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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tedisco - Sour Grapes or Legitimate Point?

Jim Tedisco, who ran in the NY-20 special election speaks about he perceives there to be a double standard in the media. He speaks to how Owens ducked the health care reform question for weeks and implies he was given a pass, while he was put on the spot and not given a pass on whether he would support the stimulus plan.


Dan Francis said...

Tedisco is correct. I agree with him. It's not sour grapes; not at all.

In the Owens case, for example, I was about the only voice calling out Owens for his slick tap dancing on the topic of any public option. But, since I was the source, that mere fact turned off a lot of folks ... “There goes Dan Francis again – shooting off his mouth.”

There was and remains little regard of whether I made a valid point or not – just consider the source and start the slinging. Sadly, that is the state of our discourse today ... “shoot first and ask questions later – or attack the messenger and disregard the message.”

That is a serious dilemma that we need to face head on ... But, in the end it is always easier to accept wrong conclusions rather than any truths (true facts).

Abe Lincoln once used that analogy in a trial that no one expected him to win, but he did win. He told the court, “You have your facts right, but you’ve reached the wrong conclusion.”

Remind me to tell you the basis for that story – it’s a good one. Lincoln is my hero...both of our families coming from KY and ending up in IL...

Anonymous said...

He's just trying to find a way to run again against Murphy. He is just a pitiful candidate.

Anonymous said...

Jimbo is still one bitter strange looking man.

hermit thrush said...

jude seymour gives a pretty convincing argument that the answer is "sour grapes."

Anonymous said...

Here comes Dan, "I told you so but nobody listens to me." So it's too late now Dan- run again next year. You didn't get enough votes this time.

Dan Francis said...

Sour grapes vs. bitter truth... two entirely different things.

You figure it out.

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