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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Q Poll

Highlights from today's Quinnipiac poll and a thought from another blog.

"Voters disapprove 72 - 18 percent of the way the State Legislature is handling its job, the legislature's lowest overall score ever."

That is a no-brainer given the recent leadership debacle, abuse of hiring relatives, paying rent on unused office space because the owners of the building are Republicans and of course the bloated state budget.

"Forty-nine percent of New York State voters say that almost everyone in the State Senate - including their own state senator - deserves to be thrown out, while 40 percent say their state senator should be reelected"
Yes, cannot disagree, but will that hold true in a little more than a year from now?

"Voters also support 70 - 21 percent creating a commission independent of the State Legislature to redraw legislative district lines."

Hear, Hear - this is long overdue!

"only 8 percent say the State Legislature has "the political courage to make unpopular budget decisions," while 87 percent expect it will be "business as usual in Albany." 

This might very well be true at every level?

And what is Cap Confidential's take on this poll?

"If voter sentiment holds to next year, Republicans and marginal Democrats from suburban and upstate districts — particularly Freshman Sen. Brian Foley and Sen. Darrel Aubertine could face tough reelection races."


Dan Francis said...

If the public's disapproval ratings do not turn into action (i.e., boot all the incumbents out and start fresh), then nothing will change.

Just wait until our local incumbents start their reelection races:

"Send me back to Albany, I still have lots good ideas and plenty more to do for you."

Happens all the time.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Incumbents have shown they are electable, and they have money to satisfy selection committees. The next congressperson from the 23rd will not be an incumbent, so you are on your way.

Anonymous said...

We are a donkey state. We have donkeys in power. This isn't going to change, no matter how messed up our state's finances become. So get all you can while you can. Retire and leave, or retire on government pensions. And make sure your kids have government jobs. Or as always, you have the option of leaving the state.

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