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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pick Me!

Caroline Kennedy made it official she is in the hunt for the Senate seat being vacated by Clinton.

Will Governor Paterson succumb to the Kennedy name pressure even through she has never served a day in public office? Caroline never even liked the public attention until recently, is that a compatible persona for a Senator?

Finally, she was an early backer of 'Bam, which did not sit well with the Clinton's. Is that playing against her behind the scenes, or is Hil burying the hatchet someplace other than Caroline's back?


Anonymous said...

I'd rather see J-Lo in the job. That would hold the Puerto Rican vote. There obviously is no residency requirement. J-Lo and her husband can sing, while I've never heard a Kennedy who can carry a tune.

hermit thrush said...

i'd sure rather see paterson appoint someone else!

Anonymous said...

Can't carry a tune? You never saw Uncle Teddy at 3 am at the Roo Bar in downtown Hyannis. P-shaw!

Anonymous said...

That rapist is a good guitar player, I hear. Alledged rapist, sorry.

Dan Francis said...

The nuts and bolts of Caroline Kennedy's campaign for Gov. David A. Paterson’s appointment are being managed by Josh Isay, a political consultant who founded the firm Knickerbocker SKD and has been an important strategist for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Source of this introduction from Click Here

Then add this 3-page ABC News spread ... and there is no stopping this train; no turning back; no chance for Gov. Paterson to do anything except give her the job 'cause she wants it and she's a Kennedy ... the die is cast.

As Yul Brenner said in the Ten Commandments: "Let it be written - let it be done."

That ABC News story is here [click]

Accept it, get used to it; that's the way these things work; whether here in NYS or in Illinois ...

Pretty sad, I say.

Anonymous said...

That darn Francis guy smacks another line drive over the left field fence. Or was it the right field fence?

Good post, Danny.

What is the Henesiehorsh-t.com site telling us about this? Probably something about stupidity being in our own best interests.

Dan Francis said...

8:55 Anon: Until the public turns out big time to stop this crap (i.e., media blitz, PR game, big money marketing of candidates), nothing is apt to change.

And as far as public financing of Fed campaigns? OBAMA erased that thought forever - even the $3.00 tax free write off - we should remove that from our tax forms... now!

In that regard he sure CHANGED a lot - so, back to pre-Watergate days, I guess? Hell why not?

No need to follow the money; we know where it is and comes from.

TourPro said...

We couldn't possibly be more pathetic in New York. The anointment of Kennedy just reinforces everyone's suspicions about how government actually works.

We need some real leadership, not this.

Dan Francis said...

Since I can't comment on Danger DEM or Jefferson DEM, or whatever new fancy label they have over there, I thought I'd comment from there...

They posted a letter from Hillary Clinton commending them on their "Discover the Meaning" campaign... I notice that the letter is NOT from her official Senate office - I wonder why not?

Here is the letter click and read

John Quincy said...

If Caroline Kennedy is appointed our US Senator, Gov. Paterson will look like a humungous chump in my opinion. He would give into the monarchical whims of the Kennedy clan who believe they have a God given right to occupy a seat in the US Senate wherever one of their blood relatives live. This is disgusting and most UNDEMOCRATIC. We have two major monarchical families in US politics, the Clintons' and Kennedys', and to some extent the Bushs' but they are falling out of power now. The only way to stem the tide is to get a TRUE New Yorker on the ballot in two years to challenge Caroline since she is the inevitable candidate Paterson must choose. It makes you wonder what the bidding price is on our senate seat.

Dan Francis said...

From my blog - SWAG - for anyone interested in my views: click and enjoy

At your own risk, or course, that is? LOL

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Don't assume too much on the Bush family's power being in decline. Jeb is a capable politician, even if media would slant against him.

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