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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crystal Clear

It is becoming crystal clear why DD has shut down his blog and let the remains get picked up by the party poo-bahs for some touchy, feely soft talk.

They have no one left to fire their bullets toward. The Democrats are the end all, be all in government, responsible for every decision, therefore, if any decision goes bad (likely to occur) they only have to turn the gun on themselves.

So, here is a case in point for self-inflicted stupidity.

Governor David Paterson's appalling comment reported on Politico, see it here.
Paterson's real goal, he said, is to follow in Barack Obama's footsteps and be president of the United States, because: "Once you go black, you don't go back." 
If a Republican (not even considering the race of the Republican) would have made such a remark, they would be ridden out of town on a train. DD would never had let a remark like that pass with out a comment.

But, not these days, DD is dead!


hermit thrush said...

that's quite an accusation, iv. don't you think it's a bit more likely that dd and the jc dems decided to make his blog the official site for the jcdc, and given that, they decided comments would no longer be appropriate? sometimes commenters say things that aren't very nice! and given that it's evidently so important for political parties to control their message, why would they willingly turn over part of their official forum to voices from other parties? if you decided to make this blog an official republican site, you'd be nuts to continue allowing comments, what with all the crazy deranged left-wing rabble-rousers (like yours truly!?) on the scene.

on the other hand, while i can see why the jcdc would want an official presence on the internet, i think it's ultimately a terrible decision. to put it mildly, i find the new blog a lot less interesting. and i'd be happy to be proven wrong, but i predict its readership will plummet. what's the point of having a shiny official internet presence if no one looks at it?

on the other hand again, all this speculation could easily be put to rest if dd and the jc dems would just tell us what went into the decision!

as for patterson -- once more, do you even read the articles you link to? did it escape your attention that he was joking? if you value your integrity as a blogger at all, you might want to update your post to reflect that fact; the way it reads now, you make it sound like patterson was being completely serious! if a republican had made the same joke, the response would be the same: nothing. as it should be.

Political IV said...


1. If the JC Dems wanted a blog they are easy to start and could have started fresh. No need whatsoever to change DD...I do not buy your logic. Besides, if they do not want comments, why not just start a website.

2. I would not make this an official Republican blog, I would tell them to start their own. I do not always agree with the party line.

3. JCDC blog is very boring now and should lose readership ...nothing to spark debate like I can with you and vice versa.

4.Yes I read and linked to it, you will also note it was suppose to be "off the record" which means it should not have been reported.

5. I realize it was in jest, but joke or not, it is a display of poor judgment.

hermit thrush said...

iv --
thanks for your reply.

1. it could easily be the case that dd has simply decided he wants to focus his energies on serving the party in a more official capacity; and/or that the party hopes to use his old website to retain some of his readership, rather than trying to build a site up from scratch. i think either explanation would be reasonable, though as i've already indicated, i think they're also mistakes. nevertheless, given that such perfectly reasonable, innocent explanations abound, i think you've been quick to jump to a rather sinister conclusion.

2. cheers to you!

3. we obviously agree.

4 & 5. i don't see the problem with patterson's joke -- it most certainly doesn't rise to the standard of "appalling". and you should still clarify your original post; why would you deliberately leave something so misleading up?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Thrush;

If George Bush had made the same comment at the same dinner the reaction from the Libs would have been swift and pointed. Its the race/political correctness double standard that you liberals will expect to help Obama and Patterson be successful.

Great Post IV. Sorry TF lacks the courage to continue his blog.

Anonymous said...

Kermit just doesn't see the different standards. There's not much sense in pointing it out to him, PIV. There's a generation of this type out there. Not sure how it happened. Probably a little bit of PBS, public schools, and decades of political correctness. One sidedness has become the norm which has become balanced. If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth, to some. Hey, give 'em credit. This is their golden age.

hermit thrush said...

dear anon 8:49,
i'm sorry you seem to feel so victimized by the media or society or whatever-you-will. i guess it's obvious, but i think you're full of baloney. and you plainly think the same of me, and that's fine, and we can just go back and forth on this, but what would be the point? i doubt i'll ever convince you of much of anything, and let me assure you, you're not off to a hot start on changing my mind either.

p.s. pbs? really? that's your explanation? are you trying to make everyone laugh at you?

Anonymous said...

I can't change what isn't open to change, Kermit.

If you think the media is balanced, that's an ok thing. No one is laughing at you. It's too sad a situation for humor. Lots of folks agree with you, or are too stupid to know any better, or to care. The important thing is they regurgitate what people like you want to believe. That kind of group think keeps you in a comfortable state. And I'm all for your comfort. No whine please.

I have no problem with the PBS slant. I just wish I wasn't forced to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

There's not a dimes worth of difference between the two parties, But you're right in a way, there's no one to blame on the other side.

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