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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, August 24, 2009

GOP Draws a line in the sand

State Senate Republicans are drawing a line in the sand in on any more new taxes to close Albany's $2 billion-and-growing budget gap, meaning Democrats will need every one of their 32 votes if they intend to pass new levies to fix the out-of-balance budget.

Democrats enacted $10 billion in new taxes since January all by just a single vote but it wasn't enough to pay for the 10 percent boost in spending they also approved.

"The Democrats' tax increases have caused even greater economic devastation," said Senate GOP leader Dean Skelos.

The latest round of Democrat-approved tax hikes including higher fees for sportsmen and motor vehicles fees, both of which can be considered upstate taxes, takes effect September 1.

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Dan Francis said...

The GOP is setting up the #1 issue for next year's Senate race ... single issue ... makes sense to.

But wait until those 32 DEMS go
back home, hat in hand, begging for more time to finish the
"people's work."

Then we'll see just how "local all politics" really is...

Dan Francis said...

Line in the Sand = name of new GOP movie - starring "stars?"

1994 (political stunt to win votes): Contract for America (about healthcare reform).

2009: (another political stunt to win votes): Bill of Rights for Seniors (released today) (again, about healthcare and probably social security, too).

Funny, the GOP had Congress from 1995 - 2006 and W/H from Jan 2001 - Jan 2009, and they didn't do anything about saving or propping up any kind of health care reform or social security, butnow: "Woe is frickin' us..."

It's politics, folks; nasty, low-down, dirty politics -- the worst kind, and it probably will work [again].

— dmf

Anonymous said...

It's bad for the North Country, no mass transit to speak of, It amazes me that were in financial straits in the state and "PORK" still exsists.

Anonymous said...

To bad the repugs did'nt do it ten billion ago.It will likely cost us another 10 bil. before they are serious. The pugs and dums are one and the same.

Anonymous said...

Dems+ no fiscal constraint, lack of accountability and broken promises. Remember Darrel's campaign promise to replace STAR rebates with a property tax cap and tax relief?

Guess what? Rebates are gone, no tax cap, no spending cap and our property taxes (hunting licenses, auto registration, insurance, electric bills, SUNY tuition, phone bills) went up.

Thx Darrel!

Anonymous said...

6:19 AM
Ya thanks darrel. Looking forward to getting you in the sights. I just hope they don't dig up a RINO to run against you.

Anonymous said...

We've been saved AJR just got almost 2 million for he poor in the area, if taxes and fees go up we'll all be in this boat, better get more money, or QUIT spending so much of it. Thanks again ADDIE.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated, but related.
Spending and taxing.

If you're 65, currently, a hunting license is $5. Lifetime license is $50.

Soon those prices will be $47 for a year, $765 for a lifetime.

And wadaya bet the number of older hunters goes down?

Nice job Democratic party. You guys take over and first year in you make REASONABLE moves like this. Frog, Dan, any comments?

Anonymous said...

Frog, Dan, any comments?

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