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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This Says It All

Are you need to know about how corrupt the system is in Albany is right here in the Albany Times Union:

Senate coup participants raking it in

Highlights -
In the weeks since the Senate stalemate ended, the chamber's Democrats have showered rehabilitated turncoat Sens. Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens with hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay raises and new staff, including a newly created $120,000 job for Espada's son.
According to two Senate Democratic sources, Sen. Espada tried to hire his son directly, which would have been illegal. A provision in the state's public officers law enacted in 2007 expressly forbids elected state officials from directly hiring family members.
The Senate Democratic leadership was informed of the legal conflict, but "it appears they found an alternative solution," the source said.
Promoted to the position of Senate majority leader.
Given additional office space.
His son, Pedro G. Espada, was hired by the Senate to a newly created $120,000 job.
He hired friend and fellow coup conspirator Steve Pigeon as his $150,253 counsel.

Reinstated as Chair of the Consumer Protection Committee. (Monserrate was stripped of the title after being indicted for allegedly slashing his girlfriend with a broken glass. He received its $12,500 stipend in July.)
Awarded staff raises and hired two new staffers, costing the state an estimated additional $150,000 a year.
 Only in Albany does it pay to be corrupt!


Anonymous said...

And what do we hear from our illustrious State Senator...que the crickers Danno.

Sad, pathetic, illegal...etc...throw whatever label you want on it. At the end of the day Darrel we will hold YOU accountable not only for your actions, but also for your inactions.

Here's looking at you...

Anonymous said...

Didn't Pedro read about Darrel's experience with trying to put a relative on the payroll? It was illegal when Darrel tried to do it -- should still be illegal now!

LiberalLaugh said...

If that "says it all", does that mean you are finally going to quit?


Anonymous said...

What a joke! You make an issue out of this when the Republicans robbed this state blind for years.

Sorry. It's our turn now. We won.

Political IV said...


No I'm not going to quit you would miss me too much.

But thanks for asking and thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Maybe we "forgot" about the ATV coordinator job, also what about the Heidi affair????

Dan Francis said...

When will people listen to me?

Get rid of Sen. Espada now.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

ESPADAS son just resigned when he heard coumo was investigatin him

Anonymous said...


Earthbob said...

Ar leas AG Cuomo is doing something about the NYS Senate Mess:


It is about time someone from either Party Affiliation do something other than going to court to protect their Senate Seniority and Perks...

Anonymous said...

Can Aubertine's sister get the job???

Anonymous said...

Just ask Sheldon Silver's former staffer who "raped" another staffer.

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