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Friday, August 28, 2009

Follow the Leader

NYPIRG's Bill Mahoney has put out information on the Assembly and Senate member's voting records.

Daily New and Capital Confidential are both carrying it, so rather than recreate the wheel here are some highlights from the DN.

For all the fuss that the Conservative party is making over Dede, her voting record shows she votes with the upstate Republican leader of the Assembly conference - Jim Tedisco 93% and now Brian Kolb 94% of the time.

BUT our Senator Aubertine voted with downstate leader Malcolm Smith ALL the time.

"Senate Democrats voted with Temporary President Malcolm Smith 99.7 percent of the time, with Sens. Aubertine, Foley, Onorato, Oppenheimer, Savino, Schneiderman, Stachowski and Valesky always voting with Smith."

...Foley, Aubertine, Stachowski and even Valesky (although slightly less than the others) are all marginals, so their loyalty to the leadership is noteworthy. Foley, in particular, was forced to take some bad votes this year due to the 32-30 split in the chamber. (The MTA payroll tax, for which he is now under fire, comes to mind)."
It is a stretch to say Dede is liberal based on that voting record.

And certainly a stretch to claim Darrel Aubertine is independent or one of us, it is always politics before people.

All eyes are focused on this farm labor bill, which as Ag Chair he is unable to stop.


Anonymous said...

100% Darrel! Move to the head of the class!

One of us? I don't think so....

Reserved said...

This spot reserved for Danny Francis.

Dan Francis said...

Article points up one thing that talk about yet when it happens we duck it -- they all basically follow party lines and party leaders -- otherwise they don't bring "stuff" home... and then have nothing to run on.

Kinda sad, isn't it? They claim to be moderate/conservative (and God forbid NOT liberal), or an Indy voice -- yet, try and find a record otherwise? It ain't there, folks...

Albany Voting Blocs

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Paterson vetoed a bill that would create a commission to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, saying the panel could cost more than $2 million and the state can't afford that expenditure.

The Legislature could try to override the vetoes.

* NYS still faces a $2.1 billion deficit that Paterson wants to address in September.

As for me, I agree with that rational for that 1812 veto ... get private funds and have at it (then maybe the state will toss in a few hundred thousand, but not $2 million). That makes more sense I believe.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Who sponsored that big-spending bill during a deep econminc recession and state fiscal crisis.

Why, it was me-and-Margaret-know-what-it's-like-sit-at-kitchen-table-and-pay-the-bills Darrel Aubertine!

Only this time, he's paying the bills with our money, not his own.

Way to go, Gov. Paterson!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dan. And I'm the guy who fights with Dan all the time..
Not this time. He's right.

The Gov was right to make this decision.

Anonymous said...

But on a brighter note AJR secured almost 2 million for the area's poor, wonder where that money came from?? The liquor store floor tax, cigarettes?? or just the taxpayer??

Dan Francis said...

Anon 8:54 -- Assemblywoman Russell DID NOT obtain that $2 mill or whatever it was -- it was a grant from the state that hardworking SS folks gad write up and then pray hard for the money ...

Russell takes credit, like all incumbents do, but she DID NOT OBTAIN THE FUNDS...

She announded the news in a press release, but she DID NOT obtain the money herself.

Facts matter, except with a few Anonymous posters, or should I say: "Imposters?"

Pathetic, really.

— dmf

Anonymous said...

Sorry Danny I just read the press releases, you mean she's lying??

Dan Francis said...

I didn't say lying - don't put words where none were intended.

I said all incumbents announce such grants, but they themselves don't work to get the grants... the grant writers and people needing the money do.

They may speak out for the money and announce it, but the heavy lifting is to the grant writers and needy.

— dmf

Anonymous said...

From the release...(Today the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance released information that the Jefferson County Department of Social Services will receive $1,976,682. That funding will provide services to area families at risk of homelessness and assist in securing stable family housing."........reading comprehension issues 7:38??? You tell me where she takes credit for that funding?

Dan Francis said...

Anon 7:38 and Anon 11:37: for the record, here is Russell's announcement - her words, not mine.

Russell Announces Grant Money

These "announcements" attempt, if not actually accomplish, a view that the members in office actually "...got the money."

That is not the case, and I stick by my contention and post in that regard.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Or you know what else they accomplish Dan?? A member commenting on what/how/who the money will affect in their own words and how it will benefit the community. Arent they elected to keep the community informed and up to date? She in no way took credit for the funding or attempted to dupe anyone into believing such. She simply commented on how the funding would enhance the community, its up to the press whether they want to publish it or not. Stop being bitter that you cant announce anything because you cant win a seat for an elected office.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 3:10 (um ... 3:10 - let's see: Why don't you take the 3:10 to Yuma?)

Your analytical skills in presuming you know me and my views are weak ... darn weak. But, nice try anyway.

~ scurry on now.

Anonymous said...

Good substantitive response Dan.

Anonymous said...

It's all about Addie.

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