"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bah Humbug

When does the fiscal situation of the state stop becoming a crisis? The state is reportedly going to be broke by Christmas caused by out of control spending. This year there will be coal in every one of the legislator's stockings.

Here is timeline for the DRP discussions as prepared by CapCon. 

Emphasis added.

DRP Timeline
9/23/09 – Leaders Meeting: Paterson predicts $2.1 billion deficit will grow to over $3 billion. (Republican) Senator Skelos is the only leader to offer any substantive proposals to reduce the deficit including cutting back $2.2 billion in legislative adds in the 2009-10 budget; reducing state agency spending by five percent; consolidations of state agencies; and selling surplus state property.

10/14/09 – Senate Republicans formally release their DRP plan which includes: Cutting back the $2.2 billion in general fund spending added to the 2009-10 budget by legislative Democrats;
  • Cutting state agency non-personal services by ten percent to save $480 million;
  • Freezing state purchases of recreational lands to save $78 million;
  • Freezing planned Medicaid expansions to save $200 million;
  • Reinstating welfare and Medicaid anti-fraud protections to save $34 million;
  • Cutting Medicaid optional services to save $150 million; and
  • Cutting state agency contract balances by five percent to save $300 million.
10/15/09 – Governor Paterson announces two-year, $5 billion DRP, which includes several proposals included in the Senate Republicans’ plan, including across-the board agency reductions and more aggressive Medicaid fraud protections. Governor Paterson’s proposal also includes a spending cap, which Senate Republicans passed twice last year and offered as an amendment to this year’s budget.

10/16/09 – Assembly Republican Leader Kolb puts forth “conversation starters” for over $3 billion in savings including:
  • Across-the-board reduction in mid-year State Operating Funds ($2.5 billion);
  • Consolidating certain administrative agencies ($241 million);
  • Remove a state mandate from local governments so they can decide which optional Medicaid services to provide ($1 Billion), as  proposed by Senate Republicans;
  • Reduce Non-Personal Services across all state agencies ($500 million), as  proposed by Senate Republicans;
  • Reduce Personal Services across all state agencies, focusing on appointed administrative positions ($175 million);
  • Eliminate Legislative Earmarks ($100 million); and
  • Eliminate funding for state government to buy up more private land ($30 million).
10/21/09 – Leaders Meeting: Senator Skelos outlines Senate Republican plan and points out similarities in the Governor’s proposal. Governor asks to address Joint Legislature. Senate Democrat Leader Sampson makes one suggestion to refinance tobacco bonds, which Paterson calls a non-starter. Assembly Democrats offer no proposals to reduce the deficit.

10/29/09 – Leaders Meeting: Senator Skelos announces agreement on $2.1 billion of Governor’s plan, and announces additional cost savings included in Senate Republican plan. Assembly Democrats still have offered no proposals to reduce the deficit. Governor calls session on November 10th.

11/05/09 – Senate Republicans release outline of areas of agreement with Governor Paterson and additional proposals to close $3.2 billion deficit.

11/08/09 – Senate Democrats announce a DRP, built mostly around one-shot revenue sources. Assembly Democrats have still not released a plan.

11/12/09 – Governor Paterson holds a conference call with legislative leaders and claims they are  ¾ of  the way there on agreement for a deficit reduction package. Assembly Democrats claim to support cuts in spending, but no details are given, and to date, Assembly Democrats have not publicly offered any plan to reduce the deficit.

Did you happen to notice the Democrats in the Assembly have not offered a plan and the Senate Democrats are focused in raising more revenue and not cutting spending? With thinking like this will anything happen to ever fix the problem, NO!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate what you're telling us, PIV. But no one really cares. Here in NY we want Donkeys. They run it. There is no indication that they will face reality. They are fully owned by the teachers and other special interests. The taxpayers are cowards. They either think they are incapable of forcing change or are afraid of the repurcussions.

So this year it will be new plates for your car. Who knows, next year we may have to redo the 911 system and put new numbers on your house. It'll be one game after another, because it will have to be. If you don't cut spending, you have to come up with the money somewhere.

Dan Francis said...

So, after close scrutiny and with all our national and NYS economic woes and they are serious ... and on top of all the GOP resistance, what does the GOP propose I ask honestly and direct?

1. More tax cuts, tax breaks, tax credits, or business “incentives” to create jobs, and such?

2. Move more jobs overseas that will enable big businesses to increase their profits and still layoff people, as they move billions and billions off shore to safe “tax havens?”

3. Less government, except when the GOP needs to increase or expand government (i.e., Homeland Security Department established under GWB)?

4. Fewer rules and mandates, or loss or "privacy" (a constitutional right BTW) except when FISA, NSA, CIA, or the FBI need to snoop w/o court approval to see what books you have checked out of the library recently, or who you are calling overseas, or just how much money you really have in those three bank accounts?

So, what precisely is the GOP plan – that will solve our dilemma and get us back on track? And, please be specific.

Anonymous said...

And on a local level the County spent 2 million on a road that may save 5 minutes going to Sam's, that looks more like a roller coaster ride.

Anonymous said...

GOP resistance? What the hell is our mouthpiece talking about now? Are you talking about the same kind of resistance to reality shown by your Dems who wouldn't even listen to the Gov give his speach the other day?

Anonymous said...

Skelos is right on medicaid. The benefits are too generous (much more generous than most private plans) and should be scaled back. Also the state should be abolish some state agencies.
Do we really need the Olympic Regional Development Authority in Lake Placid? Or is the Adirondack Park Agency really needed anymore?

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:02 you got it, both these state tax payers money gobbling authorities need to be shut down, along with "Gentleman Jim's" empire.

Dan Francis said...

12:02 - too generous? Yepper, until you have no plan, no money and no coverage and need help, right?

Maybe it never applied to you, but it has to millions....

Government pays for it and so do we all ... I would want the best coverage too, wouldn't you?

Dan Francis said...

The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) gang is protesting, along with many others that Obama will cut MEDICARE... that may be true, in this regard: cut the waste... i.e....

WASHINGTON – The government paid more than $47 billion in questionable Medicare claims including medical treatment showing little relation to a patient's condition, wasting taxpayer dollars at a rate nearly three times the previous year.

Excerpts of a new federal report, obtained by The Associated Press, show a dramatic increase in improper payments in the $440 billion Medicare program that has been cited by government auditors as a high risk for fraud and waste for 20 years.

Read More Here

* $47 Billion - not chicken feed is - not anymore when possible fraud, waste, or abuse come into play is it?


Anonymous said...

Hey Dannie, I didn't know that Tea thing stood for Taxed Enough Already. I finally got something useful out of one of your posts.

I thought it was just because of the American Revolution stuff in Boston. I didn't know that.

As far as your "we gotta feel for people thus spend more" crap, I have only this to say. Someone has to pay for this, Dannie. Pleasant wishes are fine. I'd love to see everything be furnished to everybody, just like we do for you. But it has to be PAID for. Hell, I'd like to see everybody have the plastic surgery that your girl Naaaacie has, FREE. But again, someone has to pay for it. When are you people going to realize, someone has to pay for it?

Does this escape you, my dear Education major?

Earthbob said...

Neither party understands that we no longer can afford ourselves.

Their actions, or inactions, speak louder than words.

Now is the time to get the Ginsu Knife Set out to start slicing and dicing.

Our debt ratio has taken us well past the point of "surgical cuts".

Let's make lemonade out of lemons. That coal in the stocking can keep a woodstove burning longer than a wood fire.

What kind of a campaign can one run that says we can no longer afford ourselves?

The first priority of our local elected officials has been to look out for North Country Interests.

Protect our share of the pie.

The pie will shrink and its ingredients are costing more.

Looks like next year's campaign slogan is going to be:

"We need more dough, because you need more pie."

With thinking like this will anything happen to ever fix the problem?

Anonymous said...

Hey EB, how bout then Yanks?
Where you bennn?

Anonymous said...

We need to teabag addie russell..shes a rubber stamp for sheldon silver

Anonymous said...

I know one place we can spend some money. How bout an "army" of security men to handle the towel head threat to NYC during the trial The Great One gave us? That will last for at least a couple years and allow for countless cops to retire by piling up overtime upon overtime. Sharpshooters everywhere I say. And lawyers. We can have lawyers investigating whether the socks they were issued were humane socks or not. I hear the Great One is going to buy them their own prison in Illinois, a state that like us, is broke, thus eager to do some financial back door dealing to make it look like they have money to run their "system". Funny, O chose Illinois to make that sleazy deal. Ah, it's only money. We got lots.

Anonymous said...

4:44 - you might outta look up the definition of "tea bag" as in tea bag someone ... Ms. Russell's hubby might not like that idea.

Check back later after your research... it will enlighten you, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

why not have the trial in Hardin Montana where everyone but a CRow Indian would be suspicious? Cut down on NYPD OT too. And all the politicos hot air.

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