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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mulls a Run

As Rudy mulls a run for the GOP in a Gubenatorial race and the New York State GOP gears up for a chairman's race will either influence or effect the other?

My guess is that they are connected. A Wojtaszek win would be a sure sign Rudy is running. Although, Henry Wojtaszek is hampered by his own indecisiveness about running and is considerably behind Ed Cox in the race for chair.

Team Giuliani Swings Into Action For Wojtaszek 

Factions Emerge In Battle For State GOP

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woodchucksage said...

Screw Rudy! I hope he runs for Governor, but really, what has he ever done to help the Republican Party on the state or national levels?? Jack squat, that's what. Rudy does what's best for Rudy, plain and simple

He and his lackies should shut the hell up and get out of internal GOP business. I don't buy the loyalty crap either...it's about control. Just like Pataki and Bruno. Those two helped kill the Republican party in this state and jokers like Rudy and Big Al D'Amato let them do it. Hell, they even enabled them most of time - to their own detriment even!

So, Rudy, if you're going to run for gov say so and get busy. Leave the party to the people in the trenches who will be carrying your water if you deign to come out of Manhatten long enough to see how the rest of New Yorkers live.

Here's a hint: it ain't in a penthouse overlooking Central Park!

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