in the south, and the south tends to vote republican. i wonder if there are any regional differences in the voting patterns of wal-mart shoppers?

Anonymous said...

Nieman Marcus? That says it all. The rest are more similar than they are different. But NM stands alone.

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