"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Love New York

Everyone sing it now!

Just as all these fees are kicking in it is a great time to sing the I Love New York song.

Retailers having to pay:
Floor tax on wine.
Pay increased fee to collect the state's sales tax.
Utility tax.

Individuals having to pay:
Driver's license fee increases.
Reregistration of your vehicle at an increased cost.
Utility tax.
Hunting license fee increases.

The list grows daily as a new fee in announced. The great New York State 2009-2010 is the gift that keeps on giving and  thanks to Addie Jenne Russell and Darrel Aubertine for voting in favor on this bloated mess.


Anonymous said...

For 8 years I payed taxes necessary to allow your f in Republicans make up lies to start a War and watched businesses steal billions. During those 8 years I watched the Republicans give huge tax breaks to businesses and the rich while common folk were thrown a bone. The Republicans robbed us blind as their privateers stole everything, including our future.

During those years you sat back and said nothing. Where were the one man Republican coups then? Where were you then? Those tax cuts were economic failures because the businessmen who got the big breaks sent the money out of the country to buy things like cheap Ecuadorian roses.

Now you see the consequences of the mess of the Bush administration and the Bruno administration and now you don't want to pay for it or even take responsibility.

Think about what you are saying,

Anonymous said...

Throw a guy a couple of facts and he responds with a canned sermon. First we start with the War Lie bs, then regurgitate the pablum about how tax breaks, which resulted in a booming economy, caused all our problems. No word about spending habits. And the reason money left the country, my good person, was the tax structure finally reached a point where it made sense to invest overseas. Almost anyone with a 401k can explain it to you. And the stolen billions you speak up was started in the last 90 days of Bush, but brought to a new level under the guidance of our First Black President and Saviour, The Great One, Community Organizer and Teleprompter Reader, Mr. Obama.

Think about what you are writing.

Ah, it don't matter.

BusinessPeopleSuck said...

Excellent comment 10:49

Finally one on this cesspool of a blog worth responding to.
Businesses were stroked during the early years of Bush and his band of merry men who robbed from the poor and gave to the rich. Many of us lost our jobs early in his administration while George was telling us lies about how good things were and that we should go out and spend.
Perhaps you "businessmen" should do what we all had to do 8 years ago. Cut way back and if you still can't make it then what is so special about your job? Who cares about your job. You didn't care about ours when the Republicans were stealing us blind.
Don't give me your nonsense about the people you employ.
You could go to work at McDonald's, too, right along side of the few employees you have to "fire".
It isn't going to change their lifestyle much since they live on bare bones anyway on what you little you give them. You only pay what you pay because of a "silly democratic law".
The presence of Darrel Aubertine and Addie is not going to make up for the Republican thievery of the last eight years.
Your constant blaming of them is just pure ignorant chicken shit.
Cut back, give up your privileged lifestyle, your "business man's lunch" or just move out of the state you hate so much.
Go to Florida with Tom Golisano. We won't miss your incessant complaining.

Anonymous said...

Yup I am sick of your complaining, too, PIV. If you can't make it in business they are expanding Walmart. Get a real job like us. You have retailing experience. You might be one of the lucky ones out of the hundreds applying. If you learn to contain your anger, they might even make you a manager.

Dan Francis said...

Folks in this district new fav animal is no longer the cat or dog -- it's the Scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

So you all think PIV or anyone else should just shut up and pay up. That raising taxes and fees instead of having a set b@lls to make decisions is ok? This year's budget is acceptable to you all? Taking property tax rebates from senior citizens and giving the money to welfare recipients is ok?

The only person around this blog that is warped is you commenters and not PIV

Dan Francis said...

I have to share this ...

Quote: "The RNC doesn't try to scare people. We're just trying to get the facts out on health care. And that's what we do every day," said Katie Wright, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.

GOP Fundraiser Letter

I post, you decide ... scare tactics or not?

Add this to the "Death Panels, Pull the Plug on Granny, Cut off Vets, and Whatever is Next" file ...

This is what is wrong with politics today (and to be fair, from both sides).

— dmf

Anonymous said...

The presence of Darryl and Addie will certainly harm us in the long run, For a real change vote for a minor party, possibly the conservative party, It's all about incumbants bribing us with our own money. On a local front we allowed a thief to go free, And another to cheat the medicaid system.

Anonymous said...

3:21 PM
I have a strange feeling it may be the welfare recipients that are having a problem with our objections.The joker promised them a raise but the people are revolting.

Anonymous said...

None of it scares me, Dan. And I can understand why it doesn't scare you. Our healthcare is secure, because you and I can suck off the government system from the top of the pile. We both know we are going to be the last to lose out, being retired employees and such. You're right, it's best if no one gets concerned. Then you and I are free to live life and continue to enjoy benefits to the fullest. I'm with ya, Danny.

Dan Francis said...

Speaking of NYS - I guess this kinda fits here?

Kowtowing to Espada -

I've waited a long to unload on this man and topic - others who should, won't - but I will.

Now, I'd better duck, right? What duck?

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

Anon 11:12 ... ouch.

I earned and paid my dues for my benefits - didn't you?

BTW: I am a disabled Vet (3 WIA), but I didn't claim nor do I collect anything extra for that ... but I did leave lots of blood in VN - how about you?

I'm proud of my 40 years of service and thankful to the taxpayers for supporting Vets like me and others... BTW: I pay my fair share of taxes - I assume you do, too?

— dmf

Anonymous said...

No problem with Espada now, Dan. He's back where he's supposed to be, with the Donkeys. He was a real baaaaaad guy when he sided with the Elephants. Now he's ok.

It's tough to keep with the program.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:01...you say the Dems welcomes him back with open arms but do you have evidence? Do you have quotes from electeded's praising him? From what I see they had to change the rules just to put him in the position he currently holds because he could not garner the votes from the Dems to elect him. If the Dems did not do that the State would still be in gridlock wasting millions of dollars daily. Lets not forget it was the GOP who started the whole mess in the first place by siding with that scum bag.

Anonymous said...

11:32 the evidence that all is well with our man Espada is in the record. He has recovered by being named one of the most powerful men on govment. He has been able to hire his son, hide money, funnel payments to his old folks home scam, buy a fleet of vehicles with tax payer's bucks. This since his return to the Donkey fold. SOMETHING worked out well for him. SOMEBODY must have welcomed him back. From the sound of you, you won't mind much. You seem like a real party line kinda guy. That's ok. I love NY too.

Danny, you say "we" earned our benefits and all. Well, you gots to admit. It does make it easier for guys like you and me to accept BS from guys like the Great One when we know we have our own "system", which is better than that which exists for mere citizens. We all think we "earned" special treatment. That's the problem with this world. Everybody owes somebody.

Dan Francis said...

Anonymous 7:11. You try to spin the word "earn" and make seem bad or untouchable, or even nasty.

1. How about "earn" a college degree?

2. How about "earn" a promotion?

3. How about "earn" a living?

4. How about "earn" your own way?

You really need to back off on your misdirected criticism ... you might "earn" some respect if you did?

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Nothing misdirected, Dan. Sorry you feel guilty about your special "status".

I'll just speak for myself. I often see it where people who have their govment health care benefits and their govment tax breaks and their govment pensions and free teeth cleanings etc, etc, often tend to be so comfortable with what others have to put up with they aren't as critical as they should be. I can tolerate the Great One's health care, as I'll have my own. I really don't give a crap what lines others have to wait in. We have it pretty good, don't we, Dan?

As far as earning it. Well, I guess we do deserve to be treated a bit better. You, cause your a hero. Me, cause I'm just do damn good looking.

Anonymous said...

I like the folks who are so close to the breast of govt. milk they believe there's no other way to operate, With all the alphabet economic agencies, there's no chance of the tax rolls expanding, PILOTS abound everywhere, pity the poor working with no exemptions, and now no STAR checks.

Anonymous said...

3:31, you're exactly right. But I don't care. I've been saying this for years, but the great voters of NY love all this non-profit, executive director run BS. And they always seem to be headed by an important person's son or daughter with a sociology degree who had trouble finding work. Your kid left for NC. Their kid runs an agency, or works for the state. Ah well, as Dan says, maybe they earned it.

Anonymous said...

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