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Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Porkfest '09

The chart pretty much illustrates it all; upstate lost 36.1% percent of its share of pork while NYC increased their share by 72%. Pork should be eliminate or at the very least limited in its scope and most importantly equitably distributed on a per capita basis.

So much for having the benefit of majority members in the Senate and Assembly, that is not working well for us.  


Earthbob said...

Does the Pig represent the New York State Area in terms of square miles?

Or does the Pig represent the New York State Population in terms of New York State Citizens per square mile?

Edward R Tuft, in his book "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information" debunks this type of visual misportrayal of data in Chapter 2. "Graphical Integrity".

The facts, on there own, are bad enough.

Perro de Presa said...

Looks like someone was paying attention in that graduate level stats class! Just kidding, but you are making a valid point THERE.

Anonymous said...

Earthbob, interesting post but if I follow your logic I see that NYC and the burbs have a population of 17 Million. If that means that you agree that the NYC, Westchester and LI should get 17/19 of the state spending it stands to reason that you like the democrats in state government support that all of upstate north and west of the Tappan Zee bridge will share only 15% of state funding. I personally think that is pure BS.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Downstate is such a fan of the current system.

Anonymous said...

EB, have you started wearing gold chains? Are you or have you ever been a citizen of the State of New Jersey? Just curious. Thanks.

Earthbob said...

As my original post states, my anonymous friend:

EB: "The facts, on there own, are bad enough."

I do not disagree with the facts, just the integrity of the presentation.

Diluting an argument with an inaccurate image borders on propaganda.

Why not let the facts speak for themselves?

I do think I would look a bit gaudy in gold chains, don't you?

Today all media and their commentators, ranging the spectrum from MSNBC to FOX, barrage us as if we were in a Cambodian Re-Education Camp.

Talk Radio fits that description, too.

As Joe Friday would say: "Just the facts, Mam, just the facts."

Note: I did not use the word PROCESS...oops!

Dan Francis said...

* Sign hanging over two doors as one enters Hell:

"Damned if you do, Damned if you don't."

So, do you want that nasty "pork" (which to ALL incumbents seeking reelection is bacon), or not?

If not, then work to end special interest money (mostly outside) that funds incumbents in office for life.

Work to get public financing for all state and above elections...

Restrict the massive amounts of outside money, and demand good government with people who will make decisions not based on the amount of money they get for favors that keep them in office.

Am I naïve? Probably - but one can dream.

I say and practice: Don't take money except from those who can vote for you, period ...

— dmf

Anonymous said...

Of course we all loved it when "Gentleman Jim" would ride into town slinging money to and fro, Most of it going to The Children clinic, and other favorites of his. Live by the sword die by it.

Anonymous said...

I certainly do appreciate the fact that you've avoided any mention of the word process, EB. That is a favor I will always be grateful for.

Now we've moved on to "integrity of the presentation." As a man who never did live in New Jersey, and doesn't budget for gold chains, please keep it simple for me. Does that mean you have a problem with the facts as stated? In my view, we are the anus of the nation, screwing up our future as no other region of our great land. Perhaps Michigan can compete, or California. But we NYers are very good at what we do. And dispite undeniable evidence of this behavior, I see folks, lots of folks, who would rather play politics than admit what we are doing is wrong and go after both parties for what they are doing. That is what I see you doing. I completed a graduate degree as well, EB. We both know it doesn't really makes us any better than the guy who knows how to weld, well. We can all wiggle and dance. It doesn't change the fact that our pols are stealing from our kids. When you get all done with your two step, you might, just might want to admit this theft is something we should never accept. The people doing this need to be held accountable. Every once in a while, EB, you have to make a decision. But I guess some people dance till they die. If that's the goal, you be livin' in the right place. We are the Empire State.

Have a good week.

Earthbob said...

It is a simple decision, my anonymous friend.

We, as citizens, can not afford ourselves.

Neither political party and their elected officials can steer government past that concept.

Whatever we have learned, we still must do.


Communicate your views to government leaders at every level.

Provide solutions when you can.

"When you get all done with your two step, you might, just might want to admit this theft is something we should never accept. The people doing this need to be held accountable."

Although I appreciate your efforts at being my "Life Coach" and dance instructor, I have, in practice, held people accountable.

You do an interesting dance step to "Twist and Shout", my anonymous friend.

Disclaimer: The word PROCESS was NOT used...oops!

Anonymous said...

it will take some mighty large personalities to get the voters' attention(s), and another set of dedicated grinders to put traction in the message. The resistance will be HUUUUGGGGE-ah!!!! But it's worth the effort. One place to start would be more self-sufficiency.

Anonymous said...

"self sufficiency" is a especially tough when people are taught that they are not responsible for their own actions.

Maybe, if the psychobabble was changed so that people held themselves more accountable for their respective situations, you could encourage people to become more self-sufficient.

DownStateOperative said...

You are a pretty miserable guy, Bruno, and it appears you are holding everyone else but yourself accountable for your own misery.

Anonymous said...

I don't wanna coach ya EB, I just want you to make a decision. I guess it doesn't matter at this point. My boat is running fine and I have a government job. For me, life will stay good.

I got to see Alan Jackson's boat as it was heading north near Boldt Castle on Sat. Nice. He had a Bertram, maybe 30'er, following his cruiser. Tennessee flags.

Earthbob said...

Whatever floats your boat, my anonymous friend.

I, myself, was admiring the vessels at the Antique Boat Museum.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I made it there this year as well. That is getting to be a big show. I'm not a wooden boat guy, yet. No good place to store it for now.

Anonymous said...

Wow mention was made of the 2 biggest consumers of taxpayers dollars, the "Boat Museum" and Boldt Castle

Anonymous said...

I doubt that, 10:14, but nice try.
If you have any real numbers put 'em out there for us. The Antique Boat Museum could probably live on private funds. The castle, I doubt it. But it would be interesting to see the numbers. The Johnson family loves the boat museum, so you probably won't get honest facts about taxpayer support. You might about the castle.

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