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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, August 21, 2009

Are Death Panels For Real?

This appears to be the real deal for death panels, after watching this video from Oregon state run healthcare you might have cause for concern.


Anonymous said...

Before you spew such irresponsible crap like this, perhaps you should read the bill in Congress. There is NO death panel in the pending bill. None, whatsoever. Spreading such lies accomplishes exactly one thing: leaving 50 million Americans uninsured.

This is disgusting.

Dan Francis said...

IV and others: this has nothing to do with the current debate (if we can call it debate) about healthcare... your Oregon example is weak... it's a small, very small part of the overall argument. Plus you left out a ton of info. To wit:

* Assisted suicide is legal in the three states:

(1) Oregon (via the Oregon Death with Dignity Act[42]), (2) Washington (by Washington Initiative 1000), and (3) Montana (through a trial court ruling).

Montana is pretty conservative, I might add.

- There are relatively substantial barriers to the use of some of these provisions, i.e., Oregon requires a physician to prescribe medication but it must be self administered. The prognosis must be for a life span of 6 months or less; one must be a 'resident' of Oregon, and a written request for prescription and two oral requests from the patient is also needed to escape criminal liability, plus written confirmation by doctor that the act is voluntary and informed.

This limited model has withstood Constitutional scrutiny:

Gonzales v Oregon 368 F. 3d 1118 (2004),[43] affirmed by 546 U.S. 243 (2006).

There is absolutely nothing that should take the place of facts and the truth -- but, damn the GOP sure tries, don't they? Sad, really.

— dmf

LiberalBoo said...

You are not even funny anymore. You're nuts!


Anonymous said...

I really hate to agree with Danny Francis on anything, but he is dead on (pardon the pun) here. The earlier poster is also totally correct.

Anonymous said...

good post, Francis

Anonymous said...

Maybe the death panels worked so good in 3 states the pres feels we should have it in all 57 ?

Dan Francis said...

Anonymous 1:29 - they worked in those three states and withstood judicial inquiry and oversight for one reason:

"The people wanted them and approved them on their state ballots."

That, too is called choice.

For anyone who honestly believes that Barack Obama or anyone in office actually "wants or advocates or approves" of the so-claled "death panels," defies not only imagination, but gravity as well.

Anyone who thinks that way needs a close MD examination (in their noggin).

— dmf

Anonymous said...

You guys are funny.If a person wants assisted death it,s legal in these three states.The woman in the video clearly does'nt want it, she wants to try and live. So why is the government making death her only option? You see that's why the country does not want the government taking control they can't handle it. Look at cash for junkers great program eh I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Lane County, Oregon.
As of the 2000 US census, there were 322,959 people in the county, about 50,000 less people than either Alaska or Staten Island, NY.

The racial makeup of the county was 90.64% White, 0.78% African American, 1.13% Native American, 2.00% Asian, 0.19% Pacific Islander, 1.95% from other races, and 3.32% from two or more races. 4.61% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. 18.3% were of German, 12.2% English, 9.6% Irish and 8.1% American ancestry.

She has been very lucky to have had any medical coverage at all.
She's uninsured and lives in Lane County, Oregon.
Absolute total ingratitude by her to expect Lane County (pop 350,000) to spend millions of dollars to keep her alive a little longer. FRIGIN' PULL THE PLUG, I say. What a bITcH

hermit thrush said...

yep, more cheers to dan and anon 11:04 for their comments.

i wonder if piv has the integrity to revise the original post to something a little less misleading? the title might be a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

I agree, bravo Anon 11:04 and Dan Francis.

Let's have an intelligent healthcare debate not a fantasy land one!

LiberalLaugh said...

"Look at cash for junkers great program eh I rest my case."

You should, because you have no case.


Dan Francis said...

Why not combine "Cash for Clunkers and Death Panels" -- result:

* Dispose of 'em before they die; crush them; discard them at the nearest body recycling center; and,
save a ton of money. What a deal?

(The cars, not the people - got cha') ...

Anonymous said...

Why do you people go nuts when the questions asked in the clip are perfectly valid? It has become cheaper to die than to treat certain illnesses. If you don't think this is factored in in the Great One's new plan, you are foolish. Any plan would have to deal with it. No lies involved, just reality. The truth shouldn't disgust anyone.

Whatever healthcare we are left with, as a government employee I'm sure I'll come out all right. The resulting system will be fair and balanced for all, but for us especially. Me and Dan will end up right where we are now, ahead.

Lighten up. And continue to pay more in taxes to the almighty Govment. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

but people around the country think they are entitled to all services all the time, nuclear tests, CT scans, etc, even if they are walkins dont they? And they whine about a copay? They say the cost of being healthy is too high, well how about the cost of being ill?

Dan Francis said...

Anonyous 6:19 and others: Your post made me think:

An old timer noted as he was about ready to blew out the candles on his 105th birthday cake, and after being asked how he felt, said, "Well, considering the alternative, I feel damn good."

LiberalLaugh said...

PIV supports the "Death Panel". He has a contract with them for the flowers.


Anonymous said...

Well 6:19, I always HAVE been entitled to instant tests of any kind. You aren't? You must not be a bum, or a government employee, or a teacher, or one of the chosen ones.

I figure the system as it is has been good to me. More government can only make it better. So, I'm rooting for the Great One all the way. Even death panels won't exist for us until long after they're in effect for you. And that's as it should be. We sacrificed for a long time, working for agencies and such.

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