"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fred Gets His Point Of View

This is a little lengthy, around 8 minutes, but Fred does a nice job mocking the government's solution to the economic woes.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Fred has the answer. Same answer all conservatives have when it comes to the economy - cut taxes

Earthbob said...

I half expected the video to end with that "BUM-BUM" sound from Law & Order.....

Anonymous said...

It's more like "kuh-CHOOM."

Anonymous said...

first anonymous, you should have watched the video. He's right in a lot of respects.

Afterall, we are spending too much. We had a balanced budget just 10 years ago and look what's happened now.

Sure, he blames medicaid and programs that help people through their economic woes, not the real culprit - the WAR in IRAQ.

Sure, he mocks public works programs by saying we could dig holes and fill them, ignoring the fact that multi-billion dollar corporate welfare in this country has increased unemployment lines and reduced the money available to keep our bridges from collapsing.

But even in his blinders state, he can't help but see the truth. We can't spend our way out of this. We need to rebuild, not repair the economy. We gave away the materials we had to build it the last time (manufacturing), but I believe in American ingenuity.

We need to deemphasize a consumer economy that finds trampling a man to death more pleasant than missing a sale. We need to save our money and say no to crap we don't need.

Our kids don't need 100 bratz dolls/nerf guns/dvds. They may want them, but at $20 bucks a pop, isn't $2 grand better placed in an interest bearing account for their future?

As a country, we don't need oil either. At least not in the long run. Why not reduce the power of middle eastern terrorist supporting governments by using less of their products and producing more jobs here in alternative energies? Oh, gosh, can we give up 0-60 in 5 seconds while killing us and ACTUALLY LIVE with 0-60 in 10 seconds.

We don't need to as a country give Cabellas, WalMart, and Bass Pro huge tax deals to bring in 100 minimum wage jobs at a time while they eliminate as many good paying jobs in the process.

That money could be better spent investing in health insurance for small businesses to be competitive, or those public works projects that have been neglected (in the common sense model, would you keep a boiler that keeps malfunctioning or would you replace it?), and set aside some savings - or deficit reduction - for the future of this nation.

So yes, I agree with you Fred and no, I don't think you see the whole picture either.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother arguing with the left. It isn't worth the time. Just think "Inflation Protected Treasuries", and let the rest of them stand in a food line eating the gruel their whack-job giveaways caused.

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