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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, November 23, 2009

Is SNL Trending Conservative?


hermit thrush said...

i think snl's philosophy has always been to go after whoever's in power. they weren't exactly lapdogs for clinton.

Anonymous said...

Good observation. This sketch is more proof that SNL is "trending conservative".

Earthbob said...

Nor was SNL a lap dog for Carter.

Remember the SNL Skit of the 50 Foot Tall President after 3 Mile Island?


There was another 3 Mile Island Incident this week end.

Do you know the real reason President Obama went to China?
To make the Monthly Payment.....

Dan Francis said...

SNL does not and will not "trend" to either side. Don't look for zebras in the forest - they ain't there (as much as you hope they are)... LOL...

It's a frickin' comedy / satrical show... don't read into any one skit as an indicator of left/right views. The have no mercy for either side.

Anonymous said...

Baloney Dannie. SNL saves its best for the Reps. But as part of the lap dog media pop culture you wouldn't expect it any other way. They ran Palin crap for year, then gave awards to themselves for being so funny.

C'mon Dan, be balanced about something in your life. I'm an older guy. Before I go I'd love to see it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, gotta do a Wiley.

Dan, I suppose you think Letterman is a balanced guy too, don't ya?

Ahh never mind.

Dan Francis said...

If SNL does tilt against the "Right" could it be because the "Righties" frickin' deserve it so much (they are a big/tent-big/party, right)?

I'll have a classic example up tomorrow to show why the GOP stands at 22% across the nation as Dems are 2nd and Indies are #1 in national party enrollment stats ...

The GOP's Purity Test

Check that link tomorrow. It's my version of SNL (Silly Nonsensical Lefty).

Anonymous said...

OH now it's because they "deserve it so much". Well, at least you're one step closer to the truth. Imagine where you'd be without me to help you out all the time.

When Thanksgiving attaboys are handed out, don't forget meeee.

Dan Francis said...

Subject: "Who is a Republican and Why Not?"

My take as promised last night.

No Insult Intended - None at All

Anonymous said...

"Trending Conservative?"

You mean like bend over, grab your ankles, spread 'em and smile -- you're on candid camera, Mark Foley-Larry Craig kinda trendy?


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