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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Letter To Dede

This is a letter from Jessica Renzi to Dede Scozzafava. I think Jessica captures and sums up the frustration felt by many, so I will reprint it here and also link you to Jess's blog (here). I will add that Dede throughout the campaign said "this is not about me" (her), but time will be the judge of that when the truth is known on your sell out. I'll join Jessica and others today voting for Doug Hoffman.

Dear Dede,

When you quit the race yesterday for the 23rd Congressional district...I cried. As someone who has been through a long, bloody, and difficult campaign, I know and understand the emotional, physical, and mental stress it puts one through. I know what it is like to have your integrity attacked, or in my case my husband's, when you know the attacks are false and made up of lies. I "get" the stress, the exhaustion, and the inner workings of a campaign that sometimes you feel you have no control or say. In every campaign there are issues and problems, and as I have had my fill of "Monday morning armchair quarterbacks," from people who have never undertaken a campaign, I never planned on saying one negative thing about yours. I had even planned on writing you a nice note on integrity...I had even considered pulling the lever for you on Tuesday regardless...but then...

...I read you were endorsing the Democrat. To me...that was a slap in my face! A slap for everything your local volunteers and I have tried to do for you. Yes, maybe the national party did not help you out as much as you would like, perhaps you are mad, bitter even...but what about all of us locals who did everything we could do to see you succeed. What does it say to all of your volunteers who have put in time, energy, and money...who have gotten your petitions signed (year after year) and defended your voting record to their neighbors. There were many issues that I did not agree with you...but when you became the nominee I did my part to help. I put up signs, organized a party (which you canceled), offered to drive people to your fundraiser, defended you to my family and friends, defended you on this blog, and defended you for a whole hour on the Mayor's show when we all knew you could not win.

What I am trying to say is this...YOU said it was about us...but Dede what about us!?! Has this always only been about you?? It is one thing to lose...another to quit...but you have become a traitor. And no...I'm not talking about a traitor to the party, the outside interests that have dominated this race, the national party, nor the press. I'm talking about us. Today you became a traitor to all of us who believed you were in it for the right reasons.

Jess Renzi

On Tuesday I am voting for Doug Hoffman on the Conservative line for Congress. I encourage everyone who reads this blog to do the same.

...And if you think this letter is harsh...you should have seen the first draft! ;)


Anonymous said...

What a joke all of you are. Read back at your blogs over the last month. All you talk about is why not to vote for Doug then all of a sudden he is the Jefferson County GOP poster child. Blankenbush was no where to be found during Dede's campaign but all of a sudden he is by Doug's side. Preparing for that Assembly run Ken? Well the voters know better and you my friend have no chance. Vote for Bill Owens today and send a message to the Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the wrong Renzi ran for Senate last year. Look out, Darrel!

Dan Francis said...

Extract from Ms. Renzi's letter:

"I read you were endorsing the Democrat. To me...that was a slap in my face! A slap for everything your local volunteers and I have tried to do for you.

Now you all know how I feel about the DEMS, my lifelong party picking a non-DEM (INDY Owens) over any Dem, me or anyone else.

The parties may be an endangered species before this over? You think.

I voted at noon.

Sample Ballot and My Pick Today

Anonymous said...

Dan you sound more like Palin Lite every post you make.

Anonymous said...

Some of Dede's backers no doubt feel betrayed (especially the party brass). But what about doing what is right for the community at large? There are very legitimate reasons to be concerned that Hoffman's anti-pork pledge will endanger Fort Drum. Cetrainly fighting to keep Fort Drum here is more to this community important than partisan loyalty.

If local Republicans were so feverent in backing Dede (and I believe Jessicia was) then why weren't any of them with Dede when she held the press conference challenging Hoffman to a debate? And why didn't more of them contribute to her campaign? I know Janet Duprey and Teresa Sayward contributed but how many people from Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties contributed?

Anonymous said...

In truth there is a sneaking suspicion that some backing Dede did so believing she would divide the party and consequently lose to Aubertine. This would put the state Senate in play.

Was that a motivation for why Dede was chosen? Were local GOP commitee members hoping Hoffman would win once Bill Owens got the nomination? And is that why there was lackluster support for Dede?

Political IV said...


another classic move from the campaign, they never contacted anyone to ever be any place to support her. Most times people found out about events as they were happening.

Anonymous said...

Tonight's biggest loser? Darrel Aubertine, who would have been Rep. Darrel Aubertine after the polls close.

Instead, he remains stuck in dysfunctional Albany as a key member of the Pedro-Malcolm-Sampson-led gang that still can't shoot straight.

Dan Francis said...

1:32 -- God, what an insult...

I always thought of myself as a Harry Truman or Abe Lincoln "lite" ... but you're entitled to your opinion, and to be wrong in your opinion, just you are not entitled to be wrong with the facts.

Jeez, I presume you don't even know me.

Anonymous said...

Jess, don't get to upset, it's politics as usual.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Dannie, you're just like Abe Lincoln and Harry Truman. Whenever you post I think of them.


I can't figure out what's thicker, your ego or your bs.

Maybe after you're gone we can build an Abe Lincoln/Dannie Francis Library.

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