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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Poll

Another day and yet another poll, much like some of the other information the Democrats continue their slide in the public opinion arena.

The question remains whether or not Republicans at the State and National level can parlay this discontent for the Democrats handling of keys issues into victories. That requires a message from the Republicans and as of yet they do not have firm footing in that category. The GOP should have their own information to form a message, but if not, some top Democrats will lend them some information.

James Carville's group of strategist has polling information that details "drop off voters".

So what's in poll.
  • By 53%-42%, those who are likely to vote in the 2010 election say Barack Obama is 'too liberal.'
  • They believe by a margin of 53%-40% that he will 'raise my taxes.'
  • By 55%-42% they say 'he promises things that sound good' but that won't get done.
  • By a whopping 65%-32%, likely voters call Obama a 'big spender.'
The news for 'Democrats' more generally is no better.
  • On the economy, likely voters give 'the Democrats' just a 6 point edge (45%-39%) over 'the Republicans.'
  • Likely voters give the Republicans an 11 point edge (49%-38%) on taxes.
  • The Republicans have a 13 point lead (47%-34%) on government spending.
  • Republicans have a 5 point edge (42%-37%) on the budget deficit.


Anonymous said...

This is why the donkeys speak of the need to act quickly on health care "reform". They know people are learning, a bit, and they will run out of time.

Dan Francis said...

A start - more later - after Monday (fingers cross behind back).

Campaign Slogan Up for Viewing

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

My poll (actually, my opinion) on the rioters and shouters at those health care Town Hall meetings.

Danz View

— dmf

Anonymous said...

Neeet newz today. The economy lost 247,000 jobs, but unemployment went down. ?


Story must have been written by the unbiased media.

The Great One must be doing Grrreate!!

Anonymous said...

Dan I suggest you read the bill before labeling people as misinformed.This package is not for the people,It's for the clowns in power.And the more people that learn this the more angry people there are.As you can see dissent is growing.

Anonymous said...

The one poll that you left out, PIV, is this one. According to the poll you left out. The Republicans in Congress have had the bottom drop out on them completely in trust and cofidence by Americans. Guess that's why Florida's Senator Martinez (R) has said 'uncle'.

Dan Francis said...

3:48 - You are presumptuous to say, "I outta read the bill." I have a copy and I have been through all 1,018 pages and various sites that offer their various summaries...

I support about 90% of what is not in the bill, but I do have questions.

This bill will pass, probably before I get into Congress (wink/wink), so my input is about as valuable as yours (second wink/wink).

Health care reform is needed, and the time is ripe to get it; but the approach (from both sides) sucks ... to coin an old French word.

We shall see.

— dmf

hermit thrush said...

The economy lost 247,000 jobs, but unemployment went down. ? ... Story must have been written by the unbiased media.

really, do you think the media is making up the numbers? here on earth, away from planet wingnut, it so happens that the media is reporting things perfectly accurately.

that said, of course it does sound a bit paradoxical that the unemployment rate can go down while we're still showing a net job loss. paul krugman addressed this today. in short, there are two factors.

the first is that the the jobs number and the unemployment rate number are based on separate surveys. there's no need for these to sync up perfectly.

the second is that the unemployment rate basically ignores unemployed people who aren't looking for work. and the newly released data showed an uptick in the number of such people -- which has a lowering effect on the overall unemployment rate.

Anonymous said...

3:57 PM
Exactly, The people were sick of the republicans however the dems are acting just like them only on steroids and crack. The people want gov'nt to back off but they are in our face every dam day. Then they call us fringe groups. This will end bad for some of them I can feel it.

Anonymous said...

4:41 PM
HUH, hahahahah that was funny, I get it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 4:41, I believe media is cooking the numbers to make their boy look as good as they possibly can. Media selected your Great One, now they have to support him as the wheels fall off. The fact the Frog and Paul Krugman of all people can understand it is quite predictable. I'm glad to see your jumping and croaking, on demand.

Your comments about the exclusion of people who have stopped looking for work is not a change from past practices. But the problem is, ya can'ts do that every month to lie about employment numbers. And there lies the problem.

Your Great One had a strange comment today. He predicted that unemployment would spike to over 10% in the next few months. Now, I don't know why he would say this. It could be because he knows they won't be able to lie about these numbers continuously, and they'll have to own up to reality soon. Or, he could know that his stimulus package won't work. Or who the hell knows. I just wonder why he said that. The story the White House put out there today was the we "turned the corner" on this near meltdown. So the story doesn't jell with The Great One's own words.

I don't know. But I'm sure there will be a willing media type to present the story as the White House wishes. Hardly the way it was the past eight years. And whatever their story is, I'm sure you will swallow every bit without spilling a single drop.

Sorry Frog, I got to get back to the game. But I'll be here if you ever, ever want to ask a serious question of your Great One. But Frog, if you're just focused on catching his "fly", then there is little I can do.

hermit thrush said...

well there you have it, folks. talk about a textbook example of the rot and sheer lunacy that's become the hallmark of the conservative base.

i mean, what to do when reality fails to conform to your ideological preconceptions? just invent a crackpot conspiracy theory that makes it all better!

and to fully reveal the depths of your ignorance, make sure you botch even that -- in this case, it's the federal government, not the media, that computes the various unemployment numbers, so that media bias simply can't have anything to do with it. (unless our anonymous loon is suggesting that the media is willfully misreporting the numbers, which is something off in moonbat territory, which is to say i wouldn't put it past him.)

throw in some ad hominem attacks, mathematical confusion, factual distortions, and right-wing victimhood, and you end up with a pretty complete package.

i don't really know what to do except point and laugh. hey liberallaugh, any chance you can help me out with this one?

LiberalLaugh said...

"I believe media is cooking the numbers to make their boy look as good as they possibly can."

And Santa, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy...


Anonymous said...

The story was pure Obama propaganda until the very end, when they "explained" the fact that the numbers did not include those who had stopped looking for work.

In other words, Frog, it was another extremely slanted story from the media you trust so much.

What you're up against is the fact the people are now learning. Slanted news stories can't substitute for what people are finding out. Stay right here. Don't run away and hide like you usually do. Your prez is heading for some troubled times. Nothing makes me smile like reading a predictable, memorized defense from my friend, the Frog. And you even have a little friend in Downstate, so ya don't have to think by yourself. Libs always feel better when they can stick with people who mindlessly agree. Just suck it up and stay around this time. Don't be a coward, again.

Anonymous said...

And to do a Wiley. I have to concede a point to you, Kyerm. The government does release/produce employment figures. And you're right. There's no way they could mislead us and skew the figures to support the Great One's administration. We've always been able to trust everything the Gov tells us. Thanks for pointing that out. I should know that our Gov would never lie to us.

People like you really do interest me, Frog. Ya really makes me wonder.

Just to change the subject. What do you think about the increase in the private use of jets by Congress? Am I missing something on that one? Seems to be a "crime" that is worse now than ever. You always have a take that I never think of. Make me feel better about that one. Thanks.

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