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Friday, December 12, 2008

Who Did What Right

These are the lawmakers who did the right thing and voted against the auto makers bailout.

Democrats Voting No
Baucus, Mont.    Lincoln, Ark.    Reid, Nev.    Tester, Mont.
Republicans Voting No
Allard, Colo.    Barrasso, Wyo.    Bennett, Utah    Bunning, Ky.    Burr, N.C.    Chambliss, Ga.    Coburn, Okla.    Cochran, Miss.    Coleman, Minn.    Corker, Tenn.    Crapo, Idaho;     DeMint, S.C.    Ensign, Nev. 
Enzi, Wyo.    Grassley, Iowa;    Gregg, N.H.    Hatch, Utah;    Hutchison, Texas;    Inhofe, Okla.    Isakson, Ga.    Kyl, Ariz.    Martinez, Fla.    McCain, Ariz.    McConnell, Ky.    Murkowski, Alaska;     Roberts, Kan.    Sessions, Ala.    Shelby, Ala.    Thune, S.D.    Vitter, La.    Wicker, Miss.    


Anonymous said...

The Reid no vote. That surprises me. Good for him.

It wasn't an auto company bail out. It was a UAW bail out. I think they will get a deal. More people need to be paid off. It will take a few more days.

Dan Francis said...

"No" vote was the "right" thing you say - I couldn't disagree more.

In in a few years when only imported cars are available, and on the importer's terms / cost, and not yours or mine regarding the kind of car or truck we want or need, and they all come in from outside the U.S., and thus we are subject to foreign rules and regulations, or God forbid, we need to crank up an assembly line for war production like we did in WWII, then don't come back and say, damn, I wish we still had the Big 3 ...

Plus the several million jobs down the drain...

I always thought the GOP stood for good jobs - oh, not Union jobs, I see, I see.

Maybe we should ask John McHugh about Union/Labor support, then?

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean, Dan. I just cannot support the auto boys, as I don't understand most of their problems.

Toyotas are made in Indiana, Dodge trucks are made in Mexico, GM brings stuff in from Winsor/Canada. The parts are made all over the world. Read Consumer Reports. Honda/Toyota, always the best. Dodge, always the worst. Year after year. Why do the imports always score better in the quality dept, even when they use domestic labor?

I just don't understand it. Like lots of stuff, I guess. And I don't see us ever having to crank up any assembly line. This country doesn't care enough about anything to go to war for any reason. We can do little things here and there, but there won't be any WWII production wars again. 100hour wars is about all we have the nerve for. And you mention foreign rules and regulations. What the heck are we going to get with a CAR CZAR? My guess would be, rules and regulations. Japan's rules and regulations don't scare me any more than the Great O's. Who cares?
I always thought you were a fan of rules and regulations too, Dan.

It doesn't matter. The big three will get their bail out, in one form or another. The subsidies will continue for a generation plus. Honda and Toyota will continue to make better cars.

One question though. What part of our economy should we NOT give a bailout to? We pretty much have said yes to everyone, with no end in sight. You got yer fat cat bankers, your investment crooks, now your unions. We have to say no to someone, don't we? I don't mean to be sarcastic, but it is a question we might should think about. Goodnight Dan.

Anonymous said...

The only ones who should bailout the US Auto industry is the companies who put them in this situation, the big oil companies.

Especially Exxon-Mobile, who made over 40 billion dollars in pure profit in 2007. The 2008 profit numbers come out Feb 1, 2009, and these profit numbers added up through the first three quarters, look even better. Detroit built gas-o-holic vehicles to help Exxobile move product, and now its time to return the favor.

Why hasn't big oil, made any comment about the auto makers problem ???

Anonymous said...

BTW John McHugh voted YES on the other side of the Capital.

Anonymous said...

Respecfully 6:29, I thought foreign cars used oil too. They seem to be able to trive under these circumstances. I don't think its milage that gets 'em, it is the lack of quality. You don't have to believe consumer reports, look at resale values.

Big Oil is another one I don't understand. They are not exactly making the big money right now. And I wish we would let them drill and not play politics with production. But with global warming and whales and all it get tough not to muddy the waters. And we tell them to drill before the election but after the election it now looks like we are going to go back on that decision, election being over and all. And now we can't use coal, our most abundant resource. Remember how afraid we all are about nukes. Fear, fear, fear. No nukes. And just ask about last year's baby, wind, which is this year's devil. Now we have the freak element that hates wind and the bidness types who love it. As I said, I'm confused. How the hell do you single out the oil companies to be pissed at when government has made such a mess of our energy policy in general?

Bottom line. If you need a car for your daughter that runs forever and will hold its value, buy a Toyota or a Honda. Sorry. If you support the UAW, hold your nose and pick one.

Dan Francis said...

12:03 Anon: Thanks for those comments - good stuff...

I have said from day one and have posted that the "GREED" factor is alive and well in America - and across many fronts.

I even gave this current mess and believe me it's a huge huge mess not likely to be solved anytime soon - too much politics now creeping in - i.e., those "No" votes from 35 or so Senators ... Union-busters I call them, a special name: USGT: Uncle Sam's Gravy Train

It's loaded - climb aboard, but BEWARE!!!

* Lumps and bumps ahead with all that foreign borrowing from those now in the crapper, too - and as they fail, and surely they will, too, and they start to call in their IOU's from Uncle Sam, watch out.

Kapow ... worldwide turmoil like we haven't seen since, say, December 7, 1941?

Am I overstating things? I don't think so... stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

That's peculiar: I don't recall a stipulation that Wall Street cut their salaries in half. What's up with that?

Sr. UAW members work for $28.12 an hour. That's $58k a year. BIG WOOP! Not Even what a Wall Streeter makes for a BONUS ! ! !

That is money that is clearly STOLEN from your own 401k.... How would you like it if your bank clerk grabbed 5% of every transaction you make in your checking account? IT'S THE SAME DAMN THING !

The UAW workers at least WORK for the $58k that they get. And live in a big city to boot.

You guys clearly have no Labor-Management background. My guess is that you supervise about 1 to 3 people. "Real Men of Genius"

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of any UAW people making $28/hr. I will certainly check into that, but the wages I've read about are much, much more. I will read up on it. Methinks you're talking non facts. But I'll keep an open mind and check it out.

Let's be real said...

UAW $28/hr,
who do u think u r kidding!
1.)watch the news
2.)retain the facts
3.)don't create BS facts

Break the unions!
They're breaking the country!

Anonymous said...

$28.12 an hour: I don't have to 'kid' anyone. Nor do I have to make up facts. They are right in front of you, on your screen, if you wish to learn.

The $28.12 figure came right off a crawl on FOX NEWS, no less, on Thursday.

And here is a link to a Reuters article, which details hourly rates for UAW workers and other auto workers.


Many crafts have numerous merit provisions, which can easily raise the pay for those willing to work 3,000 to 4,000 hours a year. (Just as NYC cops or transit workers do, for example.)

With 250k workers, there are always some that want to beat any system, hence the $150k/yr horror stories. As with you, the majority of workers just want to do their job, go home, and enjoy the family/hobby/ballgame. (I DID make that up)

Some of you have clearly started with an opinion, and sought or readily accepted hearsay to support your assumptions.

Before you go calling someone else out on background info, do your own research. Write 100 times: "GOOGLE is my friend"

Make INFORMED decisions

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying it's not true, I just never heard of numbers like that. And when there are layoffs, they still get full pay for months. What about that one?

The bottom line is foreign manufacturers makes better cars that are a better value using AMERICAN labor. They do that consistantly. I worry that if we bail out these non-achievers, whether they be management or UAW, we will continue to finance a failed system.

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