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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What Happened?

The 2009-2010 New York State budget that has been consistently defended by Senator Aubertine and Assemblywoman Russell is $2.1 billion short. (Update: Dede Scozzafava voted no on the this year's NYS Budget)

Now, the Governor is using fiscal tough talk (again) about what needs to be done this fall in order to re-balance the faulty budget. And in doing so he speaks quite candidly of the budget.
"Legislators are going to have to be prepared to make some very tough decisions," Paterson said.

"As California found out, if you don't make the tough decisions now, they just wait for you and they double impact on what is deteriorating state revenue forecast...I think we've raised enough fees, and I think we've raised enough taxes."
And what did the Governor say about the tax increase coined the "millionaires tax,"
"the problem even doing that is that it drives the job creators out of the state and then the jobs go with them,"


Perro de Presa said...

Is there anyone from the local delegation that voted against the state budget? Sorry, was asking the rhetorical question. Of course there was! That said. Those of us who find themselves way right of center care more about what people do with or in their personal lives to speak about fiscal conservativism. Yes?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The gov. sure is a slow learner.Seems I remember lots of folks saying if you tax the rich any harder they will leave the state.He's a little late with that brain fart. Stupid they are all stupid!

Anonymous said...

DEDE voted NO!!!

Perro de Presa said...


Anonymous said...

Before you get too excited about Paterson's foot stomping, recall that he alo said he would NEVER, NEVER support a millionaire's tax in the budget that raised spending by 7 times the inflation rate.

He also said he would VETO any new post-budget spending bills sent him by the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

Then he turned around a signed a $40 million tax break for developers that was sponsored by Sens. Valesky and Aubertine.

One question on Paterson's new no-new-taxes pledge: Were his lips moving?

Anonymous said...

Again, this is an instance of amateurs running our state government. An accidental Governor, an appointed LT Gov, and an appointed Comptroller.

These clowns couldn't develop a budget for an ice cream stand, why is our local media giving them a pass???

Senator Aubertine voted for this budget and passed the problems on...he'll be taking whatever job was promised to him to not run for Congress and the next State Senator will have to make hard choices.

Good bye Darrel, Good bye Addie.

Anonymous said...

AJR didn't understand the county budget when she was the County Leg. person, She supported increased spending in the County Sheriff's dept. where her husband is employed. Conflict???????????

Anonymous said...

Me take ESL and dis es all I gets?

Anonymous said...

Lest you forget:

"The budget we passed...is a responsible, balanced spending plan that restores funding for vital services and programs, limits the impact of these hard fiscal times on Upstate New York and puts us in position to create jobs and build a better future for all New Yorkers."
--Darrel Aubertine press release, 4/6/09.

Or, not!

LiberalLaugh said...

What happened? Years and years of Republican control of Albany.


Anonymous said...

Of course we could ask about the county budget, and all the money spent on courthouses, old and new,boats and suv's for the sheriffs dept., numerous dogs.etc,etc.

Anonymous said...

7:46 I don't recall having problems this big when the repugs ran the show.It may have been uncomfortable at times but we are dying here now! Jesus how long you think you can blame it on the republicans.The dems are the ones spending money like theres no end.Problem is the end is here we tax payers have no more to give.Or refuse to give it. BAWAAHAWAAA

Dan Francis said...

If, and a mighty big if, if our elected Reps./Senators from around there are expected to go into office and vote against every "new budget, any/all taxes, increase or hikes in fees and stuff of any kind, and that's all they are expected to do, and then stand on the sidelines and harp and complain and blame others for their "yes" vote, then there's no need for government to exist.

- I mean, forget about all the government/and public bills, the public service obligations, all the things government provides and oversees, etc. --

Then Pass the hat?

Whew - That was Easy! ®

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

The simple answer is that it will be the Republicans fault until the Democrats have everything fixed.

Do we REALLY need to go over this again?

Anonymous said...

Dan F for Congress!

Anonymous said...

AJR for congress, Hey why not, it's a bigger pot of money, she couldn't spend all of it, or could she??

Anonymous said...

1:23 PM
I'm not sure we can wait that long.With the present policy of spend spend spend and look for new shit to tax don't have so bright a future.

Anonymous said...

12:58 PM
Sounds good to me DF. Aside from plowing the roads and keeping the peace I don't see where we are getting our moneys worth for all the $$$ going into gov. It has by far exeeded it's $ to worth ratio.The kids are stupid the adults are lazy and the retired can't retire. So I say we reset and begin again.

Anonymous said...

It was all a misunderstanding!

Anonymous said...

Funny AJR voted for the state budget then tries to lead the fight for the wine store owners, gotta love it. But I see another Burto made it into government, lucky us.

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