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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Senate "Caretaker"

Unbelievable, can't make a decision, can't run a selection process with out bogging it down with people who think they are entitled to the job.

AP's Mike Gormley floats the idea that Governor Paterson could appoint a "caretaker" to the seat. A caretaker would hold the seat until the next election when the people jockeying for the appointed job can actually run a campaign for the job.  

Here is the story - click here


hermit thrush said...

please, what exactly is "unbelievable" about appointing a so-called caretaker? i think it's a very good idea!

Dan Francis said...

We do not need a "caretaker."

We need someone who wants the job, who wants to serve the public in NYS and the nation in these tough times, and someone who will work hard to solve problems.

Caretakers take of sick people in old folks' homes (usually) -- we don't need that -- not now.

We need a fighter who is a "non-party" hack and someone we can trust to do the job for everyone.

Someone who has a record of accomplishments in public service and who has run campaigns (maybe not successfully) but who's opinions on tough issues are well known.

Caretakers don't necessary take care of what needs to be taken care of!!!

A caretaker is a lousy idea ... we should let the Gov. know that's not what we want.

Send him an email today and express your opinion ... whether he listens or not is a different thing.

Speak out anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, hermit is right. What is so wrong with a caretaker? It's like a half-term-limit. What could be better than that? The only thing might be don't fill the position in the first place. Then we would have fewer hacks in government. Would government cost less if we had fewer office holders?

I don't know, but the frog is right. Under these circumstances, a caretaker is ok with me.

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