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Saturday, December 13, 2008

NYS Senate Leadership Watch

Malcolm Smith must be smoking something! The two most cited potential Republican defectors are Alesi and Robach, both of whom have given assurances -- publicly -- that they are solid in the GOP camp and Dean Skelos put out a statement the other day confirming he has support of the entire conference.

By most accounts, the meeting in New York City yesterday was a bust, and not well attended. Some of the upstate 5 were iced in, while the Gang of 3 was iced out. Supposed coup leader Klein wasn't there.

It's pretty clear that Malcolm Smith does not have a degree in math as they are not any closer to the votes needed to take the majority and no one has the votes to take Smith out. That's the real story of the Gang of Three.

This conference is dysfunction personified, no unity and a lot of personal animosity. Incompetent of any leadership that was entrusted to them. They're clearly not ready for the task ahead.

The danger of all this is that, because nature abhors a leadership vacuum, Shelly steps in and takes de facto control of the entire Legislature AND the 2nd floor!


Anonymous said...

This state faces some of the most severe and important decisions in its history. All some of these people can do is make deals to get more power, money, and influence. What completely worthless individuals they are, of both parties.

Not all of them, but enough of them to turn one's stomach.

Anonymous said...

Shelly Silver running everything! Is this Halloween -- cuz THAT'S pretty scary!!

Anonymous said...

These power plays will accomplish one thing. That is to keep the majority leaders of the senate and assembly contolling all legislation. Which is why New York State Government is very ineffecient, and it makes me sick that we pay for this show. Time for a change. Northern New York watch out.
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