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Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Even On Thanksgiving

Obama feels the need to insert himself into our day of rest, football and belly popping turkey, dressing and deserts with this United Way commercial appearance.

United We Serve features Drew Brees, Eli Manning and others along with O-Bow-Ma.

and here is a spoof of the commercial.


Anonymous said...

In the first 10 months, President Obama has not had a foreign terrorist attack on American soil. Has declared no new wars against any sovereign nations. Ended piracy against US ships. Decided to finally bring foreign criminals to justice under our system of laws. Opened up Iran to Nuclear inspections. And all the while receiving constant harassment from a radical, vocal and threatening minority back up by a major media outlet owned by a rich Australian racist. How well did 'W' do in his first 10 months? Never mind. Just calling it as I see it.

Anonymous said...

Good for President Obama. United Way is a great cause and Thanksgiving Day is a perfect time for the president to help highlight the good work that they do for communities across the country.

The "spoof" is lame though.

Anonymous said...

7:30 No terrorist attack? What do you call the Alla Akbar killing of 13 at the Army base last week? Are you so drugged up you missed that? And Iran is opened up to inspections? Well, I didn't realize that situation was solved too. And the Australian is a racist? Is that because he doesn't bend over as MSNBC and the rest do? Or as Dannie says, maybe he's a racist because he's a Republican. Lot's of well thought out logic in your post, 7:30. Bingo and all that.

Anonymous said...

12:11 PM, In case you don't understand facts, let me explain. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was a commissioned United States officer and a gentleman. He was a highly educated professional and a licensed physician. He loved God and country. He was an American citizen. For six years, every day, his job was to listen to the pain and horror stories of hideously ugly, burned scarred, wounded American veterans, many with missing and/or deformed limbs, and try to heal them only with his words. Two weeks ago the man just simple and completely lost his sanity. Maybe if he drove a pickup truck into a Luby's Cafeteria Restaurant and shot civilians you would call it what is. The only difference is that Malik was a Muslim and not a useless white trash degenerate.

Dan Francis said...

3:23 - well-stated, very good write up... nice, even. Sadly, few have sound minds enough to wait and see the results. They prefer:

"Bring the guilty bastard in; give him a fair trial; and, then hang him."

Anonymous said...

He loved god and country - but what god and what country. Let's call it what it is. A radical Islam bent on destroying the American way of life.

His problem did not start two weeks ago. I assume, he like you, blames the evil George Bush for all of the world's problems. It makes it so easy. Obama's plan fails, George's fault.

People have to take responsibility. The problems lie with terrorist and the govt that supports them. We (Americans) got blamed for not doing enough before WW II. If we did nothing in 2001 we would be the bad guys, if we do something we are the bad guys.

Look at what is going on now (after George Bush caused the shooting at the Army Base) they are saying we did not do enough to stop it before.

Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

7:18 Why so much frustration and rage? You say "what God". The God of Christianity and Islam is one and the same God, always has been. You say "radical Islam bent on destroying the American way of life". All radical religions, including Christianity, destroy the American way of life by limiting the freedoms of other Americans. You say "We (Americans)". As though you possess some special innate abilities, simply because your mother gave birth to you while residing inside the USA. If your life was a TV drama, I guess you'd be the star of 'CSI Kileen, Texas, and already have everything all figured out. Maybe that's the problem nobody has ever given you a break. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

A lean and athletic president and he get bashed for that, too. Is there anything, anything at all that does not p*ss off the GOP about Mr. Obama -

Anonymous said...

3:23 I thought it over. I agree with you. The towelbrain Doc should never have been forced to listen to bad stories. Dannie is right. Only good stories should be treated in today's army. And them contacts with Al Kaidihajdia were probably just to up his Amway points. You're also right about the white trash in the military. This should be dealt with asap, and no one is in better position to do so than the Great One.

I'm with you and Dannie on this one. One difficult thing though. Now that our peace loving Moslim is paralized from the waist down, there isn't much reason for him to hang out in strip clubs, is there? Maybe you guys can clarify that situation for us. Like Dannie says, he's a real gentleman. But I'm so with ya, like, I'm with ya all the way.

Peacepoet said...

Yeah, but if it was Dubya in that commercian, you all would be gushing about what a great kind hearted President he was.

Give me a break, our President appears in a commercial that promotes a great cause and you STILL have something negative to say....

Anonymous said...

Predictable PP post.

Dan Francis said...

10:25 - you're a lying weasel.

I never used the term "MAJ Hasan is a real gentlemen."

Go back and check the posts and issue your apology.

Just for the record, your snide remarks are just that snide and petty, and not even funny, either.

So take your tongue out out of your cheek - you failed that test, too.

Anonymous said...

7:48 I see you are one of those that think everything is fine and those pesky right wingers are out to ruin everything. The god that the radicals follow is not the God of Christians. A Christian god does not promise virgins to those that maim and kill innocents. All religons do not destroy the American way of life. True religous people may try to but, only the radical Islams are bent on bombing and destroying Americans.

Americans do not possess an inate ability but they do possess an ability to be what they can be. That upsets many, and I assume you are one of those. Perhaps you feel cheated because you are not as successful as many others. Perhaps you do not want to blame yourself for your failures and are happy to look for others who can be at fault.

I agree with 7:18. Let's stop blaming others. A killer is a killer regardless of what made him do it.

Anonymous said...

Dannie, 3:23 said Habadulla was a "officer and a gentleman". You immediately followed him up with the comment "well stated, very good write up". Therefore, it is reasonable to connect the dots and say that you agreed with the statement that 3:23 made, even if you did not make it yourself. Don't play lawyer, don't go stupid, don't throw profanity, don't deny facts. When you gush all over yourself in support of what someone says you support what someone says.

Either live with it, or retract your support. OR, watch your words next time. OR, grow the hell up.

Dan Francis said...

11:25 - Anon 3:23 did have a good write up, and I said so.

Even though I agreed, does not mean that I said, as you tried to weakly imply that I said, that MAJ Hasan was a "real gentleman."

Actually, by an act of Congress he was commissioned that way ... all commissined officers in the Armed Forces are ...

Of course, you probably never got that close, right?

Anonymous said...

Very tired and sad, Danford. Your buddy talked, and you gushed in agreement. Now you have to take responsibilility for that action. I'm sorry, Sir. You hath stuck yourself yet again.

Spin matters not.
Abuhassmcmurderer was described as "an officer and a gentleman", words which you agreed were "well stated, very good..very nice even." Now Dan, what are we to think about you and your thought processes? My first is probably not to elect you to a high political office. Maybe our world will be ready for a guy like you in the future. I just hope that time has not arrived just yet. The more you talk the safer we are.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 10:47 - you are truly a lost cause... really you are.

Anonymous said...

Those are the facts, Dan.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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