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Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Buck Up

Buck up sportsmen!

The DEC is casting new fees that passed this year by Addie Jenne Russell, Darrel Aubertine and the rest of the Democrats in Albany.

New license fees for hunting, fishing and trapping have been posted by the state DEC and beginning October 1st fishermen will see a 50 percent hike in license fees, while some senior outdoorsmen will see fees jump a whopping 800 percent.

The new fees were included in Russell and Aubertine’s bloated state budget, which raised more than 100 taxes and fees and increased spending by seven times the rate of inflation.

See a chart of the DEC fee hikes


Anonymous said...

Like the mayor of Watertown and the bozo's on the board said when they raise the city bus fairs, "It is still a good deal".

You bitch about everything. Why don't you pull up your business and just move if things are so bad?

Anonymous said...

How many rebulicans voted to raise the fees? Zero right!!!!! Quit being such a Republican Hypocrite. George Duba and his cronies if I recall Repbulicans ran this country into the ground, nothing out of your mouth or pen on that one.

StateStreetLou said...

Let's see what kind of greed you resort to. Oh sweetie you let Addie take the fall for continuance of the extra sales tax. You disgusting hypocritical boy. Wash out your mouth. You had a chance to put your money where your mouth is and refuse the perpetual raise on the tax.

You never complain about business perks provided to you by us taxpayers. Republican greed by a fella with no name.

Anonymous said...

You tell him Lou!

Anonymous said...

Boy, oh boy, Democrats sure are quick to respond to raising taxes...not as quick as they are to raise them however.

Darrel, do you think there will be a Sportsmen for Aubertine group in 2010...I think not. Same goes from you AJR.


Anonymous said...

A few years ago when Pataki wanted to cut spending, the senate and assembly overroad his vetoes raising fees to folks in all walks of life, this was both sides of the aisle, while I think AJR is in way over her head, don't blame it on her, the flip side don't anyone give her credit for being a lawmaker, she's just following orders.

Political IV said...

My Sweet Lou, tsk tsk, you get testy when your people are responsible for such foolish decisions.

You say I don't have a name, yet you attack me from a moniker "State Street Lou."

You claim I use public money - again - Nada, Zilch, Zero - never - not ever have I.

Calm down their sonny boy, you are going to stress yourself too much.

Anonymous said...

Political IV...the worst liar/career politician of them all...

Anonymous said...

This is all the fault of George W. Bush and the Republicans.

StateStreetLou said...

"Calm down their sonny boy, you are going to stress yourself too much."

I'm a girl. My name is Louise and I live near State Street. I am not a politician and I am not taking cheap shots while hiding in a closet, sweetie. Are you going to be un-opposed. That is the only way you will win again. We liked you until you started complaining without the admission of who you are. Many of us are proud of Watertown, we love our new street, our community, our square, You never have anything good to say.

Take your miserable life and turn it into something happy. If only for a day.

Anonymous said...

'You claim I use public money"

BULLSH*T! Every time you take one of your business deductions you are sucking off public money. Every time you get the street in front of your flower shop plowed you are using public money. You just don't get it. You can't be so stupid to say that you never take public money.

Why are you always complaining? Get a life.

Manlius Mitch said...

Sportsmen for Anybody but Aubertine!

Anonymous said...

Lou is my new best friend...That is how much I dislike IV.

Anonymous said...

Now deducting business expenses is "sucking off public money?" Own a home? Guess not, because deducting your mortgage interest and property taxes would be "sucking off public money." Put new windows in and take the energy credit? Sucking off public money? Put your child through college and take that education credit? Sucking off public money?

So, a business should have to pay tax on every dollar brought in? Hmm..even when much of it pays salaries to employees (subject to a payroll tax), pays utility bills (that include taxes and local franchise fees),buys goods and services to operate its' business (subject to sales tax), and not to mention state licensing fees for many, many occupations.

That's the America I want- taxes on top of taxes on top of taxes and throw in a few hundred fees. Maybe, just maybe, after all of that, we might be able to buy ourselves a little freedom.

Anonymous said...

"Now deducting business expenses is "sucking off public money?""

Absolutely correct. It is called socialism. For example. Because I am fortunate and have a very good income,and no "business expenses", no mortgage and have absolutely no deductions, I pay the very highest amount of taxes possible on the income I receive.

Like I said, I am fortunate, and I don't mind because after taxes what comes to my pocket is still very good.

However, those of you with homes and big mortgages and other deductions and you businessmen with your numerous loopholes (I was one once), SUCK UP the extra that I and many others contribute.

I pay 24,542 in federal taxes. According to the computer program that does my taxes, the average Joe making the same amount as I pays only 17,421 in federal taxes.

Therefore, someone is sucking up the extra 7000 that I pay.

As a businessman, I got to suck from the public well frequently and I appreciated it.

Yes, it is a form of welfare. I hope you take advantage of it and appreciate what we are giving you.

So, suck it up. But, dammit, be happy.

WeMakeYouRich said...

Businessmen are always complaining. Why should they get a break for hiring people. It is the cost of their business, not mine. If they can't afford to hire and pay a decent wage then do the work them selves. Why should they live high off the hog and sit on their lazy ass while others do their job. They f n think they are elitists because they are BUSINESMEN. Screw them.

St.LawrenceCornersLarry said...

Manlius Mitch said...
Sportsmen for Anybody but Aubertine!

Mitch...sportsman from upscale Manlius don't need anybody or anything except a pen full of helpless animals they can shoot with a pink 410 or a barrel of fish then can net.

We are talking about good old north country go right into the woods on a rainy day kind of sportsman here.
And we are for Aubertine.

StateStreetLou said...

"My Sweet Lou, tsk tsk, you get testy when your people are responsible for such foolish decisions."

My dear, dear boy. The only people I have in my part of Watertown is my mayor, my council guy and you at the county level. That is my people, and although I am physically unable to get testy, I do get a little hormonal when you and I agree that my "people are responsible for such foolish decisions."

Later, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Lets have an index of all the Alphabet agencies, who they gave money to, and see if the owners are on the BOD of said alphabet agencies.

Anonymous said...

5:36 - it is people like you that I just cannot understand. I don't live in Manlius, rather I live in Northern Oswego County and I consider myself one of those leave my house, go the the woods and spend the better part of the day in my tree stand. Rain or shine, I'm out there...

But the part I don't understand is your support for Darrel. He's raised the fees on hunting and fishing, he's part of a party that wants to inventory every gun I own (good luck) and take all handguns completely.

How the hell can there be Sportsmen out there that support this guy? I'd love to see him and ask when the last time he bagged a deer or spent the afternoon on the water fishing. And it can't be for a fundraiser DA.

That's my rant, but I just don't see how anyone can be supportive of this kind of legislation and this Senator.

Anonymous said...

9:57 PM
Don't worry many of us don't support darrel and especially his party. I'm not saying the repugs are any better but the dems have clearly lost their minds. We need to go back to a 50/50 split where they fight amongst themselves and leave us to hell alone. I know it's hard to believe but it was much cheaper for us back then. You watch this will end up in reduced revenue for the state because many people won't buy the sportsman license just big game and maybe fishing.I know because I am one of them.I also know many people that won't buy a license at all they will only hunt their own land and say screw the state.Have to admit i'm leaning that way.

hermit thrush said...

he's part of a party that wants to inventory every gun I own (good luck) and take all handguns completely.

wrong! nonsense!

Anonymous said...

5:04 PM...so you don't even take the standard deduction? Don't deduct local property taxes?

5:28 PM...You seriously think a business should have to pay income taxes on what goes into its' employees pockets? Money that is already subject to an 8% FICA match, unemployment (State and Federal) tax and is then taxed as income for the employee?

Don't forget- if it's a corporation, any "profit" left is taxed, and if that's taken as a dividend, it's taxed again as income for the receiver.

I've never heard of such foolishness. The sad part about this country is we all pay taxes but 90% don't even think it through.

People don't understand that all of these taxes and fees are paid by us. We pay our own income tax, then pay the fee for a fishing license, driver's license, paying for our local bar's liquor license, paying our local restaurant's income tax and on and on. If I go to omeone's "flower shop" and pay $20.00 for roses, well, actually $21.55 with sales tax, you don't think any of that pays for said flower shop's income tax at the end of the year? Sure, the owner will make some money and buy a new car, so will his employees, and the employees at plant that makes the plastic wrap. That's how capitalism works. Capitalism is being taxed to death- and average America is starting to pay attention.

Death and taxes is right. And, I wonder sometimes, if I'd rather live tax-free with the Almighty.

Anonymous said...

The only people I have in my part of Watertown is my mayor, my council guy and you at the county level.


Take a lesson in Watertown civics, the entire council is elected at large, you do not have a specific council guy.

Anonymous said...

"Take a lesson in Watertown civics, the entire council is elected at large, you do not have a specific council guy."

I beg to differ with you, I only personally know and speak to one person on the Council. I drank a beer once at the Mayor's bar and have seen some others around but never had a chance to talk with them.

I don't need a civics lesson from you.

Keep trying Sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how were going to make up the $65 million in cigarette tax money we were supposed to get from the Injuns????

Anonymous said...

How many people actually kill defenseless animals with High Powered rifles and call it sport?? Folks that hunt are a dying breed.

Anonymous said...

10:16 AM
Not in NY. The nuber of sporting licences sold in NY last season was well over 1 million. That equates to over 650,000 licenced hunters. Many do not buy a license in NY because they hunt their own property. The state smells money here thus the fee increase.I wunder if they know this money must be returned to the wildlife division or loose federal funding? California got in trouble raiding the conservation fund and had to pay it all back plus interest.

Anonymous said...

I got another doe permit again this year, so what do I care?

Anonymous said...

Does members of the Senate and Assembly have tax-payer supplied healthcare????????????????????

Anonymous said...

How large does ones plot of land need to be to hunt without a license?? Just wondering?

Anonymous said...

4:30 PM
No specific size limit.Just can't shoot 500 ft from someone elses building, can't shoot across a highway and can't shoot in unsafe direction.

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