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Monday, December 29, 2008

County Legislative District 4 Successor

Successor candidates for the soon to be open Jefferson County legislative seat in district 4 are swirling in the wind out there.

The Democrats apparently have a person but have yet to put any name or qualifications forward for consideration by the Jefferson County Board of Legislature for a seat that is vacated in three days. A move such as this can be considered by most as poor planning by the Democratic party, not to forward a name for timely and appropriate consideration.

This is a process for the appointment to fill the seat and it is process may require negotiations as the ultimate decision is the County Board of Legislature, not a political party decision. Therefore, it is in the Democratic Party's best interest to forward a name or acquiesce their position.

The most qualified choice to fill the seat and a person able to come up to speed on issues quickly and adequately represent the people of district 4 given the brief time left in the term is former county legislator Jan Martusewicz.

Sources say Martusewicz was well respected by the Democrats and former county legislator colleagues when he last served on the county board, but has not even been contacted by the party leaders. Martusewizc, according to people who have spoke with him, is interested, but maybe hesitant because of party leaders.

The main focus for appointing a person to serve out the term should be qualifications, not partisan politics.

Jan Martusewicz is the best, most effective choice to fill a one year term and serve the people of district 4, regardless of whether or not he is even interested in running for the seat again in November.

If the local Democrats have not learned anything else from the youthful leadership era of their National and State party leaders is that appointments to fill open seats should be based on some sort of qualifications.

This is not Kansas Illnois, Toto!


Anonymous said...

What are the district boundaries? Is anyone else interested?

Earthbob said...

So much for the Jefferson County Hoi Polloi?

Just what the Jefferson County Registered Voters need: Our Friendly, Local Neighborhood Republicans selecting their Democratic Choice for a Democratic Legislative Seat.

The rarely mentioned impact on our local politics during 2008 is the impact of the Unaffiliated Voters on the Assembly and Senate Races.

In effect, they, as an unorganized hoi polloi, were the kingmakers in our recent elections.

Even if the local Democrats are sitting on their hands, is a Republican selection of their Democratic Choice a better solution?

The recent 2008 February and November Local Elections seem to demonstrate that voters look beyond press releases or trial balloons.

Anonymous said...

He's out of the district?? Wake Up??

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 3. Mr. Martusewicz lives in the Town of Theresa. The last I checked that is part of legislative District that Addie Jennie is from. So who should wake up.

Dan Francis said...

In all fairness, if that's possible in this day and age of media hype, 24/7 PR campaigns and name, fame and fortune "rising stars, etc.," I'm a guessin' no GOP Gov. ever played politics with appointments like this, right?

Anonymous said...

Unless the boundaries were changed, this was Reed's district, So were they changed??? We need new blood in politics not the good ole boy system.

Anonymous said...

As a person in Addie's district, I contacted Kim M. for some help on a little issue, His response at that time was, "You're in Gary's district". I'm not quite sure that's the response any voter should get.

Anonymous said...

You're talking about Kim M. NOT Jan, Keep your Martusewiczs straight.

Anonymous said...

Kim is the Judge. Jan is in the right district. I think Sean H is thinking about moving to that district to appoint himself much like he did for his job now.

Anonymous said...

Same ole politics, no new faces, And we wonder why voters don't vote, or get involved.

Anonymous said...

Jan is Supervisor in Montague, Lewis County, I thought????

Dan Francis said...

Okay, who's he/she related to? That's the only operative question we need to know... when they can take their seat.

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