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Monday, December 1, 2008

Jefferson County School District (?)

The final report of the New York State Commission on Property Tax Relief was issued today, see here.

Page 52 and 53 discusses too many small fragmented school districts and the report maps out small districts that are perhaps ripe for consolidation, which includes a great portion of Jefferson County. The report uses Florida's system of country wide school districts as well as Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia as comparisons.

What do the local state representatives: Aubertine, Scozzafava and Jenne-Russell think about school consolidation and this report. Should they endorse the plan and take the "NIMBY" approach?


Anonymous said...

The teachers unions and adminstrator corp will fight this for years. Its a dead issue. No matter if it would save oddles of money. This is about playing an advantage that they have put themselve in. Why give it backfor rhe sake of the "children". This is about greed, and dishonest ecuators.

Earthbob said...

This is a concept that is long overdue.

Two school districts serve Wellesley Island with two different school buses.

If we are in an economic crisis will necessity be our leaders' guide?

Maryland is an example. Their schools maintain their identity for sports and mascots.

The citizens are given a uniform tax from property already assessed countywide.

As a father of five, I believe a countywide school system is in the interest of the children.

Why would one think otherwise?


I forgot about Greed.....

Anonymous said...

Jefferson County -- high taxes, high unemployement, excessive government. A no-brainer.

But do our elected state officials, namely Sen. Aubertine and Assemblywoman-elect Addie Russell, have the political courage to get it done?


Anonymous said...

Agree with "Earthbob" that the idea is long overdue. Even so, you have to admit that this is progressive thinking for Albany.

We'll have to see how far this goes as so many of the reps are so richly funded by NYSUT. With so many small schools and the duplication of administration, it is a good example of how to reduce spending through centralization.

Some of the small systems are text-book examples of waste, especially those districts along the St. Lawrence River. Knowing how high the taxes are, one wonders if they simple spend money because it's there for the taking.

Take a close looks at the vocational facilities, as well. Long ago, the idea was proffered to place math, english, social studies teachers at these facilities that serve numerous school districts. What you gain is a direct reduction to the transportation budget. It also allows more freedom in scheduling in the smaller schools where BOCES indirectly dictates exactly when certain required classes are to be given.

Much money has been wasted "studying" the consolidation of small districts in St. Lawrence County, but these jokers are too close to the situation to make a sound decision.

Anonymous said...

Earthbob, you impress as a good guy, but really now. You label this an idea that is "long overdue". What the hell are you talking about?

This IDEA has been around for about a century. About 3 million study groups have recommended it, some even affiliated with the educational industry. Respectfully, and I do like you and your ideas, this recent proposal deserves no respect whatsoever. These government lovers have had this information in front of them for decades, and they have ignored it. Now, when we have reached our limit of taxation, these same people, assisted by media people who should have been doing their jobs and speaking honestly about our problems, trot out this consolidation idea as if it just dawned on them. It is an old idea. And it is a concept that they have no idea of implementing. Do you honestly think the Watertown Times will do the work necessary to provide us with the information for an honest debate? They are in bed with the special interests that have brought us to this point.

I appreciate your nice guy response to this consolidation proposal. But don't be too quick to give these guys credit. Its an old idea, and one that media, along with the crooked and owned politicians, have no intention of supporting. And the teacher union, expect them to always to what is in their own best interests.

Anonymous said...

As long as there's a taxpayer to fund the expense it will never change.

Anonymous said...

What would a school like St Lawrence, who produces these hand shaking, money spending little educational chiefs do if there were only 62 school districts? They're not alone, but they are the local example of this foolish machine.

Nothing will change. There are too many people who have their hands in the jar. They have told themselves they are honest professionals so long that they believe their own stories.

Anonymous said...

The local engineering firm won't allow consolidation, the local IBEW won't allow it they have a stake in it also, there you have it folks why it won't happen.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand that 10:06. The only resistance that matters is the "educational" gang. We can work through the others. The teachers and administrators are too powerful, and the voters and too numb to know any better. No meaningful change will happen. Those tax bills aren't high enough yet.

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