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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Parochialism in the 23rd?

Much like the GOP candidate vetting process, this North Country poll gives a window into the parochialism of the region's Democrats when settling on their choice for the 23rd CD, and highlights the challenge that both candidates will face in making themselves known to voters in the vast and sprawling district.
From the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, based in Saranac Lake, the poll is more of a hometown boy-type contest. Brian McGrath, who no one ever heard of, but claims a home in the Adirondack foothills, is the locals' choice.
In Oswego County, a recent online poll found strong support for John Sullivan, the ex-Mayor. He barely shows up in the ADE poll.
And close to heart candidate or at least close to our blog Dan Francis, well known around these parts, barely registers at all.
Ditto for Mike Oot, even though he recently dumped thousands of dollars into his own failed effort for the seat.
Of course, there's a reason they call these polls "unscientific." But they can't call them "uninteresting."


Dan Francis said...

This ADE "poll" (no doubt paid for by McGrath, who also has polls all over the Internet) is laughable and makes a mockery of not only McGrath himself, but for the whole process.

We have fine candidates who are willing to put their name, reputatation, and families on the firing line for this kind of scrutiny to serve the public.

As for me, hey, 1% is better than no percent, right? LOL

We ain't done yet... stay tuned, and I'd ask: "Listen to the what the candidates have to say, but more importantly, examime what they offer and what they say they can do."

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

Talking about "parochialism?" GOP targets these seven NYS Dems for 2010 fight in the hopes to gain 70 seats nationwide.

Rep. Tim Bishop, NY-01
Rep. Mike McMahon, NY-13
Rep. John Hall, NY-19
Rep. Scott Murphy, NY-20
Rep. Mike Arcuri, NY-24
Rep. Dan Maffei, NY-25
Rep. Eric Massa, NY-29

GOP 2010 Strategy to Win [back] 70 Seats in Congress

— Good luck with that one!

RedWriggler said...

McGrath's website is pretty cool, though. www.mcgrathforcongress.com

Anonymous said...

He appears to be ok with me,But with no history how can you trust him? As soon as schumer takes hold of him thats it RUINED!

Dan Francis said...

The "local GOP" ain't gonna like this one bit. This district's "right: has supported John McHugh for many many years - now this: "His integrity is questioned some on the "right?"

Did McHugh Shift View to Gain New Job???


— dmf

Anonymous said...

Wow - pretty good website - that seals the deal, then - "vote him in."

Alrighty then (said with Jim Carrey accent).

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