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Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quick Study

For months Owens was saying things like this;

"I want to be able to analyze the information and the bill and come to a conclusion," or I'll have to read more on it or I'll have to review it further

But he has become a quick study since Tuesday;

Owens said. "There are still changes I would like to make, including raising the payroll exemption for small businesses, but like I said last week, there is a fundamental need for reform and we must act with a sense of urgency.

Along with his quick study of the issues since Tuesday, he voted down an amendment that would have blocked federal funding for abortions. The health care legislation he voted for will grow government in the neighborhood of $3 trillion dollars - 1.2 trillion is funded through new revenues and 1.8 trillion in debt.

The bill will reduce Doctors pay under the Medicare formula effecting Senior citizen's care. Suspected but not yet known is whether or not it will broaden the eligibility for people to receive Medicaid, which in turn will have a significant impact on local property taxes.


Peacepoet said...

Yes, and if he DIDN'T vote citing lack of knowledge on the bill, you would be bitching about how he didn't vote.

He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't here.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Naaancie got it through. Yiiiipie.

Probably won't change things for me and Dannie. As they said in Braveheart, you're f##ked.

Wonder if her face treatments will be covered. Oh that's right, they got a different system for Congress.

Someday, in 5,000 years, they're gonna dig up that face, and it's going to become a traveling museum, complete with all the gold and botox needles that we buried with it for the afterlife.

The Mask of Naaancie Exibit.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise. Working class people in the end will be the one's stuck paying for this. I guess it's of little consequence to The Powers That Be if our property taxes go up to pay for other people to sit on their dead rears and reap benefits.

Dan Francis said...

Lock-step GOP minus ONE (Rep. Joe Cao from New Orleans) voted against the bill, and so did 39 DEMS (mostly from heavily-GOP districts).

I don't predict things very well, and may not on this, either, but I believe I am right in saying the bill is not perfect (we can make it better over time), but the time is right now.

The GOP is on the wrong side of this reform bill just like they were in 1936 when they were against Social Security and called it a “giant hoax” like GOP presidential candidate Alf Landon did. Then the GOP resisted Medicare in 1965. Awful programs, right? LOL

Ask your parents or grandparents, or if you are over 65, look in the mirror and ask yourself, how bad or nasty or awful are these two “government-run” programs? How have they failed their target population ... and how much does government really “run” them, per se?

Those who oppose this change ARE on the wrong side of history [again] ... IMHO.

— Dan Francis

Anonymous said...

Halloween is gone, GOP: no more Boo's allowed.

Anonymous said...

iv, hasn't the state capped the annual growth rate of county medicaid costs at 3%? Of course it is much easier to blame the state and fed for the board's inability to control spending than it is to actually control spending.

Just how many fee increases are going to be in this year's budget? And how much will property taxes go up? St. Lawrence County Democrats are looking to impose a wage freeze for county workers. Why can't Jefferson County RINOs do something to save money?

Anonymous said...

Yup, it doesn't effect Dannie.
Yup, Dannie still gets his healthcare, free. Forever.
Yup, Dannie won't have to pay.
Yup, Dannie won't be in any line.

Yup, Dannie is for it.

Throw in a few pablum lines like lock step and ya gots yerself a real leader.

Gee, thanks Dan.

Anonymous said...

Dan Francis although a little wacky at times I always thought you had a little grasp of the issues. It seems as though I was wrong. What part of the SSI system being broke do you not understand? You want public health care. I was recently in Canada where they have it... Albeit with 6 to 12 month waiting lines. Had a quick meal cost $18.00 tax $4.83 thats about 30% Your boy Owens is putting us there.

Anonymous said...

GOP has 177 members in the House - 176 voted "NO" on the health care reform bill... the one who jumped across the aisle was Rep. Cao from New Orleans who represent a DEM district (70-30 percent)...

If that's not "lock-step" then I don't know what is?

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah, that's lock step. They voted the way their constituents wanted to vote. The people don't want this. That's why the urgency and the secrecy.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Jeff Co. was caught padding the books on Medicare, and medicaid??? It was Heidi who told the county, She had a tingleying feeling and it happened.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Madoff's early customers were big fans of his program, too. In any Ponzi scheme like Social Security, it's the later folks who end up realizing it was A GIANT HOAX.

Dan Francis said...

From Politico.com

"New York Democratic Rep. Bill Owens, who was sworn into office earlier this week after winning a closely watched special election, may also find that he sinks or swims with the national party next year.

"Winning narrowly in what was originally a three-way contest, Owens voted for Saturday’s bill after holding an ambiguous position regarding a public option. It didn’t take the National Republican Congressional Committee long to pounce, saying his vote “could be the quickest broken promise in the history of Congress.”

"On the whole, however, many Democrats sitting in politically marginal seats took the path of least resistance. Of the 39 Democrats who voted against the $1.2 trillion package, 31 hail from districts McCain won in 08.
And seven of the 10 Democrats rated as most endangered by The Cook Political Report also voted no.”

My Input: A good rundown - but will it matter to the people back home? It should not ... unless of course we/they let outsiders influence their thinking (big bucks with slick 20-second Ads).

This always happens in most nationally-run races - we are about to find out in 2010
[again]. — Dan Francis

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