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Friday, December 5, 2008

Blog Updates

Danger Democrat is back with a "new and improved (?)" branding. Question mark on the improved part. The new name is Jefferson Democrat and the emphasis is more toward a kum-bi-ah.

Posted is a "Discover the Meaning" initiative by the Jefferson Democratic party, pardon me for a moment..."gimmick"... there I got it out of my system! Is this the same party where the Senator just filed a campaign finance report showing he paid "volunteers" for a get out the vote effort? Yes, take a look here, they want to volunteer in the community while paying nearly $30,000 for an effort to get out the vote.

And new to the blog scene is North Country Public Radio with "The In Box." One of the reporters at NPR is an all around good. David Sommerstein is an even handed reporter, who is fair to have a conversation with whether or not opinions differ on a subject, he will always give you a fair report.



Dan Francis said...

A simple problem with the "new" Danger Dem - there is no way to post a comment - just read what they post - what they want to write, etc. That's not dialogue, except one-way.

Maybe it's an "info BLOG?"

Or did I miss something?

Dan Francis said...

A simple problem with the "new" Danger Dem - there is no way to post a comment - just read what they post - what they want to write, etc. That's not dialogue, except one-way.

Maybe it's an "info BLOG?"

Or did I miss something?

Northstar said...

Yeah -- I noticed that too. But it's a small price to pay if we are going to be spared "dangerous" rantings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, PIV. It's good to know that all those annoying pre-election day calls we got were coming from Ft. Worth, TX!

And all those radio and TV ads that were produced out of NYC?

Way to support our local economy, Darrel! I guess the only job that mattered was his own.

Anonymous said...

Lets face what has truly happened. Ted Ford has been using his blog to crap on the Republicans in leadership roles regardless of where they are. Now that the Dems have control of all 3, he has nobody to blame screw up on.

I am sure he was told to end the blog so that he does not create controversy.

Mark my words. When the Legislative races in Jefferson County come up. Ford will reinvent himself to dump on the Repbulicans.

If anyone sees this as anything other than Democrat protection mode they are foolish.

Anonymous said...

If there's no give and take, then Danger Dem, Donkey Doo, or whatever they call it, is dead.

No reason to read it. If I want to read crap, I'll resubscribe to the Watertown Times.

I WILL miss Ted. I think he ran a good blog. Sorry they decided to end it.

Dan Francis said...

The difference between Ford and me, for anyone who is interested, is that I will criticize either side when I see poor leadership - I love my party and democratic views/principles, etc., but I'll be damned if I can stand around all goo-goo eyed when I see misdeeds.

To do otherwise is NOT my nature.

I consider myself to be tough, but fair; open and honest...

But, hey, this is not about me, right - just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Note DD has features "Senator" Darrell who takes the high road to post comments on Nortz who he beat years back, and his tag-along Jenne-Russell too. No republican voices for the passing of a Republican soldier on that site.

Anonymous said...

Of course, we all should respect and mourn Bob, but I can't help but comment on the hypocrisy of Darrel A. heaping praise on a man he shamefully drove out of public service.

Anonymous said...

". . . the hypocrisy of Darrel A. heaping praise on a man he shamefully drove out of public service."

I've never heard ANYONE say that they did not like Bob Nortz. But that does not mean that everyone subscribed to his brand of politics, irregardless of his tenure.

The FACT is, it is the voting public that determines who our Assembly representative is. Darrell was as entitled to run for the Office as much as Bob was, or anyone else is.

Bob retired at about 70 yo. And not in peak health. I don't think for a minute that anyone 'drove' Bob anywhere.

RIP Bob.

Anonymous said...

The new Democrat blog is the first step in the "Fairness Doctrine". You know, that new idea where only one side of a story is told.

Hey Hermit, or Kermit, what do you think of this? These used to be room for both sides to post. Now we just have a Sean Henessey bs list. You're into "open" discussion. Whatcha think?

Henessey is a party line coward.
Ted does what he is told.

Dan Francis said...

Ted Ford's "one-sided" blog (no posters allowed, I guess) has this headline today: "Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg may be interested in becoming Senator

* Excuse me: "May be interested?"

Give me a break - either she wants it or she doesn't want it - or shut the hell up...

It's crap like that that drives me nuts...

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, I agree with Dan F. on Danger Dem and the new commentless changes there.
Dan, You don't fit the politically correct cookie cut out of the new white-wine river dems

hermit thrush said...

dd certainly has the right not to allow comments, and if the new site is supposed to be the official face of the jc democratic party, then i can see why he (or they) would make that decision. but i agree with the other commenters here that it's still too bad!

Anonymous said...

Its not a good sign. The donkeys take over everything, then decide that comments from mere citizens are no longer necessary.

That's a message that's pretty well hard to miss. The new Henessey party. We'll issue the party line bs and you are welcome to read it. I thought donkeys accused the other Sean of that kind of bs.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Kermit, we need your help on this. BOTH sides ought to be interested in both sides of a story. That IS your beef against the "right wing" media, where ever that might be found.

Obviously, not around here.

DoTsTeR said...

Yup.. Dnager Democrat is dead. I wrote about it a few days ago as well on my abay.com site. A blog with no attitude or user interaction is no blog.

Nordique said...

Dots -- I think the term is "bulletin baard." If that's what DD has become, we have then lost a forum for discussion and debate, and replaced it instead with propaganda (witness today's "reassurance" from NYC Democrats that they won't forget Upstate).

Anonymous said...

Hey Ted, you owe us "fans" of the now dead DD something. You can obviously tell us in YOUR words. Who told you to shut down the good old DD? It wasn't that Henessey dude was it? Did you just want to retire? Too much time for the blog and such? C'mon Ted, tell us why you bailed. Leaving your local party to Henessey ain't a good thing to people who ask questions. But then again that's why he probably refuses to take any. Losing Ted and gaining the H Bomb is a loss for local donkeys.

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