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Friday, December 19, 2008

GOP To Study Comeback

The GOP wants to make a comeback and have assembled a team to study just how to do that. A worthwhile idea indeed, to be prepared such as having a message that resonates with the voters, having the mechanics and tools to run campaigns and it would be great to identify partners who could assist. The Democrats have a very strong ally in the Working Families Party, but the GOP should pull up short of being sell outs to any special interest like the Democrats. Having said all this, the GOP should be prepared, thus far the Democrats have simply demonstrated they are unable to lead, Spitzer, Hevesi and Malcolm Smith and now the proposed budget, which moves Paterson into the questionable category.

Also, highlighted below are some notables for the North Country; Ron Robbins, Fran Sullivan former Assembly member from Oswego and Tony Casale former Assembly member and roommate of the late H. Robert Nortz.

(Hat tip to LoHud for the lift)

New York State Republicans are putting together a commission to put them back on the political map. Committee Chairman Joseph Mondello today announced the creation of a strategic planing commission to develop strategies “and develop a forward-looking blueprint” for the party. The commission will shape a path to make the GOP competitive in the state, according to an announcement. Andrew Eristoff will serve as the commission’s chair.

“Today, our party’s ongoing rebuilding efforts will take a new and significant step forward toward a stronger, more vibrant future,” Mondello said in a statement. “I’ve asked this commission to do a thorough and independent assessment of the best strategies and techniques to provide a gameplan for moving our party forward. I am confident that this talented group of individuals will provide the quality research, analysis, and proposals we need to be successful.”

Much of this group will focus on communications and the “nuts-and-bolts of building a vital and competitive state party,” like fundraising, candidate recruitment, technology and support, Eristoff said.

Members of the commission include:
Thomas J. Basile, President, Empire Solutions Consulting
Abigail Cable, Treasurer, NYS College Republicans; President, Union College Republicans
Anthony J. Casale, former Member, New York State Assembly
Christopher N. Cox, former New York Executive Director, McCain 2008
Thomas E. L. Dewey, Partner, Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky
Harold E. Doley III, Principal, The Lugano Group Incorporated
Christopher P. Dziedzic, Chair, New York State Young Republicans
Andrew S. Eristoff, Chair
Lolita K. Jackson, Former President, Metropolitan Republican Club
Lynn Krogh, President, New York City Young Republicans
Nicholas Langworthy, Former Executive Director, Erie County Republican Committee
Gary J. Lavine, Attorney
Raymond P. Martinez, Former Commissioner, New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
Rebecca M. Marino, Secretary, New York State Republican Committee
Meyers Mermel, CEO, Mermel & McLain
Patrick M. Murphy, Former President, New York City Log Cabin Republicans
Juan Carlos “J.C.” Polanco, Commissioner, New York City Board of Elections
Ron Robbins, North Harbor Dairy, Former NYS Director for USDA Farm Services
Fran Sullivan, Former Member, New York State Assembly
Charles J. Urstadt, Chairman, Urstadt Biddle Properties


Dan Francis said...

Just an observation, but setting up a study group to study a GOP comeback seems to me that the first step would be to get some new, unknown people rather than the same old, same old hacks?

Or does that label [hack] only apply to the DEMS...

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

There will be no comeback for the Republican party, no matter who studies it or what plan is put into place to guide that recovery.
This country has changed, and it isn't going to return to what it once was. We are now a nation of broken families, single parents who aren't around to raise children as they once were. For whatever reason, we have decided that we "need" more, so even if families are intact we have to work many more hours to fill those needs. All this has had an effect on the time we have for our children. We are too busy.
Another reason is imigrants. Two generations ago and earlier, people who came to america wanted to become americans. Now we are faced with people who want to bring their nation here. Years ago, we didn't print election ballots in different languages. Now we have to hit prompts to hear English when we pay bills by phone.
Rightly or wrongly, the Democrats have defeated the Republicans in the perception of caring contest. Nothing will overcome this perception, certainly not with our youth. Big business is Republican, Democrats are on the side of the worker, the little guy. Learn it, live it, don't forget it, and don't let facts stand in your way. Refuse to have an open mind on anything related to this issue. Laugh, but most subscribe to this pattern.
Another reason there will be no "comeback" is our schools. Even when our schools do a good job at presenting a balance between the costs of liberalism and the limits of conservatism, they are ground zero for every social program known to man. They feed (often because the parent doesn't), educate, provide health care, and
otherwise involve themselves in every aspect of a childs life. I don't mean to imply this is all bad. But individual and independent thought is hardly encouraged. Why do all our kids walk out reciting the same lines about important political issues? 13 years of peer pressure from above will do that to you.
I'm getting tired now, so I can only write about one more reason for my no comeback belief. SOME of us view media as a balanced animal. I view media as a victim. Why shouldn't they be, everyone else is? Media, for the large part, gives people what they want. The last thing they want to do is make people uncomfortable. And human nature being what it is, media tends to gravitate towards less work, not more. If the pay is the same and the work eases, well, what do you think happens? It don't make 'em bad people. So media becomes part of the decision making process.
When budget cuts are considered (but NEVER really happen) they contact program heads to ask them how they will effect things. Hey, its an easy call. Well, duh. What are they gonna say? No problem, it "wasn't really working well anyway." They become friends of the movers and the shakers, and vice versa. They're actually one in the same. Media believes in government. They certainly don't believe in walking away from a problem. And that's good, to a point. The problem is, we're getting to that point. Individual initiative is losing out to group think. And if one really cares, how can we not respond by government programs? We now have a generation of people who believe in this concept, unchecked.
It is fair enough to label me a conservative. I accept the negative label. Republicans have also muddied the waters by managing to stand for not much of anything. When given the keys to the safe, they forget they once stood on the mantle of individual responsibility, not a pile of feel- good programs. But to move away from, or slow down this march to the left, it would take some critical thinking by young americans, new americans, and people who already have a piece of the pie. In my opinion, it just isn't going to happen.
This change is already well underway. I also believe this is why we are in the financial trouble we are in. I'm not a young person, but I hope for the sake of young people (you know, the children), we can find a way to strike more of a balance.

John Peck said...

I find the post by the anonymous writer fascinating and very poignant of the problems in American culture and society. However, I wish to offer a dull glimpse of hope that I pray will turn into a shinning bright blinding light within my lifetime. You talk of the youth of this country and their apathy towards work and life in general. Broken homes and a weak family unit are the most obvious reasons for the problems are younger generations have. They don't have the love and security of a father to raise and discipline their son or a mother who teahcers their daughter to be a lady not a whore or dress like Brittany Spears. We have lost the work ethic of our fathers' and grandfathers'. The men who fought through the Great Depression and the tyrannical dictators of World War 2. Perhaps the recession, which may turn into a depression, will become a much needed wake up call for our nation. Perhaps people will finally realize that a when you use a credit card, you NEED to pay it back, not just make the minimum payment and continue spending like it's "free" money. Our governments' and leaders' have the same attitude and it MUST STOP.
The GOP shall make a comeback. Just last night I attended the first Jeferson County Young Republicans Club meeting and the State Chairman was present also. We were a small group of ten, but we are wholly committed to the principles of conservatism and morality and to work to see good leaders grow into the GOP and become it's next leaders. I may only be 25, but I have learned many things and have gained much experience in the past 7 years. The GOP will make a comeback so long as those in the leadership of the party recognize the importance of it's youth and the neccessity to train them and share their power, influence, and resources with them. There is hope, but it doesn't come from Obama.

Dan Francis said...

Memo to John Peck: You posted in part this:

I may only be 25, but I have learned many things and have gained much experience in the past 7 years. The GOP will make a comeback so long as those in the leadership of the party recognize the importance of it's youth and the neccessity to train them and share their power, influence, and resources with them. There is hope, but it doesn't come from Obama.

While I admire you for your outlook and view, I'd offer this... it's Obama and DEMS like him and not the GOP, per se, who have always looked at the younger generation to take over... in words and deeds. The GOP from my point of view and experience is this message: "...grow some, expand some, get in line, and maybe your turn will come."

MY TAKE on the GOP comeback:
"It's hard to make a comeback if the starting and ending points are the same place you left off from."

You may need to adjust your sights a little - not a lot, but some.

~ dmf

Jacob said...

The NY GOP cannot make a comeback until they recongize there is a problem and that the problem is entirely of their own making. It has been roughly six weeks since the election and the number of Republicans I have seen even seriously entertain the notion that there is a problem I can count on one hand with fingers left over. The rest, including that clown Mondello, are in total denial and are blaming everybody but themselves.

Anonymous said...

Jacob, you speak of the GOP not recognizing their problem. I can think of more than one but you seem focused on one in particular. What do you think that problem is? You don't cite it.


Personally, I don't see how they can compete. I wrote that long blather post, and view us as a changed society. We want stuff. Government gives stuff, free stuff at that. Ergo, we be donkeys. But I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

Jacob said...

Actually, I have seen 2 elected Republicans Greg Ball & Marty Golden, plus Ray Meier and John Faso, seriously acknowledge there is a problem and that the problem is that the NY GOP has become indistinguishable from the Democrats.

Immediately after the election, what does Mondello & Company do? They blame Bush, Iraq, McCain, Obama, etc., etc. everybody but themselves for getting spanked. Liz Feld and Ben Gilman publically blamed GOP losses on the fact that the GOP is not liberal enough. Now with the state facing a huge budget deficit and Paterson calling for raising taxes (fees), what do we hear from the GOP? Nothing. The “leadership” is silent. This is why they lost.

Anonymous said...

I agree with that. But I have to ask you this. If the Elephants are just another form of Donkey, standing for nothing different, then why have they continued to lose ground? It stands to reason that if everyone is just giving stuff away, then you will win some and lose some. The Elephants are losing more and more all the time. Pretty soon we will have only one "give everything away with no questions asked and no price to pay" party. Why are they dying, Jacob?

Jacob said...

That is nonsense. They lost because there is no difference between them and the Democrats. people who love big government will vote Democrat. People that love small governement have nowhere to go in NY so they stay home. There is no reason to vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

OK, I see your point.

I didn't stay home but you're right, I was voting for the lesser of the two. I've been doing that for some time now.

But how are you going to run on a platform of giving people less? No one is smart enough to vote that ticket. Everybody has a piece of the pie.

But I see your point.

Anonymous said...

They can run on empowering the people. Every big government, crackpot idea the Democrats push inevitably screws someone over when it fails. The GOP should seek these people and groups out and organize around them.

When was the last time you heard someone from the NY GOP talk about reaching out to the average citizen?

Anonymous said...

Well, the GOP talks about it a lot. Trouble there are no regular folks here in NY. They all have their hand in the kitty in one way or another. If you took away state, county, city, health, education, untilities, then the lawyers and service industries who serve them, you're not left with too many people who don't want this show to continue.

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