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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Legends Of Different Kinds

The country has lost a great member of a great family, Ted Kennedy. The end of a family dynasty that has spanned decades. Whether or not you agreed with his policy positions, you could find common ground on his approach and admiration for the way he did his job. Our country has lost a good man!

Locally, our most admired radio voice, George Neher, passed away. Again many grew up listening to George on the radio, sometimes for what seemed to be endless hours during troubled times. And if you were ever interviewed by George you knew his approach would not be from a political slant, but from a fundatmental - right and wrong - what is the best for the community. Our community has lost a good man!


Earthbob said...

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal;

Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

An Irish Blessing

LiberalLaugh said...

A party with one less drunk..an Irish wake.


Anonymous said...

Lib laff- you are braying like a jackass this time

woodchucksage said...

Liberal Laugh must be talking about his godfather Tipsy Teddy Kennedy!

Dan Francis said...

The way I will remember Sen. Ted Kennedy, and I suspect the way millions of others will, too:

There's nothing wrong with being liberal about things that are right for America.

— dmf

Anonymous said...

And that's new?

Anonymous said...

PIV you are such a dufus. You could give a rat's ass about TK. But now you honor him in case someone wants to send flowers.

Anonymous said...

7:01, you are correct!!!! Not only could he give a rats butott but he is a hypocritical always I am right republican

Anonymous said...

Have we gotten to a point where we can decide another person's motivation with no evidence whatsoever? PIV noted that Kennedy is a legend. Leave it at that.

I've got issues with the man, politically and otherwise, but now is not the time and I have no standing in the matter. None of us do. Someone else does.

hermit thrush said...

i agree with 2:02. obviously piv doesn't subscribe to kennedy's politics, but so what? political differences should never stop any of us from recognizing the good in each other. kudos to piv.

Political IV said...

I admire the Kennedy's and their families sense of service to people. For a family that has so much, they certainly care a great deal for the have nots. People may disagree on policy issues, but that does not preclude them from respecting each other. The Kennedy's are true public servants and I admire them for that service.

Anonymous said...

Klermit just agreed with me.
Hell offers free skating, tonight at 6.

But I wasn't talking about PIV, I was responding to posters.
Not a major difference.

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