"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Friday, November 6, 2009

First 2010 Campaign Commercial

For those listed below that are thinking about running in 2010, it is not too late to get your commercials on the air. Governor David Paterson is the first out of the gate for the 2010 campaign ads. The ad capitalizes on the sentiment of this past Tuesday's election.


Anonymous said...

The more I hear state Senators lash out at Paterson the more convinced I become he's one of the best governors we've had. A lot of state politicians want Cuomo to run which should make voters very wary of voting for him.

woodchucksage said...

9:16 is right on, almost. I won't say Paterson is one of the best ever, but right now he's the only one trying to do something about our financial disaster. The fact that the idiots in the legislature won't talk to him and dismiss him shows that they are a bunch a clowns who only want more porkulous to keep getting themselves re-elected.

Does anyone in Albany have the guts to step on the thieves in CSEA, NYSUT and SEIU? Not that I've seen. Their greed is the primary cause of our fiscal trainwreck.

How much is enough for a bunch of do-nothing government workers?

Anonymous said...

Yup and yup. 9:16 and the Woodchuckman are on the money. Ask yourself folks, why do all the special interest groups pile on our Gov? It's because he is the only one who is speaking anywhere near the truth when it comes to addressing the real issue.

Earth to folks. Money is gone. People are leaving in droves (despite earlier claims by Klemit).
All tax gimmicks have been implemented.
Bigger deficits await, WITHOUT Great One play money to play with.

Real cuts have to be made.

Dan Francis said...

I have said for months that I am with Guv Paterson and I will work any way I can to get him elected to a full term as Gov in his own right ...

He is the ONLY one trying to make headway against that sh*t storm we call the Senate and Assembly in Albany ... that to me is leadership.

He has made tough calls, but that's what good leaders do... many people can't face the music (our serious fiscal mess) because the tune he sings hits home for the things they are used to getting back home.

Those days are numbered until good times roll again, and that my friends, will take some time.

We need hard work now... and Gov. Paterson is trying.

Anonymous said...

See, Dannie and I agree every once in a while. This has been the issue.

Anonymous said...

7:59 - nice try 7:59, but how do I know you are the same
"Anonymous" who rides my ass all the time... like I'm supposed to take your "Anonymous" word for it ... sorry, Charlie, no can do.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care what you believe, Dannie.

As far as our positive view of the Gov, it just looks like we agree.

Maybe ya got me. Maybe I'm somebody else. What the hell difference does it make?

Fox News, Fox News. There, feel better?

Anonymous said...

Dan, there are about 6 anonymice who "ride your ass" so just ignore it. You bring some of it on yourself anyway.

Anonymous said...

I like that anonymice thing. That's pretty much what I am.
Admitting it is what makes me different that my man Dan.

I just thinks we can't spend money any more like we have been. And I also think most of the people who want to are only thinking of themselves, all the while preaching about the poor or the children. What we are doing now hurts them the most.

But who gives a crap. We can keep this going for another, I don't know.. year or so maybe. In NY maybe a few months.

Dan Francis said...

6:11 - I do try to ignore a few of the "Anonymous-mice" posters here - but I will not allow their shït to stain the forum, either. I will defend myself against their crap.

Stirring things up is one thing ... and it's good.

But, not the juvenile schoolyard antics aimed at weak bullying in the name of discourse - it is not - far from it.

Anonymous said...

Jeez Dan, you're so off balance you can't even take it at face value when someone says he agrees with you. That's all it was.

Calm down. Spare us the sermon about the integrity of the blog. None of us has any integity here. It's about politics. We're all liars. Ya don't think NY got into this mess by telling the truth, do ya?

Smile. And quit taking yourself so seriously.

Anonymous said...

The guy needs to appy for a state grant for a sense of humor. I know the taxpayers will be glad to pay for it. Call it an educational program.

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