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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tweets, Twits or Whatever

In and effort to keep her message out in front of people, Dede Scozzafava tweets, see it here.

Memo to Dede - we don't care to know you every move, like the twit mayor or is that tweeting mayor, that stuff is not important, except to those who are completely bored in life. Tell us about your campaign activities, clarify news reports, etc.  

To Dede's success, Jude Seymour, an astute and very hard working reporter for the Watertown Daily Times, picks up and reports the tweets on his new blog.  All Politics Is Local.

Hey Jude (not the song) if you pick up a tweet from Dede does that make you a twit or just a retweet?

Anyhow, we have been laying fairly low the last couple of weeks, slow news happenings to comment on except for all the head banging on the health care debate. But, Jude you can give us a shout out on your blog, since you have others.


Dan Francis said...

Speaking Jude and the WDT. I posted this regarding their editorial today:

"It don't get any better than this, folks, really it doesn't:

"The GOP killing and eating their own ... the only question is "Were do they hide the evidence?"

"The WDT and just about 99.9999% of all the voters in this region are staunch GOPers and have been since Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomatoox. They have supported mostly conservative candidates/ or incumbents/or wannabe's, et al.

"Now, since the national GOP is in deep, deep Kimchi, they want to act like moderates or worse: Left-leaning Democrats who say they are in the middle (a tiny bit left of center?) but who are not ... LOL --

"I can't stop laughing -- stop it -- you're killing me.

"You guys outta be in "stand up comedy," and not the news business -- it is still a business and not a political prediction game, right? I thought so."

— dmf (Eyepublius)

Anonymous said...

23rd race
Some of debate getting off track
The state Conservative Party's position on moderate Republican Dierdre K. Scozzafava is out of touch with reality.
State Assemblywoman Scozzafava, Republican nominee for Rep. John M. McHugh's congressional seat, is in a three-way race with Conservative Douglas L. Hoffman, an accountant from Lake Placid who does not even live in the district, and Plattsburgh attorney William L. Owens, a Democrat.
Ms. Scozzafava was chosen by 11 county Republican chairpersons as the best candidate to bear the party's standard in the anticipated race for the congressional seat. Before Mr. Hoffman received the Conservative nomination, he sought the Republican nod. And after the Conservatives anointed him he sent a letter to the Republican leaders suggesting that there was still time to dump Ms. Scozzafava in his favor. All this while his party associates were criticizing the assemblywoman's stand on abortion and gay marriage.
Positions on one or two social issues do not make a politician. To make an informed decision, voters should examine a candidate's record on a variety of issues. Voters need to look at the whole person.
Most American elections have favored candidates who are in the middle, not on the political fringes. Ms. Scozzafava is a moderate who has proven since she was mayor of Gouverneur that she can work with colleagues and people from different parties and holding differing views.
Her views resonate across the district because she supports the rights of individuals to determine what is best for themselves. Her record of support for the dairy industry, the military, the individual rights of women and organized labor appeals to enlightened voters in the vast north country. She will take to Washington her proven ability to be an effective representative despite being part of the minority.
What Ms. Scozzafava will not do is join an ineffective minority party which substitutes bluster for effective leadership.
Conservatives are applying a political litmus test for elective office, claiming, in so many words, that Ms. Scozzafava is not a true Republican. Apparently 11 county Republican chairpersons do not agree.
Michael Long, state Conservative Party chairman, has compared the anticipated special election for New York's 23rd Congressional District to the 1970 U.S. Senate race won by Conservative James L. Buckley. Mr. Long said he sees "that type of opportunity here."
That is a flawed analogy. In the 1970 race, Mr. Buckley managed to win a 38 percent plurality running against Republican Charles Goodell, who had been appointed senator by then-Gov. Nelson Rockefeller after Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. Mr. Goodell, who opposed the Vietnam War, and Democrat Richard Ottinger split the liberal vote.
Neither the Republican nor the Democrat were considered strong candidates in the 1970 race. Yet Ms. Scozzafava is an able candidate to represent her party and constituents, and has a long record in public life.
Attempts by Mr. Long and at least one other Conservative colleague to undermine Ms. Scozzafava with demeaning words will backfire. Insulting women by calling a candidate a "girl" is not a winning strategy.
The Conservative Party is well on its way to joining New York's old Liberal party as an asterisk in the history books.

Dan Francis said...

A must read for anyone who thinks for one minute that we must or should return to the "Wild, Wild West" days of frontier justice?

Phoenix (Obama rally) Radio Host Staged AR-15

Can't be real, honest, or up front, so fake it, right, guys?

— dmf

Anonymous said...

What other blogs does Jude have?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jude can find out who the secret investor of Tom's.

Anonymous said...

1:06 PM
I'm not so sure about your views.Most of us have had it with repub and dem bullshit. Both parties are self serving,lying,arrogant and to easily blow our money on stupidity.I for one am willing to give the conservatives a shot.What have we got to lose? The dems have us broke for three generations anyhow.And ya I know it's Bush's fault that the deficit tripled in the last 6 months.

Dan Francis said...

Anonymous 1:06... "give the conservatives a shot..." you posted in part.

You mean conservatives like:

Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox News GOP cheerleaders, Coulter, most on other Talk Radio; Kristol, Will, and a host on TV "commentators"; Cheney, Blackwater, Halliburton, and the 52,000 to hide money in UBS off-shore (to be fair I suspect some Libs are there, too); and those gun-toting, sign-holding screamers who say they are just "concerned citizens" at all those health care reform rallies who say they are representative of American values and views and processes and worry about our future?

Or locally, those who run as "conservatives" but then dash to the middle or slightly left to govern and "go along to get along," but then slink back to the conservtive side at reelection time saying they still lots to do in office?

That kind of conservative, right?


~ dmf

Anonymous said...

12:18 PM
Dan we have had republican control and did'nt like it.Now we have dem control where I and just about all of my gun toting friends hate it.Just about every day theres a new rule or regulation they are trying to slip through.Most of us hate politics myself included.We just want them out of our face.Obama and the dems really have mobilized the sleeping giant. How do I know? because there is a van load of us local boys making plans to attend the tea party on 9/12.And you can bet your life 6 months ago I had no intentions of ever going to DC,I hate going to watertown. So if you think the town halls are staged I have a gut feeling you are dead wrong.I can account for at least 20 voters and growing that did'nt care to vote in the past (I was one of them) that can't wait to deflate what is blowing up in our faces today. I agree with you republicans suck but obama and his clan ooh booyy America is truly waking up.

Anonymous said...

we can hope but that will never happen,two words pay cut.All the conser talk show hosts would be fools to give it up.Besides they are needed to rally the country.Like it or not America needs to be saved from the liberal.

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