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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Dede perpetuates her campaign and poor performance in the 23rd Congressional district race by going on the offense and playing the victim card. (If she would have only done that during her lackluster debacle of a campaign) See WWNY story (here).

More to the point though, Dede is not a victim. This was a high profile race and unless no one paid attention, including her, to the previous state senate races or the 20th Congressional race or NJ Governor's race then you might have expected something different. If Dede thought this was going to be some sort of low profile quilt show where everyone gazes at someone's fine craft, than she should have stayed home on her couch knitting.

This was a multimillion dollar race and here is a news flash Dede - they get ugly, you may call that the unfortunate part of politics, but nonetheless, it is reality.

Here is another news flash for Dede - and any other candidate expecting financial assistance in their campaign for outside organizations - money follows performance. Read how this cycle work; you do well in the polls, they invest in you, you continue to perform in the polls and they continue to invest in you.

Conversely what happens when the voters start to reject you and your message? Com'on you know the answer - that is right, your funding goes away. So Dede can complain all she wants about RCCC not investing money in her at the end and where RCCC money went after she quit the race and she can attempt to use that as a some futile reason for why she endorsed her opponent, but it all came down to the fact that she was being rejected by the voters in the polls.

When she QUIT her campaign she technically remained a candidate, she should have stayed away from the remaining food fight.

Here is the next victim card she will lay at the public's feet. She should be removed from her leadership position in the Assembly, where she leads the debate against Democrats on issues. Especially after Silver throwing the welcome mat to her. How can she possibly be effective in her role?

Now for those who are criticizing the selection of Dede, here is something to think about.
  • The special election did not allow for a primary.
  • The Republican leadership opened the process up to as many people as possible with the regional meetings.
  • Consider the ongoing narrative if Dede is not the candidate - again she would be playing the victim card, "they overlooked me again," "I'm being courted by the Democrats," yada yada yada. 
  • The end result of picking her and not picking her ended up the same. Although the voters rejected her not the party leadership this time. 

Loyalty is everything - Dede even professed that during the regional meetings; how she has been there for everyone, yet she did not follow through. She should not be playing the woe is me victim card now - that message is ineffective, just like her campaign.


Peacepoet said...

Be honest, IV.....she was bullied out of this race and nothing you print could show me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

"Woe is me."

Dan Francis said...

FYI: There will always be "victims" when you have "leaders" like this.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Warns the "Right" GOP

LOL - and double hoot...

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Dede knitted?! You wouldn't have said this about a man...

Anonymous said...

They were all at the Crystal today, Mcdougall, Dede, wonder if Tom S. was there doing stock tips??? Wonder if they drank some Tom and Jerries.

Anonymous said...

Peacepoet is always unswayed by facts. So don't mind her. In her mind everything woman does is because she is bullied. Poor things.

Dede is a non event now. She should resign, go home, call the police, do whatever she wants to do. But she's worthless to us. She stands for nothing.

Dan Francis said...

Dede is a victim of sorts ... consider this and see if you agree or not:

* GOP House minority "leader" Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) said at the Bachmann "tea party" rally in front of the Capital building this today...

"If this health care bill passes it will be the biggest assasult and loss of our
freedoms that I've seen in my 19 years in congress."

My God - loss of our freedom!

* Passing a bill that helps 35 million or so Americans who are uninsured, many who work and have incomes and families but can't afford high-priced private care is a threat to our freedoms if they get reasonable, affordable and accessible quality health care?

* All the crap flowing from the likes of Boehner and others to stop health care reform and offer nothing in return is nothing more than their brand of politics designed to target the anger by continuing to whip more of it into a total frenzy all across the country that is for their political gain and nothing else -

* They sling lots of sh*t and if it sticks, great; if not, sling more until it does stick.

* Political gain - and nothing else - don't fall for it.

My Take on It All

FYI ...

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Dede please go away. We gave you a shot and you lost. The numbers went completely against you, you knew that all these things were going to come out true or not and you didn't raise enough money.

Plain and simple. Give this woe is me crap a rest.

Also, the Conservative Party and the GOP have a history together of course people cross the line sometimes. What they don't do is endorse Democrats. Republicans and Conservatives stick together, Working Families Party and Democrats stick together. Dede you upset that balance and now is slamming them because things didn't go her way...that's sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about losing freedom, Dannie. That won't affect you, as you have your own little payment and healthcare system. When the sh#t hits the fan, you won't have to endure any of it. So keep your mouth running and remember how much like your military career, you're not taking chances at all. You're just volunteering others to go places you won't have to.

Dan Francis said...

9:38 - as Ronald Reagan would say, "There you go again."

From your blather in part about me:

"You're just volunteering others to go places you won't have to."

If I could I would quickly volunteer for Iraq or Afghanistan duty in order to let a soldier or Marine stay with their family and not pull a 3-4-or 5th tour.

I pulled two full tours in VN (total of 25 months in two different infantry Battalions (1st Marines and 7th Marines) at the Company and Platoon levels) ... don't pretend to know things about me that you flat out don't know.

Anonymous said...

Dede lacked the energy to run a successful campaign from the very beginning, even when she was winning in the polls in the beginning of the race. That was clear as day if you ever stopped into her campaign headquarters. She expected the election to be handed to her based on her prior accomplishments and friendships, the way the nomination was handed to her. Welcome to the big leagues Dede - you have to work for your wins. You were lazy and received epically bad campaign advice. Stop trying to blame others for your train wreck of a campaign. It just makes you that much more pathetic, and I didn't think that was even possible.

Anonymous said...

Here's a medal.
And free money.
And free healthcare for you and your family, forever.

This way you don't have to pay for any of your foolish political "thoughts".

Anonymous said...

I would have to put some blame on Mr Burns Her Campaign Manager. He sucked. It has to go down as the worst Campaign in North Country History. Except for Danny Francis Campaign when He ran for Congress first time.

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