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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Local Law # 1 of 1997

Local Law #1 of 1997 determies the process for for filling a vacancy on the Board of Legislature.

The vacancy is filled by a majority vote of the Board of Legislators.

No place in the local law does it state the Board of Legislature is to entertain a nomination from a political party. The Legislators should avoid partisan politics and appoint someone who is qualified.


Earthbob said...

"Section 2. (E) If the person vacating the office was enrolled in a political party at the time of such vacancy, then any person appointed to fill such vacancy shall be a member of the same political party as the person who vacated the office."

After all, they Legislature did choose Democrat Darrell Aubertine to be their Chair.

Perhaps the Local Republicans are better prognosticators for Democratic Leadership than they have been credited.....

Anonymous said...

IV, How can you say there is nothing saying the appointee should be of the same party. Section 2 paragraph E spell it out for you. Thank you for showing us this section, to bad you didn't read it or where you thinking the people would not read it. happy New Year to you and all of our county leaders.


Political IV said...

TEK (Tim)

I never said that, that is why!

What I said is the board is not obligated to accept a political party's nomination, which means the Board could make their own choice of a person who is a Democrat.


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