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Friday, November 6, 2009

GOP Active Tuesday Night

The demise of the Republican party is greatly exaggerated, lets take a look around the state at their performance Tuesday night. If they move back to a position of fiscal responsibility they have the opportunity to keep gaining.

* Voters all across New York voted for lower taxes and Republican leadership Tuesday, and the results show New Yorkers believe that the Republican Party will do more to protect their wallets and pocketbooks, and improve the quality of life for middle-class families.
* Suburban Republicans swept to victory yesterday, highlighted by newcomer Rob Astorino’s stunning victory against three-term incumbent County Executive Andy Spano.  Rob Astorino’s call for lower taxes and shrinking the size of government resonated with suburban voters who are seeking real change.
* Republican challenger Ed Mangano has run a neck and neck race with high-profile Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, and the race will now be decided by absentee ballots.  Nassau County Democrat Comptroller Howard Weitzman has been defeated and Republicans have retaken the Nassau County Legislature and could still pick up an additional seat.

*Republicans gained a county wide seat in Jefferson County at the county clerk's office. 
* Republicans have also seized control of the County Legislatures in Ulster and Dutchess counties, where Republicans went from being in the minority to holding a supermajority after Election Day.

* Republicans strengthened their majorities in Onondaga County, and maintained control of legislatures in Rensselaer and Saratoga counties, where Saratoga Springs Mayor Scott Johnson won a landslide reelection victory.

* Republicans maintained the majority in Lewis and Jefferson County Legislatures.

* Republicans continued their control of the Oneida and Monroe County Legislatures, and Republican challengers unseated Democrat town supervisors in the Monroe County towns of Irondequoit and Mendon.

* Republicans shrank the Democrat majority on the Erie County Legislature, where three Republican challengers backed by Erie County Executive Chris Collins defeated three Democrat incumbents.

* Rockland County Executive Scott Vanderhoef easily won a fifth term Tuesday, as voters gave an emphatic thumbs up to his responsible Republican leadership in an overwhelmingly Democrat county.

* Republicans grabbed three key New York City Council seats in Queens, where Dan Halloran Peter Koo and Eric Ulrich, won impressive victories.

* Nationally, voters in Virginia and New Jersey, where residents traded in Democrat Governors for Republicans, sent a clear message they want checks and balances on the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress.


Anonymous said...

Lemonade out of lemons - I see, I see...

Anonymous said...

In Nassau the Republican would have upset Tom Suozzi if the Conservative Party would have stayed out of the race. So Mr. Long cost us two seat in NYS just to prove a point. Great job Mike. We thank you.

hermit thrush said...

* Nationally, voters in Virginia and New Jersey, where residents traded in Democrat Governors for Republicans, sent a clear message they want checks and balances on the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress.

how does anyone manage to stand up straight with that much spin? i think if you want to look at races that "send a message" about national-level politics, then it might be better to look at the races for national-level offices. and it happens that republicans lost both of those! (one was in california in a very democratic-leaning district, so no surprise there, but that other one happens to have been in a lean-republican district.) the winning republicans in new jersey and virginia both made a point of not really taking on obama and his agenda. so i think it's pretty specious to draw any conclusions about the national scene from those two races.

on the other hand, piv is quite right that the state-level gop is far from dead. it just happens that the state and national gop are quite different things.

Dan Francis said...

I have a novel idea that seems to have fallen out from the 23 race as an angry sticking point:

Let's keep all state and/or national players out next time: don't take any of their money, don't allow any of their "star-studded" attractions -- then see what happens "locally."

But one word of caution or advice or whatever: "Ladies and gentlemen around here: Welcome to the 21st Century, not the 18th one."

woodchucksage said...

Well said 2:05. Mike Long must resign or be forced out and take the county Conservtive chairs trash out with him. The Conservative Party in NYS is a joke. They stand for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Our county conservatives are trash, Longway, Parks and Gillette all need to go. Oh wait Parks is gone, Mike just got beat badly. Time to get rid of Long to after he screwed the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is the main parties, the Elephants and the Donkeys, who believe in nothing. With what this country is facing, they both believe we should just keepa goin' blamin each other and takin advantage of the dumbasses who see everything as us versus them. Most every active member of this blog is fully owned.

It's them. No it's them. No, no it's them. No it's them. It's them other guys.

Stupid sh#ts.

Dan Francis said...

Bookmark _ Owens House homepage in DC

Rep. Bill Owens, 23rd Dist Office

Anonymous said...

I might just as well bookmark Pelosi's home page. I'm sure it will tell me the same thing. And if anything is missed, you'll be sure to tell us, Dannie.

Fox News, Fox News, Fox News.

Uh 4:41. Sober up.

Anonymous said...

7:56 - you jerk... all I did is provide a public service for those who would like to see where their Rep's homepage is - since he's new in office.

Man, oh, man, you are pathetic, really.

woodchucksage said...

Keep your head in the sand 4:45, you can probably get a little more air there than up your butt.

Owens has lied already. Check this out: http://www.redstate.com/moe_lane/2009/11/06/rep-bill-owens-d-ny-23-breaks-his-word-on-the-public-option/

And we're all going to pay for it. But it's all the two party system's fault, right?

You're right, it wasn't the Conservative who gave the ultra-nerd CPA the attention he's craved since high school. Mike Long's not the guy who's backed other liberal pols, i.e. George Pataki, when it suited him but couldn't stomach Scozzafava. The phony county chairs like Hank Ford haven't endorsed liberal dems and helped them take control of the St. Law. Co. legislature, burn through a $15million surplus and put the county another $7 million in the hole.

Why would we want to blame those idiots and hold then accountable for their actions?

Poor 4:45, you're as clueless as they are!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Dannie, a public service you are. That's the way I always view you. You give us the website of a party official. Now I wonder what kind of "news" we're gonna get outta that. Like I said, might as well link direct to Pelosi and cut out the middle man. You need to think independently once in a while. Or, just think.

Whatta lap dog.
Nothing against dogs.

Anonymous said...

I imagine it's pretty tough to find a Congressman's web page.

Geeee, thanks Dan.

Anonymous said...

Dan at 8:39- please maintain your respect for the other posters here. Don't be calling people names just because they don't agree with you.

Dan Francis said...

6:08 - did not name call - he/she is a jerk ... all I did was post our Rep's new page ... if he/she wants to read it - okay; if not, that's okay, too.

I'm tired of that certain Anonymous, if it's the same Anonymous poster insulting me...

I don't hide behind labels -- and as I've said a thousand times here - I will defend myself....

When he/she comes out in the clear my "namecalling (which it is not)" will stop.

Is that clear enough for you? If not, I have a different coloring book and some more crayons for you.

Anonymous said...

the poster isn't a jerk and you dont have the right to say so. by the way, you also post anon often here and on Graham's site. I hope you are through running for office.

Anonymous said...

Always remember, according to Dan, Republicans are racists. There's balance for ya.

Anonymous said...

Why does Longway need to go?? When he was on the county board, he brought to light various wastes of taxpayer dollars, Meade St., County garage, etc. etc. plus there's no town tax in Pamelia, we should all learn from him.

Anonymous said...

I kinda thought the same way as 8:23. Longway is a guy who thinks about saving the taxpayer some money. But you have to remember, that makes some people hate you.

Anonymous said...

NYS is going to be broke @ Christmas, according to the Gov. Maybe the new plates will be $50.00.

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