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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coup Language

Out of everything bad, there is a nugget of good.

News 10's Bill Carey created a new lexicon out of the recent coup at the New York State Senate.

You may have seen this before, but it is a good piece worth a cut and paste.

Skelospada, a being created by the unusual pairing of ideological opposites for the purpose of gaining more office space.

Amigo Drift -- when one of the pair gets an even better deal.

How about a verb – to Malcolm. That's the act of ignoring words spoken by an important guest while retrieving Blackberry messages.

And it's corollary -- to be Smithed. That's a sudden loss of power requiring assistance from an historic figure, perhaps Sampson
All sorts of new terms spring to mind.

Repocrisy -- the inability of one group to accept rules that it imposed on another group in the past.

Or demnesia -- a sudden forgetfulness. One suffering from demnesia might be found asking, "what reform?"

There is cuomotion -- creating a stir by saying nothing and appearing detached.

Or shellification -- the amused satisfaction of not appearing dysfunctional.

Taking on a new job at the request of someone who may not be in a position to actually give you that position -- Ravitching.

Any act that, at first, appears substantial, yet fails to carry any weight would be Patersonian.

And they go on and on.
Jurisdisrelish -- a sudden revulsion by judges to actually rule in cases.
All new words that could someday make it to the big time.

Oh, there was one other. Actually, a new definition for a word that is already in the dictionary. A spectator forced to watch something they find personally revolting, while also obliged to cover any and all expenses. The word is taxpayer.


Anonymous said...

How about these:

"darrelized," adj., (1) a state of paralysis when your stated beliefs conflict with the directives of your political bosses;
(2) the act of saying one thing, then doing the exact opposite when you are more than 150 miles away from home, e.g., Saying, "I put people before politics," then voting for record spending and tax hikes.

Also, "aubertine," n., a misunderstanding, e.g., "When I said I would stand up for you, that was just an aubertine."

Anonymous said...

how about some of these anons getting off their keyboards and actually running for office? Old enough? Rather be critics than doers?


Anonymous said...

Good one, Tony.

A wise man once told me that there were only two groups of people, those that DO and those that TAKE CREDIT. He suggested that you should try to part of the first group as there was a lot less competition.


Dan Francis said...

"Bullshitus Extremus" also comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Relax, Tony and Buck.


Anonymous said...

"De-Grayded:.......Having to work for Scott Gray. Go figure

Anonymous said...

Russellized, akin to cattle rustlers. On the up side The Feds are closing in on Bruno.

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