"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sitting Duck

Accidental Governor David Paterson is not quite a lame duck yet, but he is as close as someone can get!

Paterson trails AG Cuomo by 61 to 15% in a potential primary and even if he did not have a primary he trails Rudy in a general election matchup 53-33.

Paterson's job disapproval opinion continues to run high at 59-30.

Quinnipiac Poll


Anonymous said...

again all patterson is trying to do is correct eight years of shanagains that Pataki created. The people do not understand so eventually this state will be like California and go bankrupt. You cannot get nothing from nothing. NYS brace yourselves it will get worse. Political IV has his nose so far up the republican machines you no what that he will suficate soon in his own belief of his rhetorical bs.

Anonymous said...

This is all the fault of George Bush and the Republicans.

Dan Francis said...

If there are any "sitting ducks" in Albany it certainly would be 62 Senators, and 150 Assemblymembers whom need the boot - then we can start fresh.

But, that's too easy -- the voters simply cannot get up in arms (not literally intended) to pull that off -- but we outta.

I like Gov. Paterson and thus far, I see nothing bad enough to boot him out -- excpet GOP dislike for him.

Bringing in another Cuomo may not necessarily be the answer, either, but thanks for your GOP help anyway.

We need people who will get the job done, not just get people in office whom we like, and hope they get the job done.

Popularity does not solve problems -- hard work and leadership does. IMHO.

View from the sidelines: — dmf

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with Patterson either. The cause of our state mess isn't Pataki, it is overspending by both parties. Patterson has tried, ineffectively I admit, to make changes, but has been unsuccessful. As things stand now, if we put Cuomo in there, the crooks would chew him up and spit him out too. Teacher's unions, government employees, all special interests will contintue to get fat. People will continue to be taxed out of the state. Gov Cuomo will be unable to change it, and we will blame him, when we have only ourselves to blame.

I agree with Danny on this one. If our anger does not result in action, we won't see change and we deserve what we get. Just as we've had for a couple generations now.

Anonymous said...

And Dan, I'm GOP, and I like him. So watch the wide brush judgments. Patterson's real problem is Shelly Silver, and finest, most accomplished crook NY has produced in the last thirty years. Someday he may be in jail, but it will be too late for the people of NY.

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