"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Taxes and More New Taxes

Our fiscally restrainted Governor is proposing a slew of new taxes, 88 of them.

Here is a lift from Cap Confidential blog listing some of the newbees.

– Fat tax on sugared soda
– SUNY tuition hike
– Sales tax on cable and satellite TV and radio
– Repeal the sales tax cap on fuel
– Higher beer and wine taxes
– Higher cigar taxes
– Increase auto rental tax
– Higher luxury good sales tax
– Increase civil service exam fees
– Local fee for hiring a public retiree
– Increase driver license and registration (That one, according to the budget estimate is fairly moderate, perhaps Paterson has learned from other states, I believe steep fee increases has done some damage to politicians in other states)
– A bad check fee
– Timothy’s law insurance assessment
– Automated speed enforcement cameras and higher “vehicle safety fines”
– Here’s a head scratcher: “Establish Explosives Fees and Penalties”
– Establish an early intervention parent fee
– Horse entrance fee

I Love New York just means you pay more for it year after year.


Anonymous said...

What is that "horse entrance" fee?

I shuddddder to ask.

If I get to laughing about all this, will someone charge me a tax for having fun?

Next budget, I'm sure.

TourPro said...

Oh, don't forget, we are going to supposedly "need" new license plates. Everyone. $25 each.

Anonymous said...

No, the Gov said his tax increases are all "elective" things. You don't really have to pay these taxes, they are avoidable. That's what he said.

Shoe tax. You don't really need shoes.

Driver's license. You don't really need a license.

What the hell have we come to?

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