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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kennedy Tweets

Attention families and funeral directors this is a new feature in death notices and meaning notices - plural.

The Kennedy's are twittering the sequence of events and occurrences during the mourning period of the death of Ted Kennedy.

Follow all the happenings and news.

KennedyNews twittering.


Anonymous said...

Some sample @UncleTeddy tweets:

0817 Fawning profiles of Uncle Teddy continue on am news feeds

0823 MA and natl pols jockey for best "I knew UT quotes'

0853 UT still dead

0854 Cuz Caroline prepares to speak: Uh, um, er, uh...

0912 UT still dead

Dan Francis said...

Now the "fun" starts, right?

Conservatives Cannot Let Anyone R.I.P.

Cite: "No government was a partner with God in Ted Kennedy's death. To put his name on this current health-care bill would be to insult what he stood for.”
— Flush Rimbowl

"Remember Paul Wellstone's death? You know, 'Let's do everything for Paul." — Sean Hannitynitwit

And, some wonder why that side of the GOP aisle is empty of ideas.

Pathetic comes to mind, and so does hypocrisy!

— dmf

Anonymous said...

you prople don't have enough to do

Anonymous said...

Dan is in a huff about something that didn't happen. Strange mindset. I don't hear a groudswell of disrespect. Shut up Dan. Give it a rest.

Dan Francis said...

Anonymous 4:41 -- note that Anon 9:23's post was out of line in my view - - if that's being in a huff, so be it.

It's my huff anyway ...

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Well look at the silver lining side guys.Now kennedy is eligible to vote in chicago!

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